Friday, March 16, 2012

A Kiss to Build a Dream On.....

     I heard that song today.  A Kiss to Build a Dream On, by Louis Armstrong.  That song ALWAYS reminds me of my husband!  We played that at our wedding while we were cutting our cake.  To me, that is the most ROMANTIC song EVER written!  There is just something about the silky trumpet and his smokey voice - it just sounds like love harmonized!  I made poor Peter dance with me in the living room!  It's funny - it's been almost 7 years but we both still remember the steps to the dance we learned for our wedding.  Ok, so I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this.  I'll tell you.    Peter kisses me every day.  Not a knock your socks off kind of kiss.  Not a deep passionate sort of kiss, just an everyday "hello, I love you sweetie" kind of kiss.  When I'm having a craptastic day and I just don't want to do anything - his kiss reminds me that I'm working towards my dreams.  My dreams of health and fitness.  He gives me a kiss to build my dreams on!  Alright - I admit it's a bit mushy, but it's true.  I love him with ALL my heart.  Our children are the most AMAZING gift I have ever been given.  All of our dreams started with that kiss when we said "I do".

     Sorry, I'll lay off the lovey dovey stuff.  I know not everyone can stomach that kind of talk!  Today was day 2 week 2 of C25K.  I realized that I have been doing it a little wrong.  I'm glad I caught it early in the program. I was cutting it 5 minutes short - not purposefully, but still - it has been shorter than it should have been.  Well today I corrected myself.  WHOA - 5 extra minutes made a HUGE difference!  I was sweating like a pig!  Oh, and note to self... do NOT drink 32 oz of ice water directly before a run.  I thought I was going to PUKE!  That, and the medicine I have been using for my gum infection gives me horrible heartburn.  What a combination!  It was a very late workout again - I just can't seem to get my kiddos to go to sleep lately.  The nice part about a late workout is that I had the gym practically to myself!  There were only 2 other people when I got there and they were both doing free weights - so I had the cardio area to myself.  About 3/4 of the way through my routine, this guy came in and got on the treadmill RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  REALLY?  There were like 7 free treadmills and he had to get on the one next to me. I wouldn't have minded except the guy smelled like an ashtray.  Now, mind you, there is the cigarette smell which I never really cared for but THIS was FAR beyond cigarette smell.  It was like cigarettes and dirty all mixed together.  I thought I was going to die.  I couldn't breathe.  The last 1/4 of my workout was TORTURE!  There should be some kind of law against smelling that bad and going to a gym.  Then again, on the other end of that is the person who bathes in perfume/cologne before they get there.  YUCK!  I think my nose is just pretty sensitive - but this guy was making my lungs hurt!

     On an awesome note, I think I found a few more miles in my sneakers!  YAY! (because there is no WAY I can afford a new pair for quite a long time).  I never realized how loose I had them tied.  Since I have been tying them tighter I have not had a single pain in my arches!  YIPPEE!  This makes me SO happy!  I am really LOVING running!  I can't believe I can finally call myself a runner.  Although, I think I'll keep that declaration to myself until I drop a few more lbs and get a race or two under my belt!

     I'm ready to turn in!  I'm beat!  Have a wonderful night!  I'm going to wake Peter up so I can get another kiss to build a dream on!  :-P

Thanks for reading! -Monica

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