Monday, March 26, 2012


I had a VERY nice surprise on my scale this morning!  I knocked off 3 points of my Weight Watcher's daily goal since my daughter really does not breastfeed much anymore - only once a day, if that lately.  (yes, I've cried over the lack of nursing many times in the last week).  I had my leader's approval for the point lowering.  Anyway - I FINALLY am seeing the results!  So here is my before picture.  This is at 287 (because I just never thought to take a pic at 292)

Here is the pic I took today - at 262.8!!  YES FOLKS you read that correctly!!  I've dropped almost 30lbs since the new year started!  HOLY SMOKES I'm excited! 

Ok, I give up trying to get that picture right side up.  I have no idea why it's importing it sideways.  I'm too tired to keep trying to get it right.  Anyway - I don't know if you can see a difference, but I sure can!  Oh and the only reason I have my hands behind my back is because my shirt is so big - it just kind of hangs and makes me look bigger!  How cool is that?!  I can't wait to see how different I look by the summer!

     Well, it's getting late and I'm down right exhausted!  I had a great run at the gym tonight!  It seems to be getting easier to run at 4.5!  I didn't say EASY - but it is a little easier.  I'm not begging for death anymore. LOL 

Thanks for reading!!!!  Have a great night! -Monica


  1. WOW, look at you! There is a difference in your photos! CONGRATS! Keep on doing what you're doing! Imagine, another 3 months from now... WooHoo! You'll be faster, stronger, slimmer and Healthier!

  2. Thanks!! I really am SO excited!!