Thursday, May 31, 2012


That's all I can say.  REALLY?  My face pains have been HORRIBLE for the past two days and I'm really on the verge of losing it.  It seems like everything I do triggers another attack.  Top it all off, it's humid.  Really humid.  I HATE humid.  My hair looks like a ball 'o frizz and I'm sweating just sitting still.  Thank GOD I did my run yesterday or I would have keeled over today!

Weight watchers sucked hard.  I am .4 of a pound away from an official 40lb loss.  I'm REALLY frustrated.  I have to try to refocus on the other aspects of getting fit, it helps not to pay as much attention to the actual pounds.  I think my birthday coming up has a lot to do with my frustration.  I had really wanted to hit 40lbs down by my birthday but since I don't weigh in until after my birthday I can kiss that dream goodbye.  In all honesty - I REALLY wanted to lose 50lbs by my birthday but that is definitely not happening. 

On top of the humidity and the craptastic weight watcher's meeting  - I got ZERO sleep last night.  My son snuck into my bed last night so I carried him back to his bed.  He woke up SCREAMING.  I got him back to sleep and then my daughter woke up screaming.  She got up at 3 am and decided her day was going to start right then.  So I'm hot, grouchy, tired and quite frankly I'm hungry.  I have 3 points left for the day and I'm seriously contemplating using those points on a shot of rum.

Question to everyone out there.  Do you use a chest strap for your heart rate monitor?  Have you ever had this happen??

OH MY GOD does it hurt!!  I don't understand why it only does this on the one side.  The cuts are actually quite deep.  I need to wear this thing in my race on Saturday - how the heck am I going to do that??  Man I'm in a bad mood today - not pissy bad mood, but hard on myself bad mood.  Know what I mean?

At least I have my race to look forward to!  Not long now!  Oh and I think I am going to sign my son up for a 1k race the following weekend.  I think he would have a blast doing that!!!

Thanks for reading.  I should be in a better mood tomorrow!  -Monica

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