Friday, June 29, 2012


I ran 4 miles today!!  I am SO excited about it!  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be!  Don't get me wrong, it was hard - but I honestly didn't think I would be able to do it!  Here is a pic of me post 4 miles!!

As you can see, 4 miles does not agree with my hair. HA!  It was a bit warmer than I've ever run in before - I was kind of worried about it, but once I crossed the footbridge, the breeze was HEAVENLY!!  I took a few pics with my cell - they are crappy cell pics, but you can see how beautiful my run was!!

I promise, the bridge is not all bendy like that - it was just because I was trying to take the pic while running!  I REALLY enjoyed this run - even though it was uber hard!  I had never run on the bridge before!  I can't wait until they build the second bridge - wow - what a cool run THAT will be!

     Today while I was running, I worked very hard on my form.  My friends Lindsey and Corky pointed out that I was too tense and tilting my head to the side.  I was VERY diligent about not doing those things today.  Every time I started to tense, I shook my arms out and relaxed.  WOW what a difference!  It was SO much easier to breathe that way!(except for when I ran through the cigarette smoke of people walking around the park - what's up with THAT shit?)  My intercostals (muscles between the ribs) are KILLING me now - probably because I was breathing right for the first time ever!  I am SO proud of myself for running 4 miles!!  10k is getting more and more attainable every time I lace up my shoes! 

I was really down in the dumps for the last two days - so this morning I looked up some motivational running quotes and I found a few good ones I thought I'd share!!

I kept that last one in mind today while I was running.  I was SO tired and SO sore - I wanted to quit at around mile 3.25 but I thought to myself  "I can't quit!  I'm not done yet!" 

Ok - so now that I've blown you away with picture upon picture, I am going to bid you all good night.  I'm sore, tired, and in desperate need of a shower!  HA! 

Have a great night!  Thank you for reading! -Monica

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The running Gods are pleased with my progress!!

They MUST be - because today I won a brand new pair of Brooks running shoes!  I can't BELIEVE it!  I was just starting to think that my new running shoes are too small for running.  My feet obviously swell like sponges - only not all soft and cushiony!  My new(ish) shoes are just fine for walking around, but when I'm running it always seems around mile 2ish - my toes start to hurt.  During my race on June 2nd, I was pretty sure I was going to take my shoes off and find nubs!  I ALSO think this odd numbish feeling in my big toe is due to that as well.  Don't worry, I had a MAJOR freakout about that.  Remember my pain disorder?  Trigeminal Neuralgia - well it's very rare to have the pain on both sides of your face - which I do.  Usually it's related to multiple sclerosis.  Well, numb extremities are a symptom of MS.  Yeah - I totally freaked out for a day.  I know I SHOULD go to the doctor and get it checked out, but I am going to wait and see if a better fitting shoe might not clear up my numbness.  I'm going to rest assured that my last C T scan did not show any signs at ALL of MS.  Ok - that was a long way around saying - I'm going to get my new (prize) shoes in a bigger size and a wider width.  PHEW - that was a mouthful.  Are you still there??

How did I win my shoes you might ask?  Well, the running store here in town is really REALLY awesome. Gallagher Fitness (which I am in NO way affiliated with - I just REALLY love them!) is VERY proactive in our community.  They frequently hold events and running clinics.  Today they had Brooks shoes bring in their Brooks Run Happy® Cavalcade of Curiosities Tour.  It was VERY cool.  They had these little postcards that they handed out - then you brought it to a guy who scanned it and told you what you had won.  The guy in front of me won a pair of running shoes and I exclaimed "HOLY COW!  I didn't know you could win SHOES!  Too bad I never win anything THAT awesome!".  Then it was my turn, and guess what?  I WON SOMETHING THAT AWESOME!!  I immediately texted the hubs and told him.  He came downtown on his lunch to try his luck and guess what he won??  A bandanna.  It was a little anti-climactic for him! HA!  Poor Pete, he never wins anything good either!  Well, I couldn't go to the top of their tour bus for my gait analysis because I had both kids in the double stroller and I just didn't have the emotional or mental capacity to actually bring them both up the stairs, watch them both, AND run on a treadmill for a minute.  I talked to one of the Brooks people and told her about my problem.  She looked at my shoes and confirmed that indeed, my shoes were too small.  She suggested one half size up and the next width as well.  YIPPEE!  Sadly, when I went to the Brooks site, the shoes I need in my size are sold out.  MAJOR bummer.  I'm going to call them tomorrow (they were closed by the time I got home) and see if I can still order those shoes. 

