Saturday, March 24, 2012


Not me... my son!  It was SUCH a beautiful day out today, so we decided to go for a walk.  Well, that apparently translates into bike ride.  So I pushed my daughter in the little push car and my son rode his bike.  He is still getting used to a two wheeler with training wheels so he needs a lot of help.  I basically pushed him up the slightly rolling hill of our street and then we turned around and went back home.  He was doing GREAT!  I kept reminding him to hit the brakes if he felt like he was going too fast.  He was doing very well with that.  Then we got a few feet from our driveway and I told him to hit the brakes so we could turn in.  Well, he panicked and forgot what to do.  CRASH - right into our fence.  It wasn't very hard, but I almost peed my pants laughing.  I guess you had to see it to understand why it looked so funny.  I swear it looked as if he steered into it on purpose!  He was perfectly fine - and wanted to go on another ride right away.  My husband came running out of the house when he saw the crash.  You see, my husband has a history.  It's a checkered past including broken bones and split open earlobes and eyebrows.  My husband has a penchant for crashing his bicycle.  Since we've been together there have been two.  The first one was several years ago.  He ran into a parked truck.  I shit you not.  A parked truck.  In his defense, it was parked in the bike lane just over the crest of a hill.  Still, a parked truck? LOL  He had to get stitches in his eyebrow for that.  I still remember the phone call - I thought he said he got hit by a truck, so I left work and SPED to get him.  Sheesh!  Then two years ago he was riding his bike to work when he hit a patch of wet leaves, went over the handlebars, and broke two ribs!  I'm not even including the times when he was a teenager - he ran into a parked car - YES this is a trend for him.  He split his earlobe open on that one.  I know of one other time when he hit a train track and wedged his tire - FLIP, over the handlebars.  He split his helmet in two for that one.  I'm sure there are other times he has been too ashamed to tell me about.  He would be mortified if he knew I was posting this.  I'm sure I'll hear about it later!  Anyway, my point is that my son has the lineage of a professional bike crasher.  So my husband said when he saw the crash - it felt like a flashback!  HAHAHA

Today was a day off for me - but I had a good time walking with the kids.  I think we went up and down the street 5 or 6 times!  I washed the kitchen/dining room floor (which I HATE).  Of course two seconds after I finished, my son came waltzing in with muddy sneakers.  That is why I hate washing the floor.  It never lasts more than 20 minutes!

I'm fairly sore from yesterday's 5k but not in pain - just stiff.  Hey, what do you want?  I'm fat!  Not for long though!  I threw on some shorts today - these are the shorts I wore the summer that I got pregnant with my daughter.  They were HUGE on me!  The barely stayed up!  That is just SO awesome to me! 

Well, the kids are asleep and I think I am going to follow suit.  Last night was a rough one (kids up all night screaming ugh)  I'm going to grab my book and use that percussion massager on my heels.  I've noticed when I use that thing, my Achilles tendons feel MUCH better the next morning.  I'm just going to keep doing that and wearing those boots at night.  Once I lose more weight - maybe it won't be such an issue anymore!  OOH am I feeling excited for life right now!  For some reason I am REALLY excited to get into the 250's!  I'm not far away now!

Thanks for reading!!!  -Monica

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