38 by 38

I will be turning 37 in a few months (gasp!), so I have decided to make a list of things that I am going to accomplish by the time I turn 38!  Here we go!

1.  Run in a 5k!  Achieved 4/1/12
2.  Lose 100 lbs!
3.  Wear a size 14!
4.  No longer fear lawn chairs!
5.  Be able to lay on the couch with Peter!
6.  Sit comfortably in an airplane seat!
7.  Be able to wrap a bath towel around my body without anything sticking out!
8.  Be able to choose new clothes by style instead of size!
9.  Shock the hell out of people who have not seen me in a while! (my favorite)
10.  Enjoy getting dressed!
11.  My hips not touching the sides of the elliptical machine! Achieved 3/29/12
12.  Weigh less than Peter!
13.  Be able to say I'm an athlete with my head held high!
14.  Be able to say I'm a runner without worrying if people think I'm a liar!
15.  Get rid of prediabetes! Achieved 1/2/13!!!!!!!!!!
16.  Have a healthy cholesterol level!  Achieved 1/2/13!!!!!!!!!!
17.  Impress my doctor!  (he is a triathlete and I KNOW he doesn't think I'll ever lose weight!)  Achieved 8/30/12 - He seemed genuinely surprised! 
18.  Run in the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving!  (I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!) Achieved Thanksgiving 2012!
19.  Have a FAMILY portrait taken!  I have always avoided this, but I really want one!  Achieved 5/13/12
20.  Get rid of my CPAP (I have sleep apnea)!
21.  Have a healthy BMI!
22.  Be able to paint my toenails - I can't suck it in enough to do this now.
23.  Be able to use the regular size blood pressure cuff at the doctor!  Achieved 9/20/12
24.  Be able to stick my arm in one of those blood pressure machines at the store!  Achieved 4/19/12
25.  Go contra dancing again!!!  I miss it so much!
26.  DITCH THE DOUBLE CHIN!!  I HATE the double chin!!
27.  Lower my blood pressure.  It's not high - but it's not awesome either.  Achieved 4/18/12
28.  Be able to wear an 18 inch necklace!  I have a few that just don't fit!   Achieved 4/24/12
29.  Not get sore under my fat belly flap.
30.  BE ABLE TO BUY A DRESS!!! (and look good in it!)
31.  Run a 10k!  Achieved 7/28/12
32.  Run a 5k in under 40 minutes!  Achieved 6/2/12
33.  Run a 10 minute mile!
34.  Have perky boobs!
35.  Run the Susan Komen race for the cure in Portland!  I COULD have done it - I just didn't want to when it came around.  I didn't feel like going to Portland and dealing with all the people - but I was completely ABLE to run the Komen so I'll consider it  a goal met.
36.  Feel like I fit in with my inlaws - they are all so slender!  I always feel like an oddball.
37.  Buy, like, and WEAR a bathing suit!
38.  Buy cute running clothes!  Achieved 7/12 - I have quite a few cute running pieces!  Not sure how cute they look ON me - but they are comfortable and I can fit in them perfectly.  :-)


  1. These are great goals!!!!!!! Love them!!!
    One bubble burster - once you have kids, you will never have perky boobs gain =( I got breast implants in 2007...shhhh....

  2. LOL I can hope though, can't I? I'm just going to keep doing my bench presses. :-P