Friday, June 29, 2012


I ran 4 miles today!!  I am SO excited about it!  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be!  Don't get me wrong, it was hard - but I honestly didn't think I would be able to do it!  Here is a pic of me post 4 miles!!

As you can see, 4 miles does not agree with my hair. HA!  It was a bit warmer than I've ever run in before - I was kind of worried about it, but once I crossed the footbridge, the breeze was HEAVENLY!!  I took a few pics with my cell - they are crappy cell pics, but you can see how beautiful my run was!!

I promise, the bridge is not all bendy like that - it was just because I was trying to take the pic while running!  I REALLY enjoyed this run - even though it was uber hard!  I had never run on the bridge before!  I can't wait until they build the second bridge - wow - what a cool run THAT will be!

     Today while I was running, I worked very hard on my form.  My friends Lindsey and Corky pointed out that I was too tense and tilting my head to the side.  I was VERY diligent about not doing those things today.  Every time I started to tense, I shook my arms out and relaxed.  WOW what a difference!  It was SO much easier to breathe that way!(except for when I ran through the cigarette smoke of people walking around the park - what's up with THAT shit?)  My intercostals (muscles between the ribs) are KILLING me now - probably because I was breathing right for the first time ever!  I am SO proud of myself for running 4 miles!!  10k is getting more and more attainable every time I lace up my shoes! 

I was really down in the dumps for the last two days - so this morning I looked up some motivational running quotes and I found a few good ones I thought I'd share!!

I kept that last one in mind today while I was running.  I was SO tired and SO sore - I wanted to quit at around mile 3.25 but I thought to myself  "I can't quit!  I'm not done yet!" 

Ok - so now that I've blown you away with picture upon picture, I am going to bid you all good night.  I'm sore, tired, and in desperate need of a shower!  HA! 

Have a great night!  Thank you for reading! -Monica