Since I can't find a way to fit this in logically, in chronological order, I'll just stick it here.  This morning when I got on the scale (naked of course) It read 243!!  HOLY CRAP and a HALF!  That means that since January 1st (remember, I didn't start weight watchers until almost February) I have lost 49 lbs!!!  DAMN!!!  That is almost half a buck!!  I'm SO excited about that!!  I just had to share - see what I mean - there was nowhere I could put that information that would actually make sense.  Who needs to make sense - it's MY blog! HAHA!!

Wow, this has been one exciting day!  I realized I've almost hit the 50lbs lost mark.  I took the kids to the park and the carousel.  We walked to the farmer's market.  We walked to the brooks event.  I picked the hubs up from work and I went to the dentist (during the drilling of my tooth I had several face pain attacks - it was an interesting situation to say the least).  We went to the vet.  Then Pete got a call from the arborist he knows to pick up a couple of trailers worth of firewood. PHEW!  I am quite tired as of this writing and I intend to get my butt into bed as soon a I hit publish!

As always - thank you SO much for reading!  I really appreciate your comments - it lets me know that people are indeed, still reading!!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grab your fire extinguishers....

      I have learned two valueable lessons today.  1. Monica, running, and shorts are not yet a viable combination.  My thighs were rubbing together so bad, I thought my underwear was going to catch fire!  I'm going to be sorry tomorrow!  2. The deadmill actually holds me back.  For the longest time I refused to run outside because I thought I would slow down without the steady push of the treadmill.  WRONG!!!!  I have not used the deadmill in close to two months now and I have found that I am FASTER! 
     When I left off with the treadmill I was doing 4.5 and almost to my breaking point.  Today I was able to push it up to 4.9 for quite a while.  If my thighs weren't burning so bad, I most likely could have finished the entire two miles at that pace - possibly even at 5.0!  Actually there were three factors holding me back today.  The first was my shorts.  What a HORRIBLE idea.  What in God's name was I thinking?  The second was the fact that I stubbed my toe SO BAD this morning, I'm pretty sure I am going to be kissing the nail goodbye.  It hurts pretty bad.  It actually hurts just sitting still and I just ran two miles on it!  The third factor was the gym itself.  It was hotter than the friggin sun in there.  OH MY GOD.  When I pulled up you could see steam on the windows!  It was bad.  Ugh, it smelled like corn chips and body odor in there.  BLAH - that was nasty!  Usually this place is well kept up.  There must have been a really stinky dude in there before I got there! HA!  Anyway, one GOOD thing about the deadmill is that for some reason I am able to keep better form on it.  I keep my head held high, my arms and hands are relaxed and I take longer strides.  I'm thinking I will start doing the deadmill once a week until I can get those things ingrained into my body!

     I am truly sorry about the video not loading yesterday.  I hate to say this, but it does not appear to be loading today either.  Well, you basically missed me running around a dirt track a bunch of times and my son trying to keep up with me and yelling at me to stop or hold his hand.  It was VERY exciting! :-P 

I have my first 4 mile run scheduled on Friday!  I'm NERVOUS!  Please cross your fingers that my toe is back to normal by then!!  I KNOW I can do it - but it's still scary! HA!!

Thank you so much for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night!! -Monica

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Running the dirt track!

