Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crisis averted...

Well, taken care of anyway.  The dentist was really shocked by how deep the popcorn kernel had embedded itself under my gums.  He had to dig really deep.  I am in wicked pain right now but hopefully tomorrow will bring me back on track.  I'm thinking I am just going to have two runs this week instead of 3.  I swear - it feels like all I ever say is that I've got to get back on track.  It seems like as soon as I start getting back on track, something else comes along and derails me.  No mind, I am NEVER giving up!!!

I'm excited because today I got some new cloth wipes and one new cloth diaper!  I have been needing some more wipes for quite awhile.  I was going to make some, but my sewing machine crapped out on me.  I found a new cloth diaper store in my town so I was very excited to check it out!  It's funny how so many of us cloth diapering Mamas are into breast feeding and co sleeping. :-)  It's like a club!  HA!  Anyway - the woman was really nice and she gave me a couple of samples of wipe solution and lotion.  I also tried a new diaper rash product called CJ's BUTTer - it's AMAZING and it smells like HEAVEN!  I got the warm vanilla cake scent but the next time I think I need to get the Love Spell scent!  It smells AMAZING!  My DAUGHTER smells amazing!! 

I was walking around target today and I was lusting over the kindle fire.  Oh MAN do I want one!!!  I swear - I covet many things in the store. HAHAHA  Some day when I have money, I'll have to get some of these things!  I'm looking forward to Saturday, the local baby clothes consignment store is having a HUGE sale and I'm going to fight elbow to elbow to get my daughter some much needed summer clothes!  You can't beat $1 items!!

Time for me to settle down for the night.  These pain pills are impressive!  They make me really lethargic though.  Hopefully I won't need them after tonight. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a WONDERFUL night!!! -Monica