Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I am SO excited and nervous at the same time!  I can't believe tomorrow is my first race!  I'm just going to double check the weather one more time, have some water, then hit the sack!  Of course, I have my son's cold - he is such a sharing child. LOL  HOLY COW I STILL can't believe I'm running in a 5k tomorrow!  My stomach is in knots!!  I'm not afraid of coming in last or anything like that - as long as I do my best then I'll be happy.  I don't know what I'm afraid of, I guess it's just the unknown!

I have decided to wear my "Fight Like a Girl" shirt in honor of my friend.  She has been fighting cancer for the past month (or is it two - it seems like forever though).  Anyway - she blows me away - her strength.  I have a lot of people I love and care about who have fought and beaten cancer, she is the most recent though.  That and the fact that she has young children just really touches my heart.  I have not told her I am doing this - I wrote her name on a piece of paper and taped pinned it to my shirt (I covered it in tape so it doesn't disintegrate in the rain!).  I'm going to have Pete take my pic when I get my race bib and I'm going to send it to her.  I have to admit, this gives the race a whole new level of excitement for me!

Today was a nice day!  The kids BOTH woke up fever free and they stayed that way all day!  I am SO happy for that!  They are both still coughing and my son's nose is running like a faucet - but the fever going away really eases my mind.  I smothered his back and chest with vicks vapo-rub, hopefully it helps him to sleep all night!

So one of the local churches (not ours but that's ok) was having an Easter egg hunt.  It was SO much fun!  This was my daughter's first!  My son is an old pro at it now - he had a great time!  Hubby had to remind him to pick up the eggs though - he just wanted to play with the other kids!  Easter is going to be so much fun this year!  It's nice to not be 8 months pregnant this year! HAHA

Ok - I'm off to bed.  Big day tomorrow!  I'll definitely post about how it went tomorrow!  Cross your fingers!  I'm shooting for sub 50 minutes!  I'm sick - so that might not happen, but I'm going to try my best!!!

Good night!  Thanks for reading!! -Monica

Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm about two months away....

From being able to buy clothes in the "Activewear" section of Target the hundred dollar store.  That excites me SO MUCH!  They actually have some pretty nice technical clothes for a very good price!  I saw some wicking T shirts (V neck - my FAVORITE) for only $9.99!!    I don't know if it's possible for me to convey how EXCITING that is for me!  It's funny - I had kind of a hard day today.  I ate pizza - more than I should have - but I logged it in my Weight Watcher's food diary and used the points.  Technically it is not off limits - but it is not a wise food due to how many points it took.  I should have known I would cave and eat crap today.  My son AND daughter have fevers.  It scares me when the baby gets a fever.  It just worries me because she can't tell me what hurts.  Anyway - the stress from that along with the anxiety/excitement of my race as well as something that happened in my family that really REALLY upset me.  Well, I have to admit I'm human.  Crap gets to me.  I screwed off.  Oh well - I'm picking myself up and pushing on!  This picture says it all for me:

Today was a rest day for me because MY RACE IS IN TWO DAYS!!  OH MY GOD!  How am I going to get any SLEEP?  I am SOOOOOO excited.  Wow, can you tell I'm all geared up!?  I wish I had a nice technical shirt for my race, but they are WAY too expensive in my size right now.  As I said above - I should be able to buy one from Target in a few months!  Hopefully I can do that by my second race which is May 19th!  I'm going to try to run a race every month - that should help keep me focused on running instead of weight  loss.  I'm not sure why that changes it for me but it does.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that weight loss seems daunting to me sometimes.  When I see how far I have to go it makes me want to give up.  With running I can already do it, I just need to improve.  I don't know if that makes any sense, but it works for my crazy brain!

So speaking of my race, the weather is supposed to be craptastic.  It's supposed to be cold and rainy.  I have a friend who is a runner  - as are her beautiful daughters.  She mentioned to me that I had better not wear a light colored shirt.  OH MY GOD I had never even thought of that!  I told her I might not place first in the race but I would win a wet T shirt contest in a heartbeat!  That had seriously never even crossed my mind!  Could you imagine my picture as I crossed the finish line?

Well, I had better get going.  Both kids have fevers and congestion.  I'm going to have to set up the air mattress in the baby's room so both kids can benefit from the humidifier.  Colin loves camping in Susie's room - it's exciting for him!  He is such a cutie pie!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night!  -Monica

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You'd think it was physiologically impossible...

But I handed my own butt to myself.  WOW I worked out hard today!!  It was an upper body workout day - I lifted weights until my arms were shaking!  At one point I was switching off and on with this one guy on the seated row machine.  I realized about halfway through my routine that we were lifting the same weight!  WOWZERS!!  That is really cool!  I think it's weird that there are not very many women doing free weights at my gym.  I think it's even weirder that this does not bother me.  I think a lot of the men are impressed that I'm "pumping iron". HAHAHA

I had my weigh in today at Weight Watcher's.  I was SUPPOSED to have a meeting today - but I could not make it.  My poor son was SO sick.  I had to take him to the doctor again - that is twice this week.  He just can not shake this fever.  On top of it - he is having tummy troubles.  I feel so bad for him when he is sick.  This is hands down the worst bug he has ever gotten.  I tried SO hard to keep my patience - I either had him crying or Susie (my daughter) crying.  It was a crazy, hectic day.  I think my son must really have me pegged.  He asked me today if he could have ABC "ronies" (macaroni) in his chicken soup.  WOW I had not even TOLD him I was making chicken soup!  Do I really make chicken soup whenever someone is sick?  I must - especially if HE noticed!  I blame that on my Mother.  She is the comfort food queen!  I made it a bit healthier than my Mother always did though.  I can't believe how readily I can get my children to eat carrots, celery, and kale!  Oh wow - I got a bit off topic there - sorry.  I'm kind of exhausted!  So I went to Weight Watcher's just to weigh in since I couldn't make it on time for the entire meeting.  Well - I was down FIVE POUNDS!  HA!   After two weeks of very little weight loss I finally got over that plateau!  Next week I should get my 25lb medal - whatever that is.  Don't forget - I started weight watchers about 3 weeks after I started working out - so I had lost 5lbs prior to that.  That means I am officially down 30lbs!  YIPPEE!!

Oh, and then there is this.  Do you see what I see?

I have a visible muscle!!!  I can't wait for the rest of me to be lean and cut!!  I was thinking about this today. What is it that I really want?  I figured it out!  I want to look the way I feel!  How, might you ask, do I feel??  I feel like an athlete!  Maybe I feel that way because I used to be one.  It doesn't matter WHY I feel that way, just that I do!  I'm tired of my outside not matching my inside.  I am so proud of myself for coming so far already!  I know I have a long way to go, but if I focus more on what is behind me than what is ahead then I think it will be easier to stay the course!  I figure it this way, the time is going to pass anyway - so why not put that time to good use!?