I had NO IDEA there was a dirt track like a half mile from my house!  How fun is THAT?!  My hubby came today and took a video of me running.  I only did 2.5 miles, but I was SO sore from my long run on Friday, it felt like 25 miles! HA!  At one point I started playing a game with myself.  At the top of the track, the sun was behind me and it cast my shadow in front of me.  DAMN did my shadow look SEXY!!  LOL  All curvy and slender!  When I felt like I wanted to slow down, I started chasing my shadow!  I started chasing the ME that I want to see in the mirror!!  That helped a LOT!  When I was going up the hill I would tell myself to pick up the pace and I FORCED my feet to go faster.  Wow - it's no joke when they say running is mostly a mental sport!  I'll share my video - but no laughing.  I'm aware that I hold my head at an angle - I am trying so hard to break that habit!  My heart rate was up pretty high - I'd say about 160ish.  I didn't wear my heart rate monitor today though - I have some pretty painful cuts from it.  I wonder how much more weight I have to lose before that damned thing stops cutting me.  Anyway - here is my video...

I absolutely LOVE that my son wants to run with me so badly!  He was quite mad at me for not holding his hand!!  He almost knocked me over once!

On Friday we all went to the drive ins - that was SO much fun!  We saw "Brave" and "The Avengers" - both REALLY great movies!  I had not stayed up until 2am like that in FOREVER!  I guess I'm getting old! HA!

Well, I'm beat and I have a movie to watch (from redbox this time!)  Thanks for reading!  Have  a wonderful night! -Monica

I'm finally a runner!!!!

In my eyes anyway! LOL  I did something on Friday that, for some reason, makes me finally feel like I am a runner!  I ran in the rain!!  It was POURING but I LOVED it!  It was the best run I've had since my race on the 2nd!  This month has really been craptastic for me.  My eating has gotten sloppy, my exercise has gotten sloppy, and my running has been horrible.  I finally feel like I'm back on the wagon.  I kept saying that I was getting back on, but I could never seem to get past the first rung of the ladder!  Now I'm fully back on and ready to go!  I have a 10k to train for after all!!!!

The run was AWESOME!  I ran the hilly loop by my house and I did 3.5 miles!  (the most I've ever run!)  I managed to keep a good pace too!  I finished in 44:38 which gives me about a 12:45 minute mile pace.  Not bad considering all the hills!!  Well, that and the rain!  When I got home, I was so proud of my new status as a runner - I had Pete take my picture!  You can see how totally soaked I was!  I'm wearing a tech shirt so you can't really see it on there, but my pants are clearly soaked!!

Today I have a 2.5 mile run planned - I think I'm going to do it at the park - it's mostly flat with a few slight hills.  I'm still quite sore from Friday - HAHAHA  but it's all good!  I am going to stick to my 10k schedule like glue - that should pull me out of this bad rut I've fallen into!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm NEVER giving up!!! 

Friday night was fun - we took the kids to the drive in movies!!  We saw "Brave" and "The Avengers".  SO MUCH FUN!!  My son thought it was super cool to sit in the back of the minivan with blankets and watch the movie!  Both movies were really really good too!!  What a bonus!  Usually there is only one movie playing that I want to see, for once I wanted to see both!!  We have not had a family date night in ages!  We are generally too broke, but we figured 20 bucks would be ok to do something fun!

Well, I'd better get ready.  Church morning you know!  Then my run at the park!  I'm actually looking forward to it!

Thank you for reading!!  Have a wonderful day!! -Monica

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crisis averted...

Well, taken care of anyway.  The dentist was really shocked by how deep the popcorn kernel had embedded itself under my gums.  He had to dig really deep.  I am in wicked pain right now but hopefully tomorrow will bring me back on track.  I'm thinking I am just going to have two runs this week instead of 3.  I swear - it feels like all I ever say is that I've got to get back on track.  It seems like as soon as I start getting back on track, something else comes along and derails me.  No mind, I am NEVER giving up!!!

