Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm still here - no quitting on MY watch!!!

I just have a hard time sitting down to the desktop to write.  I used to write on the laptop and I could still be out in the livingroom with the kids but now I'm stuck in the back bedroom.  It's hard to get away from the kids long enough to blog!  Have no fear - I have NOT given up!  NEVER give up!!

I've been on the plateau from HELL!!  3 weeks at the same weight!  AAHHHH frustrating.  I suspect it is beginning to break!  WHOO HOO!!  Let's hope I'm right.  It's SO hard to keep going when you can't see your results.  I just have to remind myself of the results that I CAN'T see!  Maybe I will call my doctor and schedule my yearly checkup.  Then I can see the changes in my cholesterol and BP and blood sugar.  I KNOW I have had positive changes there but to actually SEE it in print - I think that is a whole different story!

This weekend is Colin's 1k race!  He is SO excited!  This week is also the second installment of On Your Feet Friday!  I can't wait for BOTH of those things!  I hope the weather holds up - it has been absolutely HORRIBLE!  Isn't this summer??  At the very least spring?  It was so cold last night I had to turn on the heat!  I think it was one of those deals where I just got a chill and couldn't shake it.

My Mom gave me a gift certificate to JcPenney's for my birthday!  She gave me strict instructions NOT to spend it on the kids!  She was totally right - I NEEDED new clothes!  I got 3 shirts - tshirts really, but two had a pretty design on them.  I also got a new pair of pajamas  OMG these pajamas are to DIE for!  They are VERY soft and snuggly!  I now have a new favorite pair!  I got to buy everything a size down from where I used to be!  that was AWESOME!  I don't look like I'm swimming in my shirts anymore and that makes me look thinner than I did.  I actually have an hourglass shape!  How AWESOME is THAT?!

Pete gave me a nice travel coffee mug and a runner's world magazine!  How sweet is that?  I STILL have yet to finish the entire magazine. I can't imagine why I can't get to it.  lol  I ALSO started reading Fifty Shades of Gray.  It's not bad so far.  It bugs me that the author is obviously European but she didn't bother to get her USA facts right.  It took me forever to figure out what the hell she was talking about when she was waiting for the "green man".  In Portland, Or (which is part of where the story is set) the cross walk signal is a WHITE man.  Little things like that.  She talks about ringing someone on the phone and a pram.  I don't know why that bothered me, but it did.  Oh and her geography is screwy too.  She said she started in Vancouver, WA and was heading to Seattle, but she went through Portland.  Um?  So she went south before going north?  Ok - I'll stop.  From what I hear - this book is more smutty than anything else. LOL  I guess if porn doesn't have a plot, then smut need not be terribly accurate. HA!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day! -Monica

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