Sunday, July 29, 2012

I did it!!!

I ran 10k!  WOW that was HARD!  I can't even begin to express how much mental effort it took!  I swear, it takes just as much mental training as physical training.  A friend of mine said something to me right before my race that REALLY helped push me through.  She told me "when you want to quit, think of all the people who CAN'T run - and do it for them".  Her little boy can't run, matter of fact, he can't walk.  He has a very rare condition called S.M.A.R.D. - spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress.  Here is some information about SMARD.  Anyway - at one point I wanted to quit SO BAD.  I was coming up on the 5k mark (the race was a big circle - one loop for 5k and 2 for 10).  I kept thinking, I could just stop and call it a 5k.  Then I thought about my friend's little boy.  I ran for him.  I have not told her all of this, but it's true.  Her brave, courageous, BEAUTIFUL little boy gave me the drive to push through!

Ok - I'm sorry, I'm getting very deep this morning.  So, let's talk about the actual race.  It was ROUGH!  First of all, it was kind of hot out - it started out ok, but it got hot.  Second of all - the course was NOT something I expected, nor even had a chance to train on.  The middle part of the loop ran through the woods on a trail.  WHAT?  Trail running?  I've never tried it before!  It was kind of hard!  It slowed me down quite a lot (my average pace was only 13 min mile!).  The ground was that shredded bark mulch - it was really spongy.  It kind of felt like running in sand.  My quads were SCREAMING at me!  The trail run was the part that made me want to quit.  I started telling myself that nobody would blame me for quitting on something I had not trained on.  Then I realized that I would blame me.  I don't know how to get across to you how bad I wanted to quit.  I kept thinking that even though I was almost done with the trail run part that I would have to finish the loop and come around and do the trail one more time.  I swear, I exercised my brain more than my body yesterday!
I told Pete I had the right to divorce him for taking the WORST picture of me in the WORLD!  I was SPRINTING to the finish line.  OH MY GOD this has got to be the WORST picture EVER! My boobs are about smacking me in the face!!   It's the only one he took of me while I was coming across the finish line so I felt compelled to share it.  UGH

I have decided to work on my speed now.  Here is my plan:  I'm going to start the couch to 5k program again.  This time instead of walk/run I'm going to do run/run faster.  I'm sure there is a technical term for this- splits or something, I don't know any of the running lingo yet.  Anyway, I'm going to do the couch to 5k program 3 days a week and then once a week I will add in a long run, just so I don't lose all I had gained for this 10k!  I have REALLY slacked off with diet and exercise (apart from running) and I think it was because the 10k program was REALLY hard for me.  I probably should not have done it yet, but whatever - it's done!  Anyway - I'm going to call my new program my 5k to faster program. HA! 

After the race drove up to Portland and took the kids to the zoo - that was SO much fun!  It was Susie's first time - she really enjoyed the cheetah - we got to see one really up close!  Then we all went out to dinner with my in laws.  We had a really great time - lots of food and laughing and talking!  Pete's sister is visiting from the east coast - we don't get to see her very often, so Colin was just LOVING her up!!  This morning he asked me if he was going to see his aunt today.  I told him he was, then I asked if he had fun with her and he said "oh, she is so crazy!". I almost died laughing!!  I can't wait to tell her!

Well, I'm off.  Lots to do before we have our house guests today!!!  Have a GREAT day and thank you for reading!!! -Monica

OH and as promised - here is a picture of Shimano - the wondermutt!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yes, that is me.  I have been a major slacker for the last week and a half.  It's all good.  I really think that a little slacking off is good for you.  It reminded me of how shitty I feel when I don't eat right and exercise enough!  Today I'm back on track and ready to go!  My 10k is on Saturday - I'm TOTALLY freaking out!  I did keep up my long runs, but I have totally avoided every other exercise that I needed to do!  This past Sunday I did my 5.5 mile run.  Holy crapcakes that was hard!  I'm hoping the adrenaline keeps me going for my race - my pace was so crazy slow on Sunday.  I think that was partly due to the fact that it was so friggin hot!  Saturday is a high of 79, but the race is in the morning, so hopefully that makes a difference!