I'm excited because today I got some new cloth wipes and one new cloth diaper!  I have been needing some more wipes for quite awhile.  I was going to make some, but my sewing machine crapped out on me.  I found a new cloth diaper store in my town so I was very excited to check it out!  It's funny how so many of us cloth diapering Mamas are into breast feeding and co sleeping. :-)  It's like a club!  HA!  Anyway - the woman was really nice and she gave me a couple of samples of wipe solution and lotion.  I also tried a new diaper rash product called CJ's BUTTer - it's AMAZING and it smells like HEAVEN!  I got the warm vanilla cake scent but the next time I think I need to get the Love Spell scent!  It smells AMAZING!  My DAUGHTER smells amazing!! 

I was walking around target today and I was lusting over the kindle fire.  Oh MAN do I want one!!!  I swear - I covet many things in the store. HAHAHA  Some day when I have money, I'll have to get some of these things!  I'm looking forward to Saturday, the local baby clothes consignment store is having a HUGE sale and I'm going to fight elbow to elbow to get my daughter some much needed summer clothes!  You can't beat $1 items!!

Time for me to settle down for the night.  These pain pills are impressive!  They make me really lethargic though.  Hopefully I won't need them after tonight. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a WONDERFUL night!!! -Monica

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dental Crisis...

OH MY GOD is my mouth hurting!!!!  I was eating popcorn and it felt like one of the skins on the kernel slipped in between my crown and my other tooth.  I couldn't get it out.  I tried brushing, flossing, toothpick - nothing worked.  I figured it would eventually come out.  Well, four days later I'm in AGONY.  I think it's infected.  I am SO HUNGRY but the thought of eating anything makes me want to puke.  Thank GOD my dentist got me in this week - but it's not until tomorrow afternoon.  I am not going to go running tonight - I don't even want to IMAGINE what it would feel like to have all that pounding on my feet.  Dental pain is the WORST!!!!

Honestly - I'm thinking of having ice cream for dinner.  No chewing necessary.  I am never eating popcorn again.  BLAH.  When did I get so old that popcorn can injure me?  Seriously?   Popcorn?  Jeez.  My 10k training is getting off to a suck ass start.  Oh well - I'm not throwing in the towel.  I'm going to do my 2.5 mile run tomorrow.  I'll keep my 2 mile run on Thursday so I can take the two rest days before my long run.  I think that may be what kept me from finishing my 3 miles on Sunday - I only had one rest day.  I'm going to shoot for the full 3.5 miles that is SUPPOSED to be this Sunday.  I'm pretty sure I can do it - I've run 3.44 miles - what is another 10th of a mile?  Then I can just keep going with the program as expected.  I want to run a 10k SO BAD!!! 

Oh- I got my window sticker for the car that says 5k!!  YAY!!  As soon as the rain lets up, I'm puttin' that sucker on!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great night! -Monica

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I had a really crappy run today.  I have not been able to finish 3 miles since the race on the 2nd.  Today was a scheduled 3 mile but I only made 2.5.  It was SOOOOO hot and I just could NOT make my legs go one more step.  I tried SO HARD to push through but I just couldn't do it.  I'm REALLY mad at myself.  I feel like I wasted this entire week by not finishing the 3 miles.  Now I have to start all over again on Monday.  I completely threw the first week of the 10k training program out the window because I couldn't hack it.  What the hell?  What is wrong with me?    I am disappointed to say the least.  On TOP of it all - it took me longer than I had planned to run, so we missed church and I think Pete is mad at me.  Thanks - like I didn't feel crappy enough about myself today?  I feel like I ruined father's day.

UGH.  Can I please have a do over?

I hope you all have a better Father's day than we are here.  I'm going to go take a cold shower.  I'm ROASTING.

Thanks for reading - have a great father's day! -Monica

Friday, June 15, 2012

The attack of the killer chihuahuas!!!

