Friday, June 1, 2012

Excitement in the air!!!!

Tomorrow is race day!!  YIPPEE!!!!  I am SO CRAZY EXCITED!! 

Today was a FUN day!  We went to Red Robin for my birthday tonight!  I'm sure I ate an entire day's worth of points with that cheese burger but it was worth it!  Pete had them sing their Happy Birthday song to me (the kids LOVED that) and I shared my ice cream sundae with the kids!  Then Pete took me to target and I got an outfit for my race tomorrow!  YAY!  I FINALLY have a tech shirt!  He also got me some pajamas since I keep waking up naked.  No joke - my old pajama pants are so big now that they fall off of me while I'm sleeping.  HAHA  Only me, I swear I have a skill for weirdness.  I have everything in the wash right now - I can't wait to wear my new pj's!  I also picked up a hip bag that holds a water bottle and my id and phone.  We were wondering how the heck we were going to find each other after the race tomorrow since there are going to be over 5,000 people running and even MORE people waiting to watch the parade!  This way I can just call when I finish!  I'm SO excited!  We are going to stay for the parade after the race - I picked up some glow bracelets for the kids - Colin LOVES those things!  It's going to be a lot of fun!  The race starts at almost 8 pm and the parade after the race.  It's going to be a late night -especially since it's an hour away from our house!

Oh - and cross your fingers!  Some lady called about my Cricut on Craig's list!  PRAY that she buys it TOMORROW!  THEN I can actually have NEW SNEAKERS for the race!  AAHH!!  I have a feeling she won't call back - but I'm REALLY hoping she does!  I want those shoes so bad I can taste it!  Oh - and they would go PERFECTLY with my race outfit! LOL

Here is my race outfit!  I'm a little nervous about running in shorts because of the chafing issue.  My friend told me to put some vaseline on my thighs.  I'll try anything!  So what do you think?  My stomach looks like crap in the pic but I won't be worrying about that tomorrow I'm sure!!

My first tech shirt!  YAY!!

So Pete also excused himself while I was looking at the hydration packs  - when I met up with him he had a triple bagged item in his hands. LOL  Let me guess - one more birthday gift?  I love it!  This is my best birthday EVER!  Now that I officially have a hobby - it's a lot easier to shop for me I guess!  LOL  I have a feeling he got me a second pair of pajamas and a runners world magazine.  I am TERRIBLE for guessing!  He knows me well - I'm worse than a KID when it comes to snooping out gifts!  I blame both of my parents.  My Mom could never wait for a gift and my Dad could always guess what he got.  It's a double whammy!

Well, I had better get some rest!  Busy EXCITING day ahead!  Wish me luck!  I'm hoping to PR!

Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica


  1. I haven't been brave enough to wear shorts yet, but I put vaseline under my arms because I get bad chafing there and it really works. Good luck tomorrow!

    1. Thanks!! I guess I've never felt shy about shorts - I don't know why! I actually found an old tube of body glide - I have NO idea when or why I bought it - but I'm totally using it tomorrow! I"M SO EXCITED! Obviously right? It's 1 am and I can't sleep!

  2. Some of my runner friends wear spandex shorts under their shorts to prevent chafing.

    1. That's a good idea! I don't have any spandex - but I'll have to put that on my list of runner gear I want! :-) Luckily I went with pants last night - it was a bit chilly!