Alright, that is enough philosophy for one night!  I had better get to bed.  If there is one thing I learned as a parent, it's that sick children rarely sleep through the night!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night!  -Monica

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm in 1st place!!!

For now anyway!  I hope I can keep my place in my gym's weight loss contest!  First place gets 3 months paid membership!  Seeing as how I'm totally broke - 3 months would be a total blessing!  When I weighed in today, the gym owner was really impressed!  I've lost 11 pounds since the challenge started!  I guess everyone else is in the 1 - 3 lb range!  How exciting!  One more month - I'm going to keep my nose to the grindstone!

This morning I took my son for his first dental cleaning - I was so worried he would freak out, but he did GREAT!  I am SO proud of him!  No cavities!  Great job Colin!!  Hubby had a half day of work today so he stayed with the baby while I took Colin to the dentist.  It was kind of nice to have a little Mommy/Colin time!

I decided to leave Pete with the kids again and do my run early!  Today I did week 4 day 1 of the couch to 5k program.  HOLY COW was that hard!  I'm really proud of myself!  I wanted to quit so bad in the last 5 minutes but I REFUSED!  I LOVE the way I feel after a run!  Not just the physiological feeling - but the psychological feeling!  It feels SO good!  I still can't believe I'm able to run 5 minutes at a time!  I can jog for an hour with no problem too!  I'm SO excited for my race on Sunday!  I might do it slowly - but I will finish!  I am going to have a hard time sleeping on Saturday night!!

I went to the chiropractor today to get adjusted.  I had been having some hip and heel problems when I first started running.  My hip is AWESOME now!  I don't feel any pain in it at all!  My heels still hurt a little bit, but nothing a little stretching doesn't help!  The chiropractor was impressed at how quickly I've healed!  I am just SO excited about how much healthier I am now!  Ok - now I'm just babbling!  I think I may still be on a bit of a runner's high! HAHA

Today was my last run until the race.  I'm going to do my weight training tomorrow (upper body only).  Then I'm taking Friday and Saturday off so I can be rested for my 5k!  I can't wait!  Oh - and I have decided to sign my son up for a kid's race - it's called the Awesome 3000.  They have it every year - it's a 300 meter race for his age group.  He will get a T shirt, a medal, and a free book - along with a pancake breakfast.  I just think it would be great to introduce him to running now so he never ends up in the condition I was in!  I think he is really going to have a great time!  Oh and I have to run WITH him!  I have a feeling it's going to be the hardest run ever!  HAHAHA

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night! -Monica

Monday, March 26, 2012


I had a VERY nice surprise on my scale this morning!  I knocked off 3 points of my Weight Watcher's daily goal since my daughter really does not breastfeed much anymore - only once a day, if that lately.  (yes, I've cried over the lack of nursing many times in the last week).  I had my leader's approval for the point lowering.  Anyway - I FINALLY am seeing the results!  So here is my before picture.  This is at 287 (because I just never thought to take a pic at 292)

Here is the pic I took today - at 262.8!!  YES FOLKS you read that correctly!!  I've dropped almost 30lbs since the new year started!  HOLY SMOKES I'm excited! 

Ok, I give up trying to get that picture right side up.  I have no idea why it's importing it sideways.  I'm too tired to keep trying to get it right.  Anyway - I don't know if you can see a difference, but I sure can!  Oh and the only reason I have my hands behind my back is because my shirt is so big - it just kind of hangs and makes me look bigger!  How cool is that?!  I can't wait to see how different I look by the summer!

     Well, it's getting late and I'm down right exhausted!  I had a great run at the gym tonight!  It seems to be getting easier to run at 4.5!  I didn't say EASY - but it is a little easier.  I'm not begging for death anymore. LOL 

Thanks for reading!!!!  Have a great night! -Monica

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SHHHHHHHH.... I skipped my run today...

I feel SO sick to my stomach.  I'm pretty sure if I went running I would throw up all over the treadmill.  I think my gym frowns upon such things.  My hubby felt queasy all day yesterday, but he was fine today.  Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.  My race is on Sunday - I need to feel good for it!!

My poor little boy.  He was SO obnoxious this weekend - I should have put two and two together.  As I was brushing his teeth tonight I was thinking he looked flushed.  I checked his temp and it was a low grade fever.  I gave him some ibuprofen and asked him if he felt ok.  He told me his ear hurt.  I looked in his ear and saw lots of blood!  WOW that freaked me out.  I got a Q tip to clean the outside of his ear - I wanted to see if I could find where the blood was coming from.  Turns out there was a little circular sore spot.  I touched it with the Q-tip and a big chunk of pus came out.  At first I was thinking it was a pimple but that didn't explain the blood BEFORE the pus OR the fever.  When I looked at his other ear for contrast, I realized how swollen his other ear was.  I guess tomorrow will be a trip to the pediatrician.  I feel so guilty - it seemed like we were yelling at him or putting him in time out CONSTANTLY this weekend.  I wish I had realized he wasn't feeling well.  Poor kiddo!  When he was asleep, I put a dab of peroxide on a Q-tip and touched it to the sore.  Hopefully that helps a bit.  I may try to sneak a dab of neosporin in there before I go to bed.

I'm getting SO excited for my race!  Last night I dreamed that I finished it in 40 minutes!  WOW what a dream!  I honestly have NO idea how fast I'm doing 5k now but I'm pretty sure it's not THAT fast!  I'm so excited to be getting into running!  I can't wait to get my first race shirt!  I hope it fits - it might not fit yet - but it will soon!!  This morning when I got on MY scale, it said 263!  OMG I almost fainted!  I'm sure it's 266 or 267 at Weight Watcher's but that's ok.  Just SEEING a 263 feels pretty damned good!  I think I'm going to do a dance when I see 259!  I have not been in the 250's since I got married!

One problem with getting into running - the fun gear!  OH MAN do I wish I had money for some retail therapy!  HAHA!  I saw these headbands called bondibands... I LOVE them!  This one cracked me up!!  I will have to save up for one!  Maybe I'll get the funny one as well as a plain pink or black one.  There was another funny one that said "suck it up buttercup" - but I didn't want to piss someone off! HAHA  I also need to invest in some more thorlos.  I've tried the wicking socks that are not padded, but I just really like the padding of the thorlos.  Maybe when I weigh less, the padding won't be so necessary, but for now - I can tell when I'm wearing thin socks.  I only have one pair of thorlos - but they are the thinner coolmax version.  I need to get another pair of the wool ones.  I swear - if I had a ton of money, I would make my local running store VERY happy!  HAHAHA  I'm a big window shopper - if you couldn't tell.  I can't buy anything because we're broke - but I can DREAM about buying things. :-P

I guess I'm going to head off to bed.  Maybe a cup of hot tea will help settle my stomach.  Hopefully I will be back on my game tomorrow.  Even though I feel like garbage, I feel super guilty for skipping my run tonight.

