Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rest day!!

     Today is a much needed rest day.  It has been sort of crazy actually!

     This morning I had my Weight Watcher's meeting - according to them I only lost 2 lbs and I'm down to 269.  I don't get how their scale can be SO different from mine.  It's kind of frustrating.  I'm not entirely sure whose number I should consider as my weight.  I guess I really shouldn't care, since the number isn't what really matters - but for some reason it bothers me.  Whatever, as long as the number keeps going in a downward trend - I'm happy.  The meeting talked about changing your self talk from negative to positive.  Honestly, after my weigh in I really needed that.  Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the entire meeting.  My son decided he was going to throw a complete shit fit.  He has a Leapster Explorer that he LOVES - but he has dropped it a few too many times, so it doesn't work correctly.  Well, the game froze at the meeting and he started screaming.  SERIOUSLY?  You're almost FIVE!  When does this stop?  I was uber pissed.

     After the Weight Watcher's meeting, I had an emergency dentist appointment.  I had NO idea how I was going to pull that off.  My son was still in a psycho mood and my daughter was starting to follow suit.  Thankfully Pete took a little time off so I could get in to be seen.  Last night I noticed my gums were hurting a little.  I took some advil and figured they would feel much better in the morning.  They didn't.  Thankfully the dentist got me in right away.  It turns out I have Ulcerative Gingivitis.  NOT FUN.  It HURTS!!!  Basically, the gums between two teeth is very swollen and infected.  I have to swish with this really nasty mouth wash 3 times a day for a week, and then I have to go in and have my gums scraped.  That does NOT sound pleasant.  How do I end up with these bizarre problems?  It's a talent.

     Got home and did the usual house stuff.  I also took apart the carseats and the highchair and washed all the pads.  EEWWW they can get so nasty after a while!  I washed my daughter's diapers, I still have to fold them and put them away.  We just had homemade pizza for dinner.  Not the healthiest - but I counted my points and kept them in check, so all is good.  Sometimes you just need a break from cooking.  I think my day warranted it!  Since I don't have to workout today, I think I'm going to turn in early.  Of course - that plan depends largely on what my kids do!!  Tomorrow my son has school and we find out what his prize is for getting so many sponsors in his Read A Thon.  I think I may just be more excited than he is!

     Tomorrow is my running day.  I'm really looking forward to it!  I wish I had money - I found the PERFECT running outfit.  Oh well, someday I guess.  I'm really looking forward to my race - but I am TRULY looking forward to being able to run straight without walking.  I know walking doesn't make me any less of a runner - but I guess I have not beaten that idea into my skull  yet.  I want to RUN!!!!!!  I just saw a woman run by my house and I had the urge to throw on my sneakers and join her.  Too bad she is WAY too fast for me!  HAHA  Some day!  I just can't wait to race!  Ok - I am babbling.  Just blame it on the pain.  lol  At least my face pain has let up.  It would be really bad to have both at the same time!

Thanks for reading!!!  Have a wonderful night! -Monica

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