Friday, March 23, 2012

I finally did it!

I finally calibrated my footpod!!   It only took me 4 years to do it! HAHA  It was a beautiful day today (crazy weather!) so I went to the park and ran 5k!  Pete took the kids and let our son ride his bike around the park.  It was perfect!  I wanted to see how fast I could do the 5k - so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone!  I set up the watch so it would calibrate the footpod for a 5k run and then I went.  I figured at the end of my run the calibration would finish and then tell me how long I ran for.  WRONG!!!  I have no idea how long it took me!  I have to admit though, I feel like I went a little faster than before.  I'm pretty sore from my run, but I feel so good having done it!  I kept passing a group of teenage boys who were all sitting by a bench (or was it a picnic table?).  Anyway, one of the boys yelled out to me (after my 4th time passing them) "hey fatty, you run pretty slow."  OMG I was pissed.  I just looked up and yelled back "yeah, but I've lapped you 4 times".  I NEVER have a good comeback.  I can't believe that came out of my mouth!  The kid's friends were all laughing and making fun of him.  HA - I guess I made him look stupid!

I have a really bad headache tonight, so I'm going to keep it short.  There really isn't much to talk about.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Thanks for reading! -Monica


  1. Awesome! The comeback and DOING IT! I never have a good comeback either. you're going to ROCK your 5k!

  2. LOL I'm still in shock that I came out with that! Usually I think of something an hour later! HAHA I'm so excited for my 5k! Not long now! These allergies are killing me - I think that is why my head hurt so bad last night - and it hurts again tonight. BLAH Hopefully the fact that it's supposed to rain just about every day from now until then, my allergies will be in check for the race!