Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 miles????

CHECK!!!  HOLY CRAP!  I ran FIVE MILES today!  I didn't stop even once!  I'm SO excited!  I was honestly starting to think I wouldn't be able to do it.  I hate when your head gets in your way sometimes!  I am really quite sore right now, I'm sure tomorrow is going to be really bad!  It's a good kind of pain though!  It hurts so good!  My new running shoes were awesome!  They felt so comfortable and very nicely cushioned!  I'm thinking I found myself my new favorite running shoe company!  Thank you Brooks!!

I was a little disappointed in my time today.  I ran a bit slower than usual.  I wish I could say it was just because I had never run that far before, but truth be told - I was running slow the entire time.  It could have been because I am not used to running in the heat.  It also could have been because someone (who is around 4 years old and about 40 lbs) erased all the music off of my ipod while I was charging it!  It's so fun to start running and find you have no tunes to run to!  I usually set my pace to my music.  I did ok for the first mile - but then I slowed way down.  I'm not going to stress over it.  Hey, it could have just been a crappy run.  Those happen too!

 I'm starting to worry that I may not be ready for this 10k in two weeks.  I think I'm just psyching myself out a little.  I need to knock it off!  I think the fact that I ran so slowly today has me worried.  Today was very hard.  I really had to push to get to the 5 mile mark.  I'm hoping I will be able to add 1 more mile by the 28th.  This is the first time I'm feeling any doubt.  Please tell me I'm just being silly?!  What's one more mile?  Right??

Oh how I wish I could just sit down with a good book right now and put my feet up.  Alas - we were lazy bums on Saturday.  We didn't do a damned thing.  It kind of felt good.  Now I have housework piled up to my armpits!  UGH.  Maybe I will be able to find a good movie on TV and I can sit on the floor and fold the fifty million loads of laundry that we washed yesterday.  The folding is the crappiest part if you ask me!  OOH I have to throw in a load of diapers too.  We can't go around with an undiapered baby now, could we?  (yeah, I know some people do it - but I'm really not into the whole "evacuation communication" dealio - I breastfeed and use cloth diapers and wipes, that is as granola as I get!)

Well, I'm off.  It sounds like the hubs is having a rough time with the kids.  In his defense - his back went out and he can't get to the chiropractor until the end of the week.  His neck is really hurting.  Poor guy! 

Thanks for reading!!  Have a WONDERFUL night!! -Monica


  1. WooHoo on the FIVE! You can so do the 10k! Remember how the adrenaline of the race can get you through. Very exciting! Hopefully it will be a cooler day! I have my Sprint Tri on the same day! I'll be thinking of you as I struggle through my own goal. What WAS I thinking?!!!