Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grab your fire extinguishers....

      I have learned two valueable lessons today.  1. Monica, running, and shorts are not yet a viable combination.  My thighs were rubbing together so bad, I thought my underwear was going to catch fire!  I'm going to be sorry tomorrow!  2. The deadmill actually holds me back.  For the longest time I refused to run outside because I thought I would slow down without the steady push of the treadmill.  WRONG!!!!  I have not used the deadmill in close to two months now and I have found that I am FASTER! 
     When I left off with the treadmill I was doing 4.5 and almost to my breaking point.  Today I was able to push it up to 4.9 for quite a while.  If my thighs weren't burning so bad, I most likely could have finished the entire two miles at that pace - possibly even at 5.0!  Actually there were three factors holding me back today.  The first was my shorts.  What a HORRIBLE idea.  What in God's name was I thinking?  The second was the fact that I stubbed my toe SO BAD this morning, I'm pretty sure I am going to be kissing the nail goodbye.  It hurts pretty bad.  It actually hurts just sitting still and I just ran two miles on it!  The third factor was the gym itself.  It was hotter than the friggin sun in there.  OH MY GOD.  When I pulled up you could see steam on the windows!  It was bad.  Ugh, it smelled like corn chips and body odor in there.  BLAH - that was nasty!  Usually this place is well kept up.  There must have been a really stinky dude in there before I got there! HA!  Anyway, one GOOD thing about the deadmill is that for some reason I am able to keep better form on it.  I keep my head held high, my arms and hands are relaxed and I take longer strides.  I'm thinking I will start doing the deadmill once a week until I can get those things ingrained into my body!

     I am truly sorry about the video not loading yesterday.  I hate to say this, but it does not appear to be loading today either.  Well, you basically missed me running around a dirt track a bunch of times and my son trying to keep up with me and yelling at me to stop or hold his hand.  It was VERY exciting! :-P 

I have my first 4 mile run scheduled on Friday!  I'm NERVOUS!  Please cross your fingers that my toe is back to normal by then!!  I KNOW I can do it - but it's still scary! HA!!

Thank you so much for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night!! -Monica


  1. I have been scared to run in shorts. And then I did a couple days ago and had a wonderful rash on one thigh for a few days. I use vaseline on my armpits, so I'm thinking if I want to wear shorts again I'm gonna have to put vaseline in that area too.

    Good luck with your 4 mile run! You can do it!

    1. OH NO!! I'm lucky I dont' have any problems under my arms, but WOW are my thighs sore this morning! I put some CJ's BUTTer on it - that stuff is a cure all!! It seems a bit better already! No more shorts for me - not until I have a space between my thighs! HA That might be forever!