Thanks for reading!! -Monica

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Not me... my son!  It was SUCH a beautiful day out today, so we decided to go for a walk.  Well, that apparently translates into bike ride.  So I pushed my daughter in the little push car and my son rode his bike.  He is still getting used to a two wheeler with training wheels so he needs a lot of help.  I basically pushed him up the slightly rolling hill of our street and then we turned around and went back home.  He was doing GREAT!  I kept reminding him to hit the brakes if he felt like he was going too fast.  He was doing very well with that.  Then we got a few feet from our driveway and I told him to hit the brakes so we could turn in.  Well, he panicked and forgot what to do.  CRASH - right into our fence.  It wasn't very hard, but I almost peed my pants laughing.  I guess you had to see it to understand why it looked so funny.  I swear it looked as if he steered into it on purpose!  He was perfectly fine - and wanted to go on another ride right away.  My husband came running out of the house when he saw the crash.  You see, my husband has a history.  It's a checkered past including broken bones and split open earlobes and eyebrows.  My husband has a penchant for crashing his bicycle.  Since we've been together there have been two.  The first one was several years ago.  He ran into a parked truck.  I shit you not.  A parked truck.  In his defense, it was parked in the bike lane just over the crest of a hill.  Still, a parked truck? LOL  He had to get stitches in his eyebrow for that.  I still remember the phone call - I thought he said he got hit by a truck, so I left work and SPED to get him.  Sheesh!  Then two years ago he was riding his bike to work when he hit a patch of wet leaves, went over the handlebars, and broke two ribs!  I'm not even including the times when he was a teenager - he ran into a parked car - YES this is a trend for him.  He split his earlobe open on that one.  I know of one other time when he hit a train track and wedged his tire - FLIP, over the handlebars.  He split his helmet in two for that one.  I'm sure there are other times he has been too ashamed to tell me about.  He would be mortified if he knew I was posting this.  I'm sure I'll hear about it later!  Anyway, my point is that my son has the lineage of a professional bike crasher.  So my husband said when he saw the crash - it felt like a flashback!  HAHAHA

Today was a day off for me - but I had a good time walking with the kids.  I think we went up and down the street 5 or 6 times!  I washed the kitchen/dining room floor (which I HATE).  Of course two seconds after I finished, my son came waltzing in with muddy sneakers.  That is why I hate washing the floor.  It never lasts more than 20 minutes!

I'm fairly sore from yesterday's 5k but not in pain - just stiff.  Hey, what do you want?  I'm fat!  Not for long though!  I threw on some shorts today - these are the shorts I wore the summer that I got pregnant with my daughter.  They were HUGE on me!  The barely stayed up!  That is just SO awesome to me! 

Well, the kids are asleep and I think I am going to follow suit.  Last night was a rough one (kids up all night screaming ugh)  I'm going to grab my book and use that percussion massager on my heels.  I've noticed when I use that thing, my Achilles tendons feel MUCH better the next morning.  I'm just going to keep doing that and wearing those boots at night.  Once I lose more weight - maybe it won't be such an issue anymore!  OOH am I feeling excited for life right now!  For some reason I am REALLY excited to get into the 250's!  I'm not far away now!

Thanks for reading!!!  -Monica

Friday, March 23, 2012

I finally did it!

I finally calibrated my footpod!!   It only took me 4 years to do it! HAHA  It was a beautiful day today (crazy weather!) so I went to the park and ran 5k!  Pete took the kids and let our son ride his bike around the park.  It was perfect!  I wanted to see how fast I could do the 5k - so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone!  I set up the watch so it would calibrate the footpod for a 5k run and then I went.  I figured at the end of my run the calibration would finish and then tell me how long I ran for.  WRONG!!!  I have no idea how long it took me!  I have to admit though, I feel like I went a little faster than before.  I'm pretty sore from my run, but I feel so good having done it!  I kept passing a group of teenage boys who were all sitting by a bench (or was it a picnic table?).  Anyway, one of the boys yelled out to me (after my 4th time passing them) "hey fatty, you run pretty slow."  OMG I was pissed.  I just looked up and yelled back "yeah, but I've lapped you 4 times".  I NEVER have a good comeback.  I can't believe that came out of my mouth!  The kid's friends were all laughing and making fun of him.  HA - I guess I made him look stupid!

I have a really bad headache tonight, so I'm going to keep it short.  There really isn't much to talk about.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Thanks for reading! -Monica

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have a red mark....

Where I kicked my own butt!!!  HOLY COW was it a hard run today.  It was the same thing I did on Monday, but for some reason it was harder today!  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that on Monday there was a fan blowing in my face the whole time.  I can't believe how hard I was sweating!  It's funny how proud I feel of all that sweat!  I also love the fact that when I go to the gym, I know people there!  I have turned into a regular!  Isn't that awesome?!

     Weight watchers was ok.  I lost .8 of a pound.  I was disappointed but I have to be real with myself.  This past week has not been my strongest in terms of tracking everything I eat and measuring.  I have gotten a little generous with my portions.  Tomorrow I'm back to a tight ship!  I can't be TOO upset though - I still lost, even though I goofed off a bit.  I'm just going to brush it off my shoulders, hold my chin up, and push on!  I have to remind myself - this is not something that is going to have an ending.  I'm not in this to get thin and then go back to "normal".  This is a LIFE change.  This is FOREVER.  If I can't do this forever, then I'm doing something wrong!

     On the trigeminal neuralgia front... my lips have been tingling for the last three days.  It's MADDENING.  It's almost akin to having an itch you can't scratch.  Thankfully the pains have been minimal - only a jolt here or there - but I would be SO happy if my lips would go back to normal.  I am starting to notice some of the tingling on the tip of my tongue.  If it travels down my tongue any further - I'm going to have to go see my doctor.  I KNOW I couldn't handle that sensation.

     My new running pants are AMAZING!  They are SUPER soft and they hang just right!  I think it's safe to say these are the most comfortable running pants I have ever worn!!  I may need to hem them just a tad (what else is new, I'm short!) but for now I've got them hiked up to my boobs. HAHAHA  The nice thing is that they have a draw string - so I can wear them longer even once I lose another pant size!  Unfortunately the sneakers didn't quite fit right.  I wore them in the house for a day and they were really making my ankles hurt.  I'm going to bring them in on Saturday and exchange them for a different fit.  I think a lot has to do with how heavy I am. I really need to wear a cushioning shoe or else I'll end up with foot pain.  I feel really bad for bringing them back to the store - I hope it doesn't make me seem ungrateful.  I was SO touched to get that surprise package in the mail! It's so nice to know you're being thought of!

