Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snow day!

I think I need to call it a snow day.  There is no WAY I'm going to the gym tonight!  I have NEVER seen so much snow fall in Oregon!  I've lived here for 11 years and I have never seen snow fall for an entire day before!  It's STILL falling!  It's UNREAL!  So far we have 4 inches and still counting!  I have a feeling we may lose power tonight.  The trees are VERY heavy with snow and we all know that heavy trees break, and when heavy trees break, they often take power lines with them!  Never fear, we have the fireplace roaring so if the power goes out we will still be warm!

I did not workout today - I didn't DARE go out in this.  I lived in New Hampshire for many years, so I'm ok with snowy roads.  The problem is, Oregon does not plow their roads - so they just get worse and worse.  Plus - Oregonians do not know how to drive in the snow.  THAT is what scares me!  As I sit here in the living room I have seen several cars that are unable to make it up our road - and the road is not all that steep so all I can imagine is that it is very slick!  That's ok - I give myself 2 days off per week, today will just be one of my days off!

On a happier note, I had a WONDERFUL surprise today in the mail!  My friend sent me a pair of sneakers and a pair of technical running pants!  I am STILL in shock!  I'm so excited to have them!  I really needed them badly!  Now my underwear can't play peek a boo with my running pants! HAHAHA  I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends!

Well, I had better get to washing diapers, just in case the power goes out.  I wouldn't want to be sitting on a bucket full of poopy diapers for a few days!  YUCK!  Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather so I can get to the gym!  It's weird to not go running on a running day!  What can I say?  I'm hooked!

Thanks for reading! -Monica


  1. YES, this snow is CRAZY! YAY,for great friends!
    You're all set to keep going! WooHoo! You won't have to be pulling your pants up during your 5k!

  2. It's mostly gone down here now - how about where you are? We DID manage to make a pretty righteous snowman! I'll post a pic in tonight's entry!!

    I'm so excited for my race! I'm so glad I won't be flashing anybody who might be behind me! HAHAHA