My run tonight was a bit on the craptastic side.  I think the combination of it being a lot hotter than I've ever run in (it was 70 at 8:00 pm!) and the fact that my dinner was sitting kind of heavy in my stomach (we had sub sandwiches).  I just felt like I was as slow as molasses.  In actuality - I was a LITTLE slower than usual - but not TOO much.  I also realized after I had already left - that I had forgotten my ipod.  I use my music to help me pace myself.  I guess I'm going to have to eventually ween myself of that crutch. 

So I went a different route than usual - I was TRYING to avoid hills but much to my dismay - I live in a hilly area.  So I was running on DIFFERENT hills, but hills none the less.  I rounded a corner and this older woman (who was a bit paunchy) had a swarm of little chihuahuas outside with her - no leashes.  (what is it with leashless dogs around here?)  The dogs saw me and all decided to chase me!  I had five or six little dogs yipping at me and running their little hearts out. The woman was trying to chase them and she was calling them all by their little foo foo names. LOLOL  It was SO HARD not to burst out laughing!  Personally - I prefer big dogs.  I've known a few little dogs who I really liked, but I could never own something that weighed less than a guinea pig. HAHAHA  I think it's so funny how the smaller dogs always seem to think they are great danes!!

The realization that summer is almost here has got me shaking in my brooks!  I am NOT a morning person.  It would be easier for me to stay up all night and all the next day than it would for me to wake up early.  7 is my earliest.  I realize that if I am going to be a runner and CONTINUE my training in the summer, then I am going to have to start running in the morning.  Unfortunately, my husband leaves for work by 6:30 am.  OH MY GOD I'm going to have to run at an INHUMAN hour!!!  Oh well, I'll make it work.  We will figure something out I'm sure!

I just have to say - I am in LOVE with my tech shirt!  I didn't know how awesome they are!  I got home and I was SO sweaty, but my shirt was a dry as a bone!  I'm going to have to invest in a few more just so I don't have to keep washing this one so often!  I also think it's time to look into some cooler running pants.  These capris make me SO HOT!  That and they are starting to fall off when I run - and that is with the drawstring pulled tight!  WOW - who would have thought it would happen so quickly!  The pants I started running in?  FUGGETTABOUTIT!!!  If I pull them up and stand up, they will pool around my ankles!  My Mom told me today that she tells everyone she knows about my weight loss and running!  That made me SO PROUD!  It really makes you feel good to know your Mom is proud of you! 

One more thing and I'll let your poor eyes rest!  Those of you who know me will know that I have a weird sense of humor.  My poor husband - he has to put up with me all the time!  Today we were walking into the store and I noticed how much thinner I look.  I said something to that effect and Pete just laughed at me and said "You're just noticing this now?".  I said - "Yeah, I know - but what I DON'T understand is how you can keep your hands off me when I look THIS hot?!"  LOLOL  Oh my God, we were dying laughing.  I'm sure the people at Fred Meyer's thought we were insane!

Have a wonderful night!  Thanks for reading!! -Monica

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Am I a hoarder????

Why can't I seem to let go of my big clothes?  Some of my old clothes are so big that as soon as I pull them up, they fall to my ankles!  My old shirts are so big they make me look like a clown.  So why can't I seem to get rid of them?  I know I want to save at least one pair of jeans so I can compare later when I get to goal weight.  Still - my closet and drawers are STUFFED FULL of clothes that I can't and don't wear.  I guess I'm going to have to figure something out this weekend.  I'm afraid that I don't want to get rid of things because my subconscious doesn't trust me to keep the weight off.  AAGGHHH - I swear, weight loss is more of a MENTAL exercise than a physical one!  I just KNOW that when I finally sort through everything I am going to have two pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, and three shirts.  That's IT.  I'm going to be wearing a lot of the same crap for a while!

My Mom will be out visiting in a few months and I can't STAND the wait!  I REALLY miss having skype - I hate that we have not "seen" each other in over a month now.  When Mom comes out I am going to treat the two of us to a mani/pedi!  Won't that be fun!  I miss my Mom SO MUCH!  I miss her even more for the kids!  Colin is just CRAZY about his grandma!  This summer is going to DRAG because I will be anxiously awaiting her arrival!!