     The hubs has the day off tomorrow so I think I'm going to go to the park and try to calibrate my foot pod.  I've been putting that off for over a month now.  I don't really know HOW to do it, but I'm going to have to figure it out!  I want to wear it in my race so I know what kind of pace I am doing!  I can't wait for my race!  Not long now!  I'll have to put my nose to the grindstone between now and then, and be sure to leave a few more red marks!!!

Thanks for reading!  Good night! -Monica

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snow day!

I think I need to call it a snow day.  There is no WAY I'm going to the gym tonight!  I have NEVER seen so much snow fall in Oregon!  I've lived here for 11 years and I have never seen snow fall for an entire day before!  It's STILL falling!  It's UNREAL!  So far we have 4 inches and still counting!  I have a feeling we may lose power tonight.  The trees are VERY heavy with snow and we all know that heavy trees break, and when heavy trees break, they often take power lines with them!  Never fear, we have the fireplace roaring so if the power goes out we will still be warm!

I did not workout today - I didn't DARE go out in this.  I lived in New Hampshire for many years, so I'm ok with snowy roads.  The problem is, Oregon does not plow their roads - so they just get worse and worse.  Plus - Oregonians do not know how to drive in the snow.  THAT is what scares me!  As I sit here in the living room I have seen several cars that are unable to make it up our road - and the road is not all that steep so all I can imagine is that it is very slick!  That's ok - I give myself 2 days off per week, today will just be one of my days off!

On a happier note, I had a WONDERFUL surprise today in the mail!  My friend sent me a pair of sneakers and a pair of technical running pants!  I am STILL in shock!  I'm so excited to have them!  I really needed them badly!  Now my underwear can't play peek a boo with my running pants! HAHAHA  I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends!

Well, I had better get to washing diapers, just in case the power goes out.  I wouldn't want to be sitting on a bucket full of poopy diapers for a few days!  YUCK!  Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather so I can get to the gym!  It's weird to not go running on a running day!  What can I say?  I'm hooked!

Thanks for reading! -Monica

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drip drip drop little April showers....

  Oh wait, it's still March.  MAN this weather is GETTING to me!  I'm starting to feel like a shut in!  At least you can go outside when it snows - when it rains, you're stuck.  That and the snow reflects the sunlight into your eyes - the Pacific Northwest is just grey and gloomy.  It's actually quite depressing.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to do a 5k run in the park - just so I can see what kind of time I'm pulling.  It's also supposed to rain ALL DAY.  You know what - I'm gonna suck it up and run in the rain.  If I'm going to be a runner in Oregon, I had better get used to it!  I don't really have any running clothes - my only running pants are getting decidedly too big.  That's a good thing - but it's hard when you can't afford any new clothes!!  I also wear a fitness meter at all times - but it can't get wet.  Maybe I'll rig a ziplock baggie over it so it stays dry!  The only bummer is that I have just ONE pair of sneakers - I'll have to hang them near the fireplace tomorrow night so they dry for the next day! 

I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow.  Can I just say how much I DETEST going to the dentist.  I'm dreading it!  Hopefully it goes quickly - my husband is coming home early to watch the kids - then he is off to give his final exam.  I was supposed to go to the chiropractor tomorrow evening, but there is no way I'm going to make it.  I'll have to call in the morning.  I'm also going to try to get into the gym so I can weigh in.  I had signed up for a weight loss challenge - the winner at my club gets 3 months FREE!!  I can live with that!  The top winner in the country gets a million bucks!  I don't imagine I'll be winning that!  The person who won last year dropped 80 pounds in 2 months.  How in the hell is that even POSSIBLE?  I don't want to do it that way anyway - how much do you think that woman has gained back by now?  I want to keep it off and be healthy, so I'll go the slow route, thank you very much!

I'm pretty excited about running tomorrow!  Wish me luck!!  I'm hoping to finish 5k in under 50 minutes.  That would be AWESOME!

Well, I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow should be interesting!  They said the rain could turn to snow tonight.... so much for my dripping little April showers!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Peek a boo!

That is the game my underwear was playing with my running pants while I ran on the treadmill today.  I am SOOOO thankful that the gym was empty!  I must have hiked my pants up a zillion times!  I guess that's a really good sign!  I don't know what I'm going to run my race in!!!  I can't believe I've lost enough weight to have this problem!  I am SO proud of myself!

I did NOT want to go to the gym again.  It seems that is the case more often lately.  I think I've just been tired lately.  I am SO glad I went though!  Today was supposed to be a weight training day but I switched things up a bit and did another run.  My hubby has a half day on Wednesday and I want to be able to go running at the park.  I want to run 5k so I can see what kind of time I am pulling.  I have not run a straight 5k in over a month - I've been doing the intervals of this couch to 5k.  I hope the 5k feels a LITTLE easier than before!  This couch to 5k is getting HARD!  I was really shaking in my boots about starting today - it is day 1 week 3.  It jumps from jogging 1.5 minutes to jogging for 3 minutes!  To me that is a HUGE difference!  I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but I did!!  YAY ME!  I won't pretend it was easy, because it sure was NOT!  I am SO excited that I was able to do that!  The goal is to get to the point of running an entire 5k at 4.5.  Ok, I'm sure I've said that before - but there is nothing wrong with reminding myself right? 

I have a very strange "win" today.  Let me preface this by saying - I always seem to wash everyone's clothes but my own.  I always end up with nothing to wear.  As I was getting changed to go to the gym I realized that I didn't have any clean underwear.  (yeah yeah I will admit it - I stayed in my PJ's all day today and it felt GREAT!)  The only pair I had left was the pair I wore on my wedding day.  I'm thinking - yeah right, I couldn't squeeze into those.  Guess what?  THEY FIT!  They fit PERFECTLY!  I'm still in shock!

Today I called the folks who are hosting the 5k I'm running on the 1st.  I wanted to be sure they received my registration on time.  I just thought I'd ask how many people were registered.  I wanted to get an idea of how many people were going to be there.  I almost fell on the floor when he told me 60!!!  That's IT??  60 people?  Well, on the upside - I am going to get the free goody bag.  My motto is and always has been "if it's free, it's for me". HAHAHA  I hope I don't come in last but as long as I come it, that is all that truly matters!  I'm starting to get addicted to I keep looking up races and "planning" my summer and fall out.  If only I had an unlimited amount of racing money!  I'm really going to enjoy evolving as a runner!  I already am!  I'm also thinking of joining the local road runner's club.  I'm not sure if I feel ready for that - but I feel like I need a running buddy.  I will have to contact them and see if they have anyone who is beginning and very heavy like me.  I don't know why that matters, but I feel like running with a skinny person - even if they run at the same pace - would be intimidating.  I need to get over that.

