Thursday, June 28, 2012

The running Gods are pleased with my progress!!

They MUST be - because today I won a brand new pair of Brooks running shoes!  I can't BELIEVE it!  I was just starting to think that my new running shoes are too small for running.  My feet obviously swell like sponges - only not all soft and cushiony!  My new(ish) shoes are just fine for walking around, but when I'm running it always seems around mile 2ish - my toes start to hurt.  During my race on June 2nd, I was pretty sure I was going to take my shoes off and find nubs!  I ALSO think this odd numbish feeling in my big toe is due to that as well.  Don't worry, I had a MAJOR freakout about that.  Remember my pain disorder?  Trigeminal Neuralgia - well it's very rare to have the pain on both sides of your face - which I do.  Usually it's related to multiple sclerosis.  Well, numb extremities are a symptom of MS.  Yeah - I totally freaked out for a day.  I know I SHOULD go to the doctor and get it checked out, but I am going to wait and see if a better fitting shoe might not clear up my numbness.  I'm going to rest assured that my last C T scan did not show any signs at ALL of MS.  Ok - that was a long way around saying - I'm going to get my new (prize) shoes in a bigger size and a wider width.  PHEW - that was a mouthful.  Are you still there??

How did I win my shoes you might ask?  Well, the running store here in town is really REALLY awesome. Gallagher Fitness (which I am in NO way affiliated with - I just REALLY love them!) is VERY proactive in our community.  They frequently hold events and running clinics.  Today they had Brooks shoes bring in their Brooks Run Happy® Cavalcade of Curiosities Tour.  It was VERY cool.  They had these little postcards that they handed out - then you brought it to a guy who scanned it and told you what you had won.  The guy in front of me won a pair of running shoes and I exclaimed "HOLY COW!  I didn't know you could win SHOES!  Too bad I never win anything THAT awesome!".  Then it was my turn, and guess what?  I WON SOMETHING THAT AWESOME!!  I immediately texted the hubs and told him.  He came downtown on his lunch to try his luck and guess what he won??  A bandanna.  It was a little anti-climactic for him! HA!  Poor Pete, he never wins anything good either!  Well, I couldn't go to the top of their tour bus for my gait analysis because I had both kids in the double stroller and I just didn't have the emotional or mental capacity to actually bring them both up the stairs, watch them both, AND run on a treadmill for a minute.  I talked to one of the Brooks people and told her about my problem.  She looked at my shoes and confirmed that indeed, my shoes were too small.  She suggested one half size up and the next width as well.  YIPPEE!  Sadly, when I went to the Brooks site, the shoes I need in my size are sold out.  MAJOR bummer.  I'm going to call them tomorrow (they were closed by the time I got home) and see if I can still order those shoes. 

Since I can't find a way to fit this in logically, in chronological order, I'll just stick it here.  This morning when I got on the scale (naked of course) It read 243!!  HOLY CRAP and a HALF!  That means that since January 1st (remember, I didn't start weight watchers until almost February) I have lost 49 lbs!!!  DAMN!!!  That is almost half a buck!!  I'm SO excited about that!!  I just had to share - see what I mean - there was nowhere I could put that information that would actually make sense.  Who needs to make sense - it's MY blog! HAHA!!

Wow, this has been one exciting day!  I realized I've almost hit the 50lbs lost mark.  I took the kids to the park and the carousel.  We walked to the farmer's market.  We walked to the brooks event.  I picked the hubs up from work and I went to the dentist (during the drilling of my tooth I had several face pain attacks - it was an interesting situation to say the least).  We went to the vet.  Then Pete got a call from the arborist he knows to pick up a couple of trailers worth of firewood. PHEW!  I am quite tired as of this writing and I intend to get my butt into bed as soon a I hit publish!

As always - thank you SO much for reading!  I really appreciate your comments - it lets me know that people are indeed, still reading!!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica


  1. Wow lucky you that is awesome! Hopefully the new shoes will help *fingers crossed :)

    1. Thanks Alma!! I hope so too!! I just found out this morning that my model had been discontinued and the new version is set to come out on the 1st. I hope they aren't TOO different!!! I wish they would stop changing them all the time!!!

  2. Before I started working out I was informed of the shoe thing and I am so grateful. Good shoes makes a world of difference.

    I love reading your blog, it is funny and honest as can be, I find it refreshing!

    Congrats on 49 down! You look great and you are very inspiring!!

    1. Thank you Alizey!! I did get my current pair from the running store - I think my feet swell more than most people. I got a half size up but I guess I need to do a full size up!! I think they will be GREAT in the bigger size! I can't wait!!!

      Thank you SO MUCH for saying that! I'm just myself - I tend to be sort of a goof most of the time anyway - I guess it shows in my blog! :-P I'm glad!

      Thank you for saying I'm inspiring! That really means a LOT to me - and kind of shocks me! I guess I figured inspiring people are already at their goal! Thank you for making my day!!!! -Monica