Yesterday's run was really REALLY hard!  Ever since that last race caught me off guard, I have vowed to include some hills in my training.  They are seriously kicking my ass!  I can barely do 2.5 miles with the hills!  I'm going to do one hill run each week - hopefully that is enough to improve my hill running as well as my speed!  I think I read somewhere once that running hills was speed work in disguise!

I've been searching for the perfect first 10k to run - I found one I'm interested in, but it's a little further out than I wanted.  The 10k I saw was in mid September, I really was hoping for a mid August.  My last day of 10k training ends the first week of August - I don't want to have to wait TOO long for the race!  I'm SO nervous and excited about doing 10k - it's crazy how you can feel the two emotions at the exact same time!  I have to keep reminding myself - I didn't think I would ever be able to run 5k at a 12 minute mile but here I am!  I often go faster than that too!!  I LOVE being a runner!  It feels like I'm a part of a secret society! HAHAHA  OOOOOOHHH and I ordered a window sticker for my car that says 5K.  YAY!  I am going to get a sticker for each distance that I complete!  I am DREAMING about the half!!

Thanks for reading my blathering!!  Have a GREAT night! -Monica

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Never say quit!!!

Ok - so I've been having a bad couple of weeks.  That's ok.  I'm entitled - right?!  Today I printed out the training schedule for a 10k and I stuck it on the fridge.  I tried to start this program a few weeks ago but I never even started really.  I really thought about why that was and I honestly think I never really started because the program starts out with weight training and not a run!  Stupid - but for some reason it just made me not want to start.  To remedy that situation I went on a pre training schedule run!  I did 2.5 hilly miles and it was hard but now I feel GREAT!  Tomorrow is a weight training day and technically day one of my training program!  HA I'm proud of myself for figuring that out!

I have never really run in the morning before - I really enjoyed it!  I don't know if my husband did though - HAHA!  My kids can be a handful in the morning!

Well, I'm off to have some breakfast and get ready for another garage sale - cross your fingers - extra money would be very helpful right now!!!

Oh and later I'm going to be searching for my first 10 for sometimes in mid October!!  AAHHH I'm so excited about this new prospect!  I'm pretty sure it will only work to my advantage to focus on the 10k rather than losing weight.  I guess with running I can SEE my improvements and the products of my hard work.  With weightloss - not so much.  One minute I feel like I look great and then the next I feel like I look just as bad as I always did.  Is it just me - or does this happen to anyone else?   Anyway - refocusing on running should help cure me of this bad cycle I've fallen into!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!! -Monica

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Consistency? What's that?

My consistency has sucked ass lately.  I don't know what my problem is.  I need to stop this crap and pick up the pace.  I'm still running 3 days a week, but I have NOT been going to the gym.  It blows me away - it takes FOREVER to build a new habit and only two days to lose it.  What the hell?

Lot going on this week.  My son has to go see a specialist tomorrow and may require surgery.  Please pray for him.  I'm really upset.

There has been another death in the family - this time on my husband's side.  We are going to that funeral this weekend.

We are going to have to skip my sons race.  He probably shouldn't be running anyway due to his medical problem.  :-/

Short and sweet today.  I have to go to weight watchers and I really don't want to go.  I feel like I have a bazillion errands today and no desire to do any of them.

Have a great day - thanks for reading.  -Monica

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm still here - no quitting on MY watch!!!

I just have a hard time sitting down to the desktop to write.  I used to write on the laptop and I could still be out in the livingroom with the kids but now I'm stuck in the back bedroom.  It's hard to get away from the kids long enough to blog!  Have no fear - I have NOT given up!  NEVER give up!!