I'm going to call it a night, I can hear my bed calling my name!  I'll have to check out goodwill for a pair of running pants so I don't play peek a boo with any of my gym mates!!  HA!

Thanks for reading! -Monica

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm having a gas problem....

As in, I can't afford to buy any gas for my car!  I just put my last $9 in the tank and it didn't even take the gas light off.  Thankfully my gym is super close and the only places I need to drive for the next 2 weeks are 1. My son's school's book fair  2.  Weight watchers 3. The gym (almost every day) and 4. The dentist.  I'm not totally sure how we're going to get through.  We've been through worse, but I'm getting pretty tired of being broke all the time.  I wish the weather was going to be nice, I could walk to all but Weight Watchers.  I probably COULD walk to weight watchers - but I never want to eat before my weigh in and if I walked that far without eating, my blood sugar would crash like the Hindenburg!!  Ok, that was in poor taste - but you get the idea.

     Today was the last day of week 2 in my C25k!  I'm a little anxious about starting week 3 as the running section goes from 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes!  I think I can do it, I'm pretty sure I can.  I just need to knock off the negative self talk, or as I like to call it "stinkin thinkin"!  Right now I can't even IMAGINE running 3 miles at 4.5!!!  I am going to be SOOOOO proud of myself when I get there!  I am not sure if it's because I signed up for my first 5k, but for the past few days I am really starting to feel like a runner!  I LOVE it!  It feels like a secret club or something!  HAHAHA  I have a few friends who are quite accomplished runners and now we get to "talk running" together!

     I finished my daughter's Easter bunnies!  They came out pretty cute!  I think she is going to love them!  I used 1 receiving blanket and 1 onesie and was able to make both bunnies.   I'm pretty good at cross stitching, but embroidering the faces was tough!  I have never even tried embroidery before and I don't suspect I'll be taking it up any time soon!  HAHA  As promised, here is a picture of the bunnies!!

     Well, it's off to bed for me!  I need to finish reading these books that I borrowed from a friend!  I need to finish in less than two weeks and I have like 700 pages left.  I don't think it's going to happen.  :-/  Oh well!  There is always the library!!

Thanks for reading! -Monica

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I hope you have all had a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Ours was nice and low key!  We went to the library this morning with the kids and then came home and relaxed while I made corned beef and cabbage.  I also made my first Irish soda bread.  It came out pretty good, but my hubby didn't like it so I probably won't bother making it again.

     I didn't workout today - my head and body are just exhausted.  I couldn't sleep last night, and then the baby woke up a few times.  Of course my son came bounding in to wake us up - before the sun.  Tomorrow is my running day and I'm really looking forward to it!  Of course, here it is almost midnight and I'm still awake.  Why you ask?  Well, I'm being crafty!

     We are pretty low on the cash flow right now, so I am making some bunny rabbits for my daughter's Easter basket!  So far they are pretty cute.  Of COURSE I'm out of fiberfill so I'll have to pick some up tomorrow after church.  I hope they come out well.  I'll have to post a picture of the bunnies when I am finished!  We have some great gifts for my son - we had them on layaway for a long time.  He is going to get his first baseball glove, bat, and a T-ball stand.  He is going to be so excited!  Oh - and I FINALLY found the orange sports cones we had gotten him for Christmas.  We lost them in the garage! HAHA  Now we can finally give them to him!  It's going to be fun playing baseball and soccer with him!

     I guess there isn't really much to write about today - it really has been laid back.  It was kind of a nice treat to just relax for a change - well as much as 2 little kiddos will let you relax!   I hope you all had a really nice Saint Patrick's Day!!

Thanks for reading!! -Monica


Friday, March 16, 2012

A Kiss to Build a Dream On.....

     I heard that song today.  A Kiss to Build a Dream On, by Louis Armstrong.  That song ALWAYS reminds me of my husband!  We played that at our wedding while we were cutting our cake.  To me, that is the most ROMANTIC song EVER written!  There is just something about the silky trumpet and his smokey voice - it just sounds like love harmonized!  I made poor Peter dance with me in the living room!  It's funny - it's been almost 7 years but we both still remember the steps to the dance we learned for our wedding.  Ok, so I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this.  I'll tell you.    Peter kisses me every day.  Not a knock your socks off kind of kiss.  Not a deep passionate sort of kiss, just an everyday "hello, I love you sweetie" kind of kiss.  When I'm having a craptastic day and I just don't want to do anything - his kiss reminds me that I'm working towards my dreams.  My dreams of health and fitness.  He gives me a kiss to build my dreams on!  Alright - I admit it's a bit mushy, but it's true.  I love him with ALL my heart.  Our children are the most AMAZING gift I have ever been given.  All of our dreams started with that kiss when we said "I do".

     Sorry, I'll lay off the lovey dovey stuff.  I know not everyone can stomach that kind of talk!  Today was day 2 week 2 of C25K.  I realized that I have been doing it a little wrong.  I'm glad I caught it early in the program. I was cutting it 5 minutes short - not purposefully, but still - it has been shorter than it should have been.  Well today I corrected myself.  WHOA - 5 extra minutes made a HUGE difference!  I was sweating like a pig!  Oh, and note to self... do NOT drink 32 oz of ice water directly before a run.  I thought I was going to PUKE!  That, and the medicine I have been using for my gum infection gives me horrible heartburn.  What a combination!  It was a very late workout again - I just can't seem to get my kiddos to go to sleep lately.  The nice part about a late workout is that I had the gym practically to myself!  There were only 2 other people when I got there and they were both doing free weights - so I had the cardio area to myself.  About 3/4 of the way through my routine, this guy came in and got on the treadmill RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  REALLY?  There were like 7 free treadmills and he had to get on the one next to me. I wouldn't have minded except the guy smelled like an ashtray.  Now, mind you, there is the cigarette smell which I never really cared for but THIS was FAR beyond cigarette smell.  It was like cigarettes and dirty all mixed together.  I thought I was going to die.  I couldn't breathe.  The last 1/4 of my workout was TORTURE!  There should be some kind of law against smelling that bad and going to a gym.  Then again, on the other end of that is the person who bathes in perfume/cologne before they get there.  YUCK!  I think my nose is just pretty sensitive - but this guy was making my lungs hurt!

     On an awesome note, I think I found a few more miles in my sneakers!  YAY! (because there is no WAY I can afford a new pair for quite a long time).  I never realized how loose I had them tied.  Since I have been tying them tighter I have not had a single pain in my arches!  YIPPEE!  This makes me SO happy!  I am really LOVING running!  I can't believe I can finally call myself a runner.  Although, I think I'll keep that declaration to myself until I drop a few more lbs and get a race or two under my belt!

     I'm ready to turn in!  I'm beat!  Have a wonderful night!  I'm going to wake Peter up so I can get another kiss to build a dream on!  :-P

Thanks for reading! -Monica

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rest day!!

