Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm not as sweet as I used to be.....

Ok, so I am - but my blood sugars have been AMAZING!  I am SO proud of myself!  I have not had a high blood sugar in over a month now!  I've been averaging 94 every morning - this morning I was a little higher at 102 but I'm SURE that has everything to do with the fact that my son woke up screaming.  The entire house was up all night long.  We couldn't get our daughter back down until almost 5 am.  Things like that really wreck havoc on your blood sugar!

     While I was doing my upper body workout today I got to thinking.  What is so different this time?  Why am I actually enjoying this instead of obsessing over the scale. (ok, so I lie - I still obsess over the scale a LITTLE.)  I came to a conclusion.  I think the key to why this feels so different is that I'm not in this to lose weight and then go back to life.  I'm in this to change myself for the better.  I want to transform myself - physically of course, but mentally too.  Somehow I think weightloss and getting fit STARTS in your head and works it's way to your body.  Another thing that is different is that I'm looking at the smaller "wins" instead of looking for the big ones.  My blood sugar is a good example of that!  I've also noticed my resting heart rate has gone from 96 to 64!  I guess before I never thought to look at things like that!  I'm getting healthier!  How motivating is that!!

     I am praying for a good night's sleep tonight.  My son has already had two nightmares since we put him to bed 3 hours ago.  This is not a good sign.  My daughter had a dose of tylenol for her teething - so hopefully that helps her sleep through the night.  My husband and I look like walking zombies!  I'm very proud of myself for still going to the gym.  The OLD Monica would have used it as an excuse!   Wow, look at all the instances of the word MY in this paragraph.  I swear - I'm not trying to sound self absorbed!  Te he he  Ok, I'm a goof and as you've just finished reading, I'm exhausted!  Cut me some slack!

     Tomorrow is the last day of week 1 in my C25K program.  I'm a little nervous about next week - it bumps up the running segments.  I know I can do it - I WILL do it!  I am SO excited for my first 5k!  I am SO EXCITED for my NEW LIFE! 

     Goodnight friends!  Thank you for reading!  -Monica

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