Sunday, March 25, 2012

SHHHHHHHH.... I skipped my run today...

I feel SO sick to my stomach.  I'm pretty sure if I went running I would throw up all over the treadmill.  I think my gym frowns upon such things.  My hubby felt queasy all day yesterday, but he was fine today.  Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.  My race is on Sunday - I need to feel good for it!!

My poor little boy.  He was SO obnoxious this weekend - I should have put two and two together.  As I was brushing his teeth tonight I was thinking he looked flushed.  I checked his temp and it was a low grade fever.  I gave him some ibuprofen and asked him if he felt ok.  He told me his ear hurt.  I looked in his ear and saw lots of blood!  WOW that freaked me out.  I got a Q tip to clean the outside of his ear - I wanted to see if I could find where the blood was coming from.  Turns out there was a little circular sore spot.  I touched it with the Q-tip and a big chunk of pus came out.  At first I was thinking it was a pimple but that didn't explain the blood BEFORE the pus OR the fever.  When I looked at his other ear for contrast, I realized how swollen his other ear was.  I guess tomorrow will be a trip to the pediatrician.  I feel so guilty - it seemed like we were yelling at him or putting him in time out CONSTANTLY this weekend.  I wish I had realized he wasn't feeling well.  Poor kiddo!  When he was asleep, I put a dab of peroxide on a Q-tip and touched it to the sore.  Hopefully that helps a bit.  I may try to sneak a dab of neosporin in there before I go to bed.

I'm getting SO excited for my race!  Last night I dreamed that I finished it in 40 minutes!  WOW what a dream!  I honestly have NO idea how fast I'm doing 5k now but I'm pretty sure it's not THAT fast!  I'm so excited to be getting into running!  I can't wait to get my first race shirt!  I hope it fits - it might not fit yet - but it will soon!!  This morning when I got on MY scale, it said 263!  OMG I almost fainted!  I'm sure it's 266 or 267 at Weight Watcher's but that's ok.  Just SEEING a 263 feels pretty damned good!  I think I'm going to do a dance when I see 259!  I have not been in the 250's since I got married!

One problem with getting into running - the fun gear!  OH MAN do I wish I had money for some retail therapy!  HAHA!  I saw these headbands called bondibands... I LOVE them!  This one cracked me up!!  I will have to save up for one!  Maybe I'll get the funny one as well as a plain pink or black one.  There was another funny one that said "suck it up buttercup" - but I didn't want to piss someone off! HAHA  I also need to invest in some more thorlos.  I've tried the wicking socks that are not padded, but I just really like the padding of the thorlos.  Maybe when I weigh less, the padding won't be so necessary, but for now - I can tell when I'm wearing thin socks.  I only have one pair of thorlos - but they are the thinner coolmax version.  I need to get another pair of the wool ones.  I swear - if I had a ton of money, I would make my local running store VERY happy!  HAHAHA  I'm a big window shopper - if you couldn't tell.  I can't buy anything because we're broke - but I can DREAM about buying things. :-P

I guess I'm going to head off to bed.  Maybe a cup of hot tea will help settle my stomach.  Hopefully I will be back on my game tomorrow.  Even though I feel like garbage, I feel super guilty for skipping my run tonight.

Thanks for reading!! -Monica


  1. Just getting back from my trip. Sorry you guys are sick at your house. Your poor little guy! Were you able to take him in today? How's he doing?

    You'll be GREAT for your first 5k! Do you plan to run the whole thing? My first (and only) 5k I walked most of it with maybe 3 spurts of jogging. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. How was your trip!!! I hope you had a great time! I feel much better today. It was just a quick little stomach thing I guess! My son is better too - but he needs to take some antibiotics - pray for us. LOL It's like trying to give a cat a shower. NOT a pretty sight! It looks a lot better - just a little bump there now. Hopefully it goes completely away in a day or so.

    I'm SO excited for my 5k! I plan on running the whole thing (jogging). I did a trial jog at the park the other day and I had no problem doing the whole 5k at a jog. I'm really curious to see what time I get! I have another 5k in mind in the middle of May (it's in PDX - the starlight run) and my goal is to do sub 45 for that one! I'm pretty sure I can pull that off. I've been doing a couch to 5k program that ends a week before that race - right now my jogging pace for the program is 13.11 minute mile - so if I finish the program with that as my running pace, then I should be good to go. Granted - this is only a theory. LOL