     Today is a much needed rest day.  It has been sort of crazy actually!

     This morning I had my Weight Watcher's meeting - according to them I only lost 2 lbs and I'm down to 269.  I don't get how their scale can be SO different from mine.  It's kind of frustrating.  I'm not entirely sure whose number I should consider as my weight.  I guess I really shouldn't care, since the number isn't what really matters - but for some reason it bothers me.  Whatever, as long as the number keeps going in a downward trend - I'm happy.  The meeting talked about changing your self talk from negative to positive.  Honestly, after my weigh in I really needed that.  Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the entire meeting.  My son decided he was going to throw a complete shit fit.  He has a Leapster Explorer that he LOVES - but he has dropped it a few too many times, so it doesn't work correctly.  Well, the game froze at the meeting and he started screaming.  SERIOUSLY?  You're almost FIVE!  When does this stop?  I was uber pissed.

     After the Weight Watcher's meeting, I had an emergency dentist appointment.  I had NO idea how I was going to pull that off.  My son was still in a psycho mood and my daughter was starting to follow suit.  Thankfully Pete took a little time off so I could get in to be seen.  Last night I noticed my gums were hurting a little.  I took some advil and figured they would feel much better in the morning.  They didn't.  Thankfully the dentist got me in right away.  It turns out I have Ulcerative Gingivitis.  NOT FUN.  It HURTS!!!  Basically, the gums between two teeth is very swollen and infected.  I have to swish with this really nasty mouth wash 3 times a day for a week, and then I have to go in and have my gums scraped.  That does NOT sound pleasant.  How do I end up with these bizarre problems?  It's a talent.

     Got home and did the usual house stuff.  I also took apart the carseats and the highchair and washed all the pads.  EEWWW they can get so nasty after a while!  I washed my daughter's diapers, I still have to fold them and put them away.  We just had homemade pizza for dinner.  Not the healthiest - but I counted my points and kept them in check, so all is good.  Sometimes you just need a break from cooking.  I think my day warranted it!  Since I don't have to workout today, I think I'm going to turn in early.  Of course - that plan depends largely on what my kids do!!  Tomorrow my son has school and we find out what his prize is for getting so many sponsors in his Read A Thon.  I think I may just be more excited than he is!

     Tomorrow is my running day.  I'm really looking forward to it!  I wish I had money - I found the PERFECT running outfit.  Oh well, someday I guess.  I'm really looking forward to my race - but I am TRULY looking forward to being able to run straight without walking.  I know walking doesn't make me any less of a runner - but I guess I have not beaten that idea into my skull  yet.  I want to RUN!!!!!!  I just saw a woman run by my house and I had the urge to throw on my sneakers and join her.  Too bad she is WAY too fast for me!  HAHA  Some day!  I just can't wait to race!  Ok - I am babbling.  Just blame it on the pain.  lol  At least my face pain has let up.  It would be really bad to have both at the same time!

Thanks for reading!!!  Have a wonderful night! -Monica

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt...

     Tonight was a very late workout.  My son just would NOT go to sleep tonight.  He is apparently afraid of everything in his room now.  I'm not really sure what to do for him.  The screaming and sneaking into our bed is getting really old.  I didn't make it to the gym until almost 10!  I still managed to get a really great upper body routine in - my arms are actually shaking right now!  I'm so proud of myself for toughing it out.  Oh how I wanted to sit on my butt and not go to the gym tonight!

     While I was working out tonight I got to thinking.  I have been going pretty steadily for 3 months now - with the exception of 1 week when I was resting an injury.  In the beginning of January there was a group of kids in their late teens - possibly early twenties but I don't think they were that old.  The one girl did nothing but abduction exercises for like an HOUR - all while on her cell phone.  Her girlfriend was on the leg press for about the same length of time and she was texting.  There was a guy there too but he was actually working out. Anyway, these girls would both turn their heads and then look at me - then they would gossip together and giggle.  They kept doing it over and over again - it was very obvious they were laughing at me.  Then one of the girls said something totally nasty to me.  Honestly I don't remember what she said, but it was VERY hurtful.  I brushed her off, but as soon as I got in the car I cried my eyes out.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well, I noticed today that I have not seen those kids since January.  Who is laughing now?  (thumbs thrusting toward chest) THIS GUY!  I swear, the weirdest things come to my mind when I'm lifting weights.  lol

     I had two very suave and impressive moves at the gym tonight.  I was doing leg lifts with the big balance ball and when I lifted my legs in the air - the ball fell out and nailed me in the head.  It made a loud smacking sound and everyone looked at me.  LOL My face turned so red and it wasn't from the impact!   Then about 20 minutes later I was doing triceps push downs.  It was my last set so my arms were shaking and tired.  I was trying to keep my core tight so all the work was going to my arms.  Well, I was keeping my core a little TOO tight because I accidentally tooted.  OMG I was SO embarrassed!  Thankfully nobody turned around that time.  It wasn't very loud or anything, thankfully everyone had headphones on!  Jeez, what a night!

     Tomorrow is my Weight Watcher's weigh in!  I don't know why I always get nervous.  I know the scale doesn't measure all the progress I'm making, but somehow it makes you feel good to see a downward trend!  I have not yet had a zero loss week or a gain - I know there is one in my future, but I don't want one!!!  I think I did pretty well this week.  I'm suspecting a 3lb loss.  I'm not going to count my chickens before they are hatched though!

     Last night I went on a CRAZY scavenger hunt!  I tore my house apart.  I checked the couch, all the junk drawers, the dryer - behind and UNDER the dryer, the car.  I looked EVERYWHERE I could think of.  Guess what?  I managed to find enough to enter my race!!!!  I am SOOOOOOOO excited!  This has been a really great week!  So many positive things!  Don't get me wrong - lots of bad things happened too, but I have decided that I am going to focus on the positive things as often as I can.  Somehow it makes the crappy things feel a bit further away!  I'm so excited about all the positive changes in my life right now!  I love the feeling of raw determination!  It has so much more staying power than motivation!  It just goes to show you.... seek and ye shall find!!

     Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You must be this tall to ride this ride....

     -Cause today has been a ROLLER COASTER!  I have not felt this dizzy since I rode the super duper looper at Hershey Park when I was in high school! 