I've been on the plateau from HELL!!  3 weeks at the same weight!  AAHHHH frustrating.  I suspect it is beginning to break!  WHOO HOO!!  Let's hope I'm right.  It's SO hard to keep going when you can't see your results.  I just have to remind myself of the results that I CAN'T see!  Maybe I will call my doctor and schedule my yearly checkup.  Then I can see the changes in my cholesterol and BP and blood sugar.  I KNOW I have had positive changes there but to actually SEE it in print - I think that is a whole different story!

This weekend is Colin's 1k race!  He is SO excited!  This week is also the second installment of On Your Feet Friday!  I can't wait for BOTH of those things!  I hope the weather holds up - it has been absolutely HORRIBLE!  Isn't this summer??  At the very least spring?  It was so cold last night I had to turn on the heat!  I think it was one of those deals where I just got a chill and couldn't shake it.

My Mom gave me a gift certificate to JcPenney's for my birthday!  She gave me strict instructions NOT to spend it on the kids!  She was totally right - I NEEDED new clothes!  I got 3 shirts - tshirts really, but two had a pretty design on them.  I also got a new pair of pajamas  OMG these pajamas are to DIE for!  They are VERY soft and snuggly!  I now have a new favorite pair!  I got to buy everything a size down from where I used to be!  that was AWESOME!  I don't look like I'm swimming in my shirts anymore and that makes me look thinner than I did.  I actually have an hourglass shape!  How AWESOME is THAT?!

Pete gave me a nice travel coffee mug and a runner's world magazine!  How sweet is that?  I STILL have yet to finish the entire magazine. I can't imagine why I can't get to it.  lol  I ALSO started reading Fifty Shades of Gray.  It's not bad so far.  It bugs me that the author is obviously European but she didn't bother to get her USA facts right.  It took me forever to figure out what the hell she was talking about when she was waiting for the "green man".  In Portland, Or (which is part of where the story is set) the cross walk signal is a WHITE man.  Little things like that.  She talks about ringing someone on the phone and a pram.  I don't know why that bothered me, but it did.  Oh and her geography is screwy too.  She said she started in Vancouver, WA and was heading to Seattle, but she went through Portland.  Um?  So she went south before going north?  Ok - I'll stop.  From what I hear - this book is more smutty than anything else. LOL  I guess if porn doesn't have a plot, then smut need not be terribly accurate. HA!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day! -Monica

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I can't walk today!!

That race was HARD!!  My legs feel like total JELLO!!  More than half of it was uphill!  I don't just mean little rises - I'm talkin HILLS!!  The last mile and a half or so was ALL HILL!  I wanted to die!  I'm pissed at myself for walking for about 20 seconds but then I talked sense into me and started running again. 

Oh - so I got my new sneakers!  WHOO HOO!!  I can't believe it!  I FINALLY sold something on Craig's list - THREE HOURS before I had to leave for the race!  I raced down to the running store and bought them!  I was SO excited to have them - they were SUPER comfortable!!

I wish I had remembered to cut my toenails before the race - my one toe hurt SO BAD by the time I got to the finish line!  I think it's going to be just fine now but WOW did it hurt!  I learned that lesson the HARD way!  OUCH!  Well, there were THOUSANDS of people at the race.  Thousands more just WATCHING the race!  I did manage to get a before the race picture with my kids!

Pete got a video of me running to the finish line. I looked like I was about to die. HAHA  Honestly when I rounded the corners and saw MORE hills I thought DAMN IT - I'm gonna DIE!!  Anyway - I'm the fat one in the red shirt who is running with my head down.  That was the only way I could get through those hills -with my head down and my determination screwed on!  I'll tell ya - this video bugs me - I thought I was looking so good, but next to all these slender people - I look like a fat red tomato.  :-( 

I'm not sure if I need to recalibrate my foot pod, but my watch told me the race was 3.44 miles.  So my time of 43:32 wasn't that bad - that is about a 12:38 pace!  I started out too fast - but you kind of HAD to go fast - if you didn't, you would be trampled!  There were WELL over 6000 people running!  It was INSANE!  I wish it wasn't so hilly - I could have enjoyed it more!  There were THOUSANDS of people watching (cause there was a parade after the race) but they were ALL cheering - it was wild!  The kids all stood at the side of the road with their hands out so the runners could give them high fives!  I gave quite a few - that was fun!  They were so cute - it was like they shook hands with celebrities or something!  Shortly before the race, the announcer said that the only race in the USA that has more spectators than this one is the NYC marathon!  Pretty cool! 

