Saturday, July 7, 2012

4.5 miles baby!!!

Today I ran 4.5 miles!  I STILL can't believe it!  I am so crazy proud of myself!  ESPECIALLY since I got up early and ran before it got hot!  In the past - the heat would have TOTALLY been an excuse for me to not do it!  That, and waking up early.  I am NOT a morning person!  My legs were not thrilled at the early run this morning.  It took a mile and a half for them to feel like they usually do.  I felt like I was lugging lead weights along with me this morning! 

Know what I love about running?  I love how other runners smile at you - it's like you're in a secret club or something! HA!  I always get head nods, or smiles, or people saying "good job" or "way to go"!  I LOVE that!  It makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself.  I think this is pretty funny, since running is a solo sport!  Even though my legs were launching a protest, my head REALLY enjoyed my run today!  I wonder though, will people still be that way to me when I'm fit?  Sometimes I think they are just shocked to see a fat chick out there running!  Oh well, whatever - I like it, hopefully it continues!  Of course, I'm too chicken to say something to someone I don't know.  It's funny how I am introverted and extroverted all at the same time.  I am an enigma!  So here is a pic of me after my first 4.5 mile run!!  Yes, I am aware that I am doing something weird with my eye - I look kind of like Igor. HA!  What do you want?  I was beat?

Next week I'm on to 5 miles!  For some reason, that scares the living crap out of me!  I know I can do it - it's just a matter of keeping my mind in the right direction!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - running is SOOOOOO much a mental sport!  I can't even count how many times I was ready to quit, but then my brain kicked in and I was able to finish!  I can only imagine this "push yourself through" mentality is good for other aspects of life too!  I LOVE running!!  I have a 10k coming up on the 28th of this month, my FIRST 10k!  I'm CRAZY excited!  Cross your fingers that I find a way to pay for it.  The race itself is only $15, but if I want a shirt, that's another 8.  I guess I really want the shirt, just because it's my FIRST 10k!  If I have to do it without getting the T though - I will!!  I'm NERVOUS and EXCITED!!

Oh - so after I took the above picture, I was scrolling through my camera and found some pics of me at a similar angle - from December.  HOLY CRAP - what a difference!!  You see it too right?  It's not just my wishful thinking???

Ok, by the looks of my daughter - this may have been more like the fall, but still!  I'm finally down to one chin!!  I know the angle is a bit different here, but I honestly didn't allow myself to be photographed much.  As you can tell - I was asleep in this shot, otherwise I would have certainly nixed it!  I'm sure at some angles I still have a little of a double chin, but NOTHING like the jowls I had before!!!

Well, I'm off - my daughter needs her nap and to be honest with you, I could use one too!  Thank you SO much for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day!!! -Monica


  1. You are doing so awesome Monica!! Keep it up! Your looking great!

  2. You are looking fantastic!! Way to go on the 4.5 miles that is awesome.

  3. How awesome!! You are doing so great, and heck yeah there is a big difference. You look fantastic :)

    1. Thanks Lindsey!!! It really means a lot!!!!