     As I declared yesterday, I am going to run in a 5k on April 1st.  Problem is, I'm broke.  Flat broke.  Completely broke.  My bank account has flat lined.  I have to have $17 turned in by Friday (mailed out by Thursday at the latest, but tomorrow would be best).  I decided I would go and give blood plasma, then I would get enough money to cover my race as well as some gas money to boot!  I have never done this before, so I had to go through a VERY long physical.  I finally got the okay to give, so I went and sat in the waiting room for another hour - mind you I had already been there for two hours.  I FINALLY was called back and I asked the guy bringing me "by the way, is it OK to do this if you're nursing?".  I was kind of surprised they didn't ask at the physical, so I figured it was OK.  I just wanted to be sure, because they end up giving you an anticoagulant.  The man looked me in the eye and said NO.  I almost cried in his face.  First of all, I am DEATHLY afraid of needles.  (just goes to show how badly I wanted to run this race).  My anxiety was up the entire time I was at this place.  When they called me back my heart started racing even faster!  Then when he told me no, it stopped. lol OK, so maybe it didn't stop - but I felt like I got slapped in the face.  I moped back to the car and I cried for a little while.  I don't know how or even IF I can pull this off.  Tomorrow when my son is at school I am going to dig in the couch and go through all the junk drawers.  Who knows, maybe I will find $17 in change.  Ugh, OK- so I'm still really down about the race.

     Time for a few of the clickety clacks (you know, going up??)  First, at the physical today my resting heart rate (even though I was in a mild panic just thinking of the prospect of a needle in my arm) was 62!!!!   My blood pressure was 124/72!!  ROCK ON!!  Some more of those invisible accomplishments!  CLICKETY CLACK!  Second, I was getting ready to go run and I thought - hmmm, I wonder if I can fit into one of my sports bras.  I have not been able to wear one in YEARS!  I have a couple of fairly expensive ones, but they have just been too small.  I tried it on and it FIT PERFECTLY!!  YAY!  Here is to more running and less bouncing! CLICKETY CLACK!  Third, today was my first C25K day in week 2.  A lot more running!  I had been pretty worried about it - even before I finished week one actually! HAHA  Well, I just finished it and it was nowhere NEAR as hard as I thought it would be!  CLICKETY CLACK!  Lastly, when I got home from the gym (about 40 minutes ago), I hopped on the scale (naked of course LOL) and I saw a 265!!!  HOLY FRIGGIN MACKEREL!  Now, bear with me, I'm SURE the scale at Weight Watchers will show 269 because their scale is always 2 - 4 lbs heavier than mine.  Of course, I'm never naked at Weight Watchers. WOW, I think they might kick me out if I started stripping down for my weigh in! HAHA  CLICKETY CLACK!

     So as I head to bed, I am at the top of the roller coaster!  I'm going to try like MAD to come up with the money for the race.  I'm sure I will go crashing down into another low sometime tomorrow.  As emotionally draining as this all can be, I suddenly had a funny thought.  Didn't I used to love roller coasters?  Yeah I did!  Time to put on my big girl panties - you must be this tall to ride this ride!!

Thanks for reading!! -Monica

Monday, March 12, 2012

Eyes on the prize!

Today I was shaking my hands over the sink after I washed them and my wedding rings flew off!  This is the second time this has happened!  My rings have always been tight enough that I have a permanent indentation on my finger!  The first time it happened I figured it was a fluke but here it happened a second time!  Maybe I should have been getting my finger measurements too!  HAHAHA

     I had my lower body workout at the gym today.  It was a disaster.  I did my 5 sets of 10 reps on the leg extension machine - I even lowered the weight to almost nothing - but it still hurt my knee.  Running does not hurt my knee and I am NOT going to risk not running because of leg extensions!  I should have quit as soon as I realized it was going to hurt.  I am kicking myself right now.  I did my leg curls and presses (which did not hurt thankfully).  The thing that really hurt my feelings pissed me off was that the abductor/adductor machine was OBVIOUSLY made for someone with slender thighs.  Seriously - I don't see how a man could even use that machine.  The handles were set SO CLOSE to the legs that they dug into the underside of my legs.  I am probably going to have bruises tomorrow!  I couldn't even do my entire routine - it was that bad.  I think I am going to switch things up and instead of a lower body workout, I'm just going to cross train on the elliptical.  Once I lose more weight, I'll go back to the weights.  I'll keep my upper body routine as it is though.  I do like weight training - but today was really disappointing.

     On a happier note - I have decided that I am going to run my first 5k on April 1st.  I am so excited!  I'm going to get my registration in the mail tomorrow!  I can't wait!  I know it's only a few weeks away and I'm only in the second week of my couch to 5k program, but I know I can do it.  I actually had been running 3.1 miles 3 days a week for the past month, but I realized I was going about training the wrong way.  Since I wanted to improve my times, I started the C25K program.  It might take me 50 minutes to finish but I WILL finish!  Who knows, maybe the excitement of race day will spur me on to a PR!!

     I came up with a list of 38 things I am going to accomplish by the time I turn 38 next year.  WOW, accomplishing those things will make SUCH a huge difference in my life!  I'm VERY excited for the future!  I'm really looking forward to checking those goals off as I reach them!  I know it won't always be easy.  I know I will come up against obstacles - I'm not foolish, I'm realistic!  I think as long as I do one thing, I will get through.  What's that one thing?  Easy!!  KEEP MY EYES ON THE PRIZE!!

     Thanks for reading!! -Monica

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pain pain, go away. Come again some other day....

     Today has been a pretty bad pain day for me.  If you missed my first post, I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia and today was rough.  I was fine for most of the day - but right around 4pm I started getting attacks.  I had about 15 attacks, which feel like very sharp and painful electrical stabs in my face.  I usually only have 5 to 10 in a day, let alone in a few hours.  Then my lips started getting a pins and needles sensation.  I have only had this happen once before, and the sensation lasted for weeks.  It sounds like nothing but it is SO uncomfortable.  It makes you borderline crazy.  I really hate this disorder.  I'm lucky that mine isn't as severe as many people, but it's still hard to deal with.  There really isn't anything my doctor can do for me at this point.  I just have to suck it up. 

      I think it was just an all around hard day for me.  I had been feeling pretty good about myself for the past few days.  I suppose I was due for a knock down.  I happened to catch my reflection in the window at church this morning and all I could see was my fat belly.  I HATE my fat belly.  I've lost almost 4 inches in each thigh - but only 2 inches in my belly.  I know you can't spot train and lose weight in one place, I just wish it came off of that area faster.  Anyway, despite my pain, I got my butt to the gym. I got my 3rd C25K workout in.  It wasn't bad - except I had two face pain attacks while on the treadmill.  The guy next to me must have thought I have tourettes or something. LOL  When I get a sharp attack I tend to slap my face where the pain hits and I gasp loudly.  It's involuntary - but it's kind of like a knee jerk reaction - you know, like when you hit your funny bone you tend to put your hand over the injured area.  I hate getting attacks in public.  I always get the craziest glares.  Ok - I'm getting off the subject here.  I just can't believe how bad they are today - I have actually had three while writing this entry.

     I'm still having a little soreness in my achilles tendons - I think stretching will help.  I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow, hopefully he can help release some of the tension.  I'll sleep with my boots on tonight to give them a good stretch. 

     Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day emotionally.  Getting fit can sure feel like a roller coaster ride!  Pain, pain go away.  Don't bother coming again another day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm not as sweet as I used to be.....

Ok, so I am - but my blood sugars have been AMAZING!  I am SO proud of myself!  I have not had a high blood sugar in over a month now!  I've been averaging 94 every morning - this morning I was a little higher at 102 but I'm SURE that has everything to do with the fact that my son woke up screaming.  The entire house was up all night long.  We couldn't get our daughter back down until almost 5 am.  Things like that really wreck havoc on your blood sugar!

     While I was doing my upper body workout today I got to thinking.  What is so different this time?  Why am I actually enjoying this instead of obsessing over the scale. (ok, so I lie - I still obsess over the scale a LITTLE.)  I came to a conclusion.  I think the key to why this feels so different is that I'm not in this to lose weight and then go back to life.  I'm in this to change myself for the better.  I want to transform myself - physically of course, but mentally too.  Somehow I think weightloss and getting fit STARTS in your head and works it's way to your body.  Another thing that is different is that I'm looking at the smaller "wins" instead of looking for the big ones.  My blood sugar is a good example of that!  I've also noticed my resting heart rate has gone from 96 to 64!  I guess before I never thought to look at things like that!  I'm getting healthier!  How motivating is that!!

     I am praying for a good night's sleep tonight.  My son has already had two nightmares since we put him to bed 3 hours ago.  This is not a good sign.  My daughter had a dose of tylenol for her teething - so hopefully that helps her sleep through the night.  My husband and I look like walking zombies!  I'm very proud of myself for still going to the gym.  The OLD Monica would have used it as an excuse!   Wow, look at all the instances of the word MY in this paragraph.  I swear - I'm not trying to sound self absorbed!  Te he he  Ok, I'm a goof and as you've just finished reading, I'm exhausted!  Cut me some slack!

     Tomorrow is the last day of week 1 in my C25K program.  I'm a little nervous about next week - it bumps up the running segments.  I know I can do it - I WILL do it!  I am SO excited for my first 5k!  I am SO EXCITED for my NEW LIFE! 

     Goodnight friends!  Thank you for reading!  -Monica

Friday, March 9, 2012

Run # 2 of the C 2 5K program..

PHEW that was a great workout!  I'm in the first week, so the program says to warm up by walking briskly for 5 minutes, then jog for 1 minute, then walk briskly for 1.5 minutes.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you reach 20 minutes.  I did pretty well!  My brisk walk was at a 3.5 pace and my jog was at 4.5.  Ok, so 4.5 is more of a run for me but it isn't too hard and it's only for 1 minute.  I would REALLY like to run my first 5k in 45 minutes or less.  If I can keep up this pace with my training then I should be able to finish my race at a strong 41 minutes!   I am SO excited for my first race!

     My achilles tendons are a little sore - but I don't think I've pushed them to the point of injury.  I'm going to wear my plantar fasciitis boots tonight so they can have a good stretch overnight.  Tomorrow is a weight training day so I can give my feet a rest!

     It's funny, I have the HARDEST time getting my butt out the door to go to the gym.  Once I get there and start - I am SO happy I went.  I always regret skipping a workout but I have yet to regret doing one!  I really love my gym too.  You can get in and get out without all that social bologna.  Maybe I'm weird, but I don't like to socialize at the gym.  I think it's because I put my blinders on so I can do my workouts to the best of my ability with the best form possible.

     I'm going to have to try to save up some money to buy some new running gear.  My running pants are starting to fall down now and I'm afraid I may give someone a free peep show if I'm not careful!  I can't BELIEVE these pants are getting too big, they have always been my "go to" running pants!  I am definitely going to need something for race day!  I suspect my sneakers may be coming to the end of their life too.  I can't afford a new pair for a while though, so I hope they can hold out!  That is one thing about running - I feel addicted already!  I won't lie - I had been running for about a month before the C25K program but I injured myself by doing too much too soon.  That is why I decided to slow down and do this right.  I want to run for the rest of my life!  I feel so happy tonight!!  I think I'm going to have a skinny cow and then turn in with a good book!!
     Thanks for reading!!  -Monica

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step... here I go!

     I suppose a getting to know you blurb is in order!  My name is Monica and I am 36 years old.  I live in Oregon with my husband Pete and two wonderful children.  I'm a cat lover, a music lover, a craft lover - and I'm fat.  What a combo. 

      I have tried a bazillion times in the past to lose weight but I have never gotten very far.  Something is different this time, I'm not 100% sure I know what it is, but I can feel it.  I feel determined and I KNOW nothing will stop me.

     I started the year weighing in at 292 lbs.  I have not admitted that to anyone except my husband.  It pains me to blurt it out like that - but it's the cold honest truth.  I started Weight Watchers in the middle of January and as of today I have lost 16 lbs.  I am actually down to 268 right now, so that brings me to a total of 24lbs lost!  YIPPEE!  I have already ditched a pant size!  I am currently wearing a pair of shorts that I have not been able to wear since I got married in 2005!
     Weight loss is not my only goal - I want to get fit.  I don't mean skinny.  I don't have an actual pant size in mind -more of an overall feeling of health and fitness.  If that feeling comes in a size 4 or a size 14, I will be happy!  My main motivations are:

1. My children. I want to live a long and happy life with them. I do NOT want to rob them of their mother..
2. My health. I am SO TIRED of feeling afraid that every ache and pain is a heartattack or something else just as serious.
3. My life. I am also tired of being tired. I want to ENJOY life and not just endure it. I want to run in races. I want to go hiking with my kids. I want to have FUN!
4. My bloodwork. I had a complete physical before starting this program, stress test included. My blood sugar is high and I am considered pre-diabetic. My cholesterol was a bit elevated as were my liver enzymes. No way, not anymore - I am going to get a CLEAN bill of health at my next check up. That is a FACT!
5. My happiness. I feel ugly. I am embarassed of the way I look. I don't even want that to be a consideration anymore. I want to get up in the morning, get dressed , and not have to worry if my butt looks big in this.
6. My disorder. I have a pain disorder called Trigeminal Neuralgia. It sucks. It hurts. I know it is eventually going to get worse - so I want to live my life to the fullest while I can. Who knows, maybe getting fit will help. It's worth a try!

      I know just eating right is only a piece of the fitness puzzle, so I joined a gym.  I have also begun a couch to 5k program.  I'm on day 2 right now so I'll let you know how it goes!  I am also weight training three times a week because muscle burns fat and that is the idea afterall!

     So that is my story.  I am going to blog about my journey along the way because who knows, maybe someone else out there is needing to do the same thing.  If I could give someone a little extra push in the right direction then it's all worth it!  I hope you'll join me in my journey of a thousand miles!!