After the race I realized that none of us had eaten dinner yet - at 9 pm.  Good job on my part huh - I scored some crappy mommy points for that one.  So we walked down and got a pizza and we all split it while watching the parade.  It was actually a lot of fun!  Then we rode the train back to the car (I think this was my son's actual favorite part!) and drove the hour back home.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my birthday!  I was HALF right about my gift - Pete got me a runner's world magazine - but not jammies.  He got me a really nice travel coffee mug! 

Thanks for reading!  Have a GREAT day!! -Monica

p.s.  WHOO HOO!!  I just found out that other people got 3.4 miles too!  That means I DID PR - not by much but SHIT those hills were STEEP!!  So if it was a true 5k I would have finished at 38.37!  Maybe a little faster because I really hauled cookies at the end - well, as much as I could after those brutal hills!  Can I talk about how bad those hills were enough?  Do you believe me yet? HAHA

Friday, June 1, 2012

Excitement in the air!!!!

Tomorrow is race day!!  YIPPEE!!!!  I am SO CRAZY EXCITED!! 

Today was a FUN day!  We went to Red Robin for my birthday tonight!  I'm sure I ate an entire day's worth of points with that cheese burger but it was worth it!  Pete had them sing their Happy Birthday song to me (the kids LOVED that) and I shared my ice cream sundae with the kids!  Then Pete took me to target and I got an outfit for my race tomorrow!  YAY!  I FINALLY have a tech shirt!  He also got me some pajamas since I keep waking up naked.  No joke - my old pajama pants are so big now that they fall off of me while I'm sleeping.  HAHA  Only me, I swear I have a skill for weirdness.  I have everything in the wash right now - I can't wait to wear my new pj's!  I also picked up a hip bag that holds a water bottle and my id and phone.  We were wondering how the heck we were going to find each other after the race tomorrow since there are going to be over 5,000 people running and even MORE people waiting to watch the parade!  This way I can just call when I finish!  I'm SO excited!  We are going to stay for the parade after the race - I picked up some glow bracelets for the kids - Colin LOVES those things!  It's going to be a lot of fun!  The race starts at almost 8 pm and the parade after the race.  It's going to be a late night -especially since it's an hour away from our house!

Oh - and cross your fingers!  Some lady called about my Cricut on Craig's list!  PRAY that she buys it TOMORROW!  THEN I can actually have NEW SNEAKERS for the race!  AAHH!!  I have a feeling she won't call back - but I'm REALLY hoping she does!  I want those shoes so bad I can taste it!  Oh - and they would go PERFECTLY with my race outfit! LOL

Here is my race outfit!  I'm a little nervous about running in shorts because of the chafing issue.  My friend told me to put some vaseline on my thighs.  I'll try anything!  So what do you think?  My stomach looks like crap in the pic but I won't be worrying about that tomorrow I'm sure!!

My first tech shirt!  YAY!!

So Pete also excused himself while I was looking at the hydration packs  - when I met up with him he had a triple bagged item in his hands. LOL  Let me guess - one more birthday gift?  I love it!  This is my best birthday EVER!  Now that I officially have a hobby - it's a lot easier to shop for me I guess!  LOL  I have a feeling he got me a second pair of pajamas and a runners world magazine.  I am TERRIBLE for guessing!  He knows me well - I'm worse than a KID when it comes to snooping out gifts!  I blame both of my parents.  My Mom could never wait for a gift and my Dad could always guess what he got.  It's a double whammy!

Well, I had better get some rest!  Busy EXCITING day ahead!  Wish me luck!  I'm hoping to PR!

Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica