Monday, July 9, 2012

Back in the Fray...

The fray, yep, I'm back in.  I only had a two month crappola period.  That's ok - it's behind me now.  Last night I finally took the step I had been needing yet so willfully avoiding.  I went to the gym.  I lifted weights.  Now that I have the first visit back in my rear view mirror, I don't know what I was procrastinating for?!  I'm SO glad I went last night.  For my first 4 months of this journey I went to the gym just about every single night.  I had REALLY gotten off track.  That's ok though - sometimes it takes falling off the wagon to see where the trail leads!

I feel good (and very sore) today!  I've very proud of myself!  So here is my upper body workout routine: I do 5 giant sets of 10.  That means I do 10 of each exercise right in a row with no rest.  After I do one set, I rest for 1 minute, then I start over again until I've done 5 sets.
 1. Dumbbell bench press - 20lbs (I think I can go heavier next time)
 2. Dumbbell curls -15 lbs
 3. Dumbbell triceps raises - 15 lbs
4. Dumbbell shoulder press -15 lbs
5. Lat Pull downs -50 lbs

Then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at a high intensity.  Surprisingly - my heart rate did not get as high as it does when I'm running.  It's good to have variation though.  The elliptical is a new thing for me - my first experience with it was positive, so I'll be doing that for cross training throughout the week.

I have a feeling these new added activities are going to help me blast through this plateau from hell!  I really can't wait to see the scale moving again!  Seriously - 4 lbs in a month is PATHETIC!! 

I'm so GLAD I went to the gym, I think I found my determination hiding under the elliptical.  It was being a total chicken shit.

Thank you for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day!!! -Monica


  1. I love the elliptical. It is easier on the knees and I feel like I get a good workout. I am nervous now though hearing your HR does not get as high as when you run, I hope mine is getting up there enough to make a difference. Your a great inspiration keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Alizey!! It means a lot to hear (read?) you say that! Don't fret it about the HR - it gets into about 145 for me on the elliptical - I get to about 160's when I run. It's not THAT big a difference - and it's probably better to mix it up anyway! Then again, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know! :-) I'm glad to have found the elliptical - I think it will be a great cross trainer for me!!! Like you said - it should give my knees a break. They don't hurt when I run, but I'm sure if I was running 6 days a week they would protest!

  2. Yay for getting back to the gym! I heard a trainer (on TV) say that if you've done the same thing for 6 workouts in a row it's time to change it up. Your body will probably love the change up of adding the eliptical!

    You're doing awesome!

    1. Thanks Krista!!! I'm hoping this will blast me past this horrible plateau I've been stuck on for two months!! :-P