I'm thinking I may need to hit the chiropractor before the race.  My tailbone has been hurting for like 3 months now and I just can't take it anymore.  I can't help but wonder if getting it adjusted wouldn't help my stride and therefore improve my pace?!  I'm going to call in a few minutes and see if I can't get seen in the next few days!

On the awesome side of things.... I got a new laptop!  YAY!  Now I should be better about posting every day!  It's crazy how much I hated blogging on the desktop!  That thing is so old, I think it's going to get retired.  On some more awesomeness.. I got a dog!!!  Pete's coworker gave her to us and she is the SWEETEST thing EVER!!  I've taken her running a few times and she is GREAT!  She is still a puppy and needs some more training, but so far so good!  She is a BIG puppy - 6 months old and over 50 lbs!  YIKES!  She is GREAT with the kids and super lovey.  The only problem is, she thinks she is a lapdog.  HA!  50lbs of dog in your lap is not the most comfortable thing!  Once I finished getting this laptop set up, I will post a pic of her!

Thanks for sticking around - sorry I've been so MIA lately!  Don't worry - I won't ever give up!  I just don't roll that way anymore!  Besides - I've lost 53 lbs!  Why in the hell would I want to start over?!

Have a great day!  Oh - and if you could all send some "relax and don't stress about your first 10k" vibes my way, I would really appreciate it!  I'm totally scared and freaking out.  I really don't want to be dead last!!!  - Monica

Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 miles????

CHECK!!!  HOLY CRAP!  I ran FIVE MILES today!  I didn't stop even once!  I'm SO excited!  I was honestly starting to think I wouldn't be able to do it.  I hate when your head gets in your way sometimes!  I am really quite sore right now, I'm sure tomorrow is going to be really bad!  It's a good kind of pain though!  It hurts so good!  My new running shoes were awesome!  They felt so comfortable and very nicely cushioned!  I'm thinking I found myself my new favorite running shoe company!  Thank you Brooks!!

I was a little disappointed in my time today.  I ran a bit slower than usual.  I wish I could say it was just because I had never run that far before, but truth be told - I was running slow the entire time.  It could have been because I am not used to running in the heat.  It also could have been because someone (who is around 4 years old and about 40 lbs) erased all the music off of my ipod while I was charging it!  It's so fun to start running and find you have no tunes to run to!  I usually set my pace to my music.  I did ok for the first mile - but then I slowed way down.  I'm not going to stress over it.  Hey, it could have just been a crappy run.  Those happen too!

 I'm starting to worry that I may not be ready for this 10k in two weeks.  I think I'm just psyching myself out a little.  I need to knock it off!  I think the fact that I ran so slowly today has me worried.  Today was very hard.  I really had to push to get to the 5 mile mark.  I'm hoping I will be able to add 1 more mile by the 28th.  This is the first time I'm feeling any doubt.  Please tell me I'm just being silly?!  What's one more mile?  Right??

Oh how I wish I could just sit down with a good book right now and put my feet up.  Alas - we were lazy bums on Saturday.  We didn't do a damned thing.  It kind of felt good.  Now I have housework piled up to my armpits!  UGH.  Maybe I will be able to find a good movie on TV and I can sit on the floor and fold the fifty million loads of laundry that we washed yesterday.  The folding is the crappiest part if you ask me!  OOH I have to throw in a load of diapers too.  We can't go around with an undiapered baby now, could we?  (yeah, I know some people do it - but I'm really not into the whole "evacuation communication" dealio - I breastfeed and use cloth diapers and wipes, that is as granola as I get!)

Well, I'm off.  It sounds like the hubs is having a rough time with the kids.  In his defense - his back went out and he can't get to the chiropractor until the end of the week.  His neck is really hurting.  Poor guy! 

Thanks for reading!!  Have a WONDERFUL night!! -Monica

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They came!!!!!

Today my new running shoes came!  Remember?  The ones that I won from Brooks?  They are BEAUTIFUL and SOOOOO comfortable!  Even though my knee has been bugging me, I decided to do a little 2 mile run.  I was GOING to do 3 miles, but then I remembered that I have to do my first 5 mile run on Saturday, I didn't want to jeopardize that run!!  Here they are!!  My new running shoes! 

Aren't they beautiful!  Usually the sneakers I need are so ugly looking!  What a nice surprise!  Know what's even cooler?  Most stores don't even have them yet!  They JUST released on the 1st!  They really are very comfortable!  I am quite pleased that I went a half size up and extra wide.  SO much more comfortable!  My toes didn't hurt at all!  Even though I only did 2 miles, I was BEAT!  It was SO hot in the gym - even right in front of the fan!  Have I ever told you how much I hate the treadmill?  No?  Let me tell you again.  I hate the treadmill.  Here is a sweaty pic to prove that 2 miles kicked my ass tonight!

See - totally beat!  I have to say - my face is really slimming down!   Today I was going through some old pics and I was shocked to see that my face looks thinner than it did when the hubs and I first started dating!!  My body is still bigger, but I think having two kids could account for that!  Check out this pic!  UGH, I wish I still looked that young.  Thank God the hubs decided to shave that mustache.  YIKES!

With those giant glasses and that 'stache - he looks like a cop from the 1970's!  Book em Danno! HA!  Poor Pete - he is lucky I love him so much!  Seriously though - my face looks a lot thinner now - doesn't it?

Ok - it's been a long day - both kids are sick.  My son puked in his car seat so I had to strip it down and wash it - I figured I'd wash them both while I was at it.  YUCK - I hate washing car seat covers.  Someone should invent one that isn't so friggin hard to strip down!  Anyway - since we only have 1 humidifier, we stuck the areobed in my daughter's room and let my son camp out in there.  They both think that is pretty awesome!  The two of them always jump around on the aerobed.  So funny!  I can imagine my brother and I thinking that would have been fun at that age too!

Well, I'm off to shower before I stink up the house!  Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night! - Monica

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Angry legs...

Well, one angry knee anyway.  Can you believe it?  The elliptical machine pissed off my knee!  I'm kind of irked about it.  I'm not going to push it though - I'm going to give it three days of rest (today is day 2) and see if it's not back to it's usual self by then.  I don't want to risk a real injury and be off of running for months!  I think it will be fine.  I think I'm the only weirdo in the world who has no problem running, but get on a no impact elliptical machine and all hell breaks loose!  Hopefully I will still be on course to run my 10k at the end of this month!  I think I should be fine!  I am going to wait to run until Saturday - that is the day I will do my 5 mile run.  I'm sure I can do that just fine - I'll just call this week a recovery week and do only 5 miles this week.  I'm getting really excited about my race!

In another area of my life, I signed myself up for the summer reading program at the library.  I don't know what the prize is, but I've already read 6 books since June 1st and I'm starting on # 7!  I'm good to go!  No wonder I never get any sleep!  HA!  I get hooked on a book and I can't get my nose out of it!  At least I will have something to do in the next few days as I rest my poor knee!  I'm pretty sure I'll be fine by Saturday.  I'm going to do weight training again on Wednesday (or maybe Thursday, I don't need to weigh MORE for Weight Watchers - I always seem to way more the day after weight training - what's up with that?)

Well, I'm off - I got some beautiful strawberries today and I'm going to make a weight watcher's dessert with them!  YUM!  I have the points saved up and everything!! 

Oh - and I thought I'd leave you with two pictures.  1.My yummy dinner tonight - (it should have been brown rice, but my hubby had already made a vat of white rice this morning, so I just used that)  Terriyaki chicken, rice, and cabbage/broccoli/carrots stir fried in the wok with rice wine and sesame oil.  2. My daughter THOROUGHLY enjoying said dinner.!!  (Oh, and in case you were wondering, I am a TOTAL carnivore.  I could NEVER go vegetarian - I would wither up and die!)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back in the Fray...

The fray, yep, I'm back in.  I only had a two month crappola period.  That's ok - it's behind me now.  Last night I finally took the step I had been needing yet so willfully avoiding.  I went to the gym.  I lifted weights.  Now that I have the first visit back in my rear view mirror, I don't know what I was procrastinating for?!  I'm SO glad I went last night.  For my first 4 months of this journey I went to the gym just about every single night.  I had REALLY gotten off track.  That's ok though - sometimes it takes falling off the wagon to see where the trail leads!

I feel good (and very sore) today!  I've very proud of myself!  So here is my upper body workout routine: I do 5 giant sets of 10.  That means I do 10 of each exercise right in a row with no rest.  After I do one set, I rest for 1 minute, then I start over again until I've done 5 sets.
 1. Dumbbell bench press - 20lbs (I think I can go heavier next time)
 2. Dumbbell curls -15 lbs
 3. Dumbbell triceps raises - 15 lbs
4. Dumbbell shoulder press -15 lbs
5. Lat Pull downs -50 lbs

Then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at a high intensity.  Surprisingly - my heart rate did not get as high as it does when I'm running.  It's good to have variation though.  The elliptical is a new thing for me - my first experience with it was positive, so I'll be doing that for cross training throughout the week.

I have a feeling these new added activities are going to help me blast through this plateau from hell!  I really can't wait to see the scale moving again!  Seriously - 4 lbs in a month is PATHETIC!! 

I'm so GLAD I went to the gym, I think I found my determination hiding under the elliptical.  It was being a total chicken shit.

Thank you for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day!!! -Monica

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4.5 miles baby!!!

Today I ran 4.5 miles!  I STILL can't believe it!  I am so crazy proud of myself!  ESPECIALLY since I got up early and ran before it got hot!  In the past - the heat would have TOTALLY been an excuse for me to not do it!  That, and waking up early.  I am NOT a morning person!  My legs were not thrilled at the early run this morning.  It took a mile and a half for them to feel like they usually do.  I felt like I was lugging lead weights along with me this morning! 

Know what I love about running?  I love how other runners smile at you - it's like you're in a secret club or something! HA!  I always get head nods, or smiles, or people saying "good job" or "way to go"!  I LOVE that!  It makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself.  I think this is pretty funny, since running is a solo sport!  Even though my legs were launching a protest, my head REALLY enjoyed my run today!  I wonder though, will people still be that way to me when I'm fit?  Sometimes I think they are just shocked to see a fat chick out there running!  Oh well, whatever - I like it, hopefully it continues!  Of course, I'm too chicken to say something to someone I don't know.  It's funny how I am introverted and extroverted all at the same time.  I am an enigma!  So here is a pic of me after my first 4.5 mile run!!  Yes, I am aware that I am doing something weird with my eye - I look kind of like Igor. HA!  What do you want?  I was beat?

Next week I'm on to 5 miles!  For some reason, that scares the living crap out of me!  I know I can do it - it's just a matter of keeping my mind in the right direction!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - running is SOOOOOO much a mental sport!  I can't even count how many times I was ready to quit, but then my brain kicked in and I was able to finish!  I can only imagine this "push yourself through" mentality is good for other aspects of life too!  I LOVE running!!  I have a 10k coming up on the 28th of this month, my FIRST 10k!  I'm CRAZY excited!  Cross your fingers that I find a way to pay for it.  The race itself is only $15, but if I want a shirt, that's another 8.  I guess I really want the shirt, just because it's my FIRST 10k!  If I have to do it without getting the T though - I will!!  I'm NERVOUS and EXCITED!!

Oh - so after I took the above picture, I was scrolling through my camera and found some pics of me at a similar angle - from December.  HOLY CRAP - what a difference!!  You see it too right?  It's not just my wishful thinking???

Ok, by the looks of my daughter - this may have been more like the fall, but still!  I'm finally down to one chin!!  I know the angle is a bit different here, but I honestly didn't allow myself to be photographed much.  As you can tell - I was asleep in this shot, otherwise I would have certainly nixed it!  I'm sure at some angles I still have a little of a double chin, but NOTHING like the jowls I had before!!!

Well, I'm off - my daughter needs her nap and to be honest with you, I could use one too!  Thank you SO much for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day!!! -Monica

Friday, July 6, 2012


It's supposed to be hot today.  Granted, I know it's MUCH hotter in other parts of the country, but for here - the mid 80's is HOT!!  Today is supposed to be 4.5 miles - I don't think I could do that on a treadmill - I really don't.  Maybe if I was faster, but an hour on the treadmill sounds like pure torture!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  Even at 8pm it's supposed to be close to 80!  I am SO not a hot weather person.  Maybe it's because I'm so fat, but I HATE the heat!

The other day when I was doing my 2 mile run, I think I had an epiphany!!  My friend had told me to lengthen my stride - but I didn't know how to do that really.  Then I realized that if I slowed my legs down, my speed on my watch was faster!  What the heck?  I think I figured it out though!  Leave it to me (TOTAL music nerd) to figure it out in terms of music!  Well, rhythm anyway.  I was subdividing my strides (like beats).  So in the same amount of time, I was doing 8 beats when I could have been doing 4!  THAT is why it actually felt like I was slowing down to go faster!   Ok - I guess I was getting inside my own head - BUT, I think I solved a problem so all is good!  I'm not sure I can do it every time, but at least now I can recognize when I'm subdividing!! 

Hubs took another video of me running - hopefully I can post it this time!  My son ran ahead of me - DAMN does that boy have some WHEELS!  He is really fast!  I couldn't catch him and my watch had him pegged at 10:23!!!  That is quick!!
Well, the video does not appear to be loading.  It could just be due to the fact that my computer is ancient!  I MISS my laptop, sorely!!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! - Monica

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Planning ahead....

I am going to start planning out some races that I want to run in the near future!  I know for SURE that I am GOING to run in the Turkey Trot this year!  I have wanted to run in that since I moved here 12 years ago!  I'm FINALLY fit enough to be able to do it!  How awesome is it to run in a 4 mile race and then go and have Thanksgiving dinner?  I'll tell ya what - I won't feel so guilty for having some apple pie then!  I just hope my brother in law would be ok with me taking a shower at his house! HA  Otherwise, I might ruin everyone's appetite!  I'm SO excited to FINALLY be able to run in a 4 mile race!  Of course, the race is in Portland - so that means HILLS.  YUCK - I hate hills. 

Another race I would like to run is the color run - I'm not sure I'll be able to afford that one - it is quite spendy.  It sounds SO fun though!  I might have to wait until next year for that one!  Then there is the Komen race for the cure.  Cancer has really affected my life.  My sisters in law are survivors - I admire that SO very much.  My grandmother just recently passed away - granted it wasn't breast cancer - but cancer sucks any way you slice it.  I've had several family members with cancer and I would feel SO honored to run this race in their names!  I've been thinking about the zombie apocolypse run. HAHA  I'd probably be scared out of my ass - even though it's all for fun!  In this race, a bunch of people dressed up as zombies chase you! Come on now - tell me that wouldn't be HILARIOUS!

Did I mention how much I hate hills?  Today I went for a run and I had two MONSTER hills.  One of the hills is slow rising, but it is .75 of a mile long!  IT SUCKS!!  The other hill is short but VERY steep.  Wow, I slowed down SO BAD for that one.  I didn't want to push too hard on the steep one because I was afraid of blowing out my knee!  Funny- my hill run today was only 2.5 miles - but it was harder than my 4 mile flat run! 

OOH - I was a JcPenney the other day and I was looking through the clearance section.  I found a tech shirt for 8 bucks!  WOW!  Even better?  It FIT ME!  I also grabbed another T shirt - and it was a 1x!  HOLY CRAP!  I don't think I'm OFFICIALLY in a 1x yet - but still, just the fact that I HAVE one and it fits nicely!  How exciting!

The whole reason I went to look at shirts was because as I was getting my son into his car seat, he asked me what that line was on my chest.  My "newer" shirts are getting baggy and so my cleavage was showing a bit.  I told him that was my cleavage and then he asked where HIS was.  I told him that only women had them.  Girls would get one when they grew up and men and boys didn't have them.  Colin looks at me quizically and says "but Daddy has one". OH MY GOD - I almost fell on the floor with laughter!  Talk about a kid calling it as he sees it!  Sometimes the things that boy comes out with just have me in STITCHES!

In a sad note, it seems my pain has come back to my tooth.  The popcorn kernal tooth.  You've got to be kidding.  I'm really hoping it's not infected.  It hurts really really bad right now.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get in to the dentist.  Pete doesn't have much sick time left and the dentist won't be open on Wednesday due to the 4th of July.  I'll have to figure SOMETHING out.  It hurts too bad to just ignore it.

Oh and YIPPEE!  They finally came out with the new Brooks Dyad 7 shoes!  Aren't they pretty!?  I'm sending in my award certificate tomorrow!  I can't WAIT!  I hope it doesn't take long to get them!  I STILL can't believe I won new runing shoes!

Well, I'm off - my mouth is hurting pretty bad despite the fact that I've taken one of the prescription pain killers the dentist gave me when I originally hurt my tooth.  I feel loopy, but still in pain. 

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica