Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm LOVING this weather!!

Today was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  My outdoor thermometer said 77!  It was SO nice out - warm and sunny with a little breeze!  I was all set to go running this morning.  I dropped my son off at school and I headed to the park with the baby and the jogging stroller.  I got there and realized that my blood sugar was too low to start running.  I ate a granola bar and 10 minutes later it STILL wasn't high enough!  The only thing I had left to eat was a completely FLATTENED fruit/cereal bar.  It was kinda nasty - but it brought my sugar up enough to run.  I got all stretched out and bent over to start my foot pod and wouldn't you know it.  Dead as a doornail.  OH MAN was I pissed!  I wasted all that gas just driving to the park!  I wasn't about to run without the footpod because then I wouldn't have any idea what kind of pace I was doing.  In reality, I think it was divine intervention.  After dinner tonight I talked the hubs into a family walk.  It was so fun - I had Susie in the toy push car and Colin rode his trike (he is recently afraid of his two wheeler because he almost fell off last week so we've regressed to the trike).  We walked a mile and a comfortable pace.  I felt ok while we were walking - but when we got home, I hacked junk out of my lungs for half an hour.  It was horrible and it really hurt.  I think running may have to wait one more day.  I think I'll rest tomorrow and give it a go on Friday.  This has been one persistent cold.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep through the night tonight.  I have been waking up hacking my lungs out every single night for almost a week now.  It's gettin' old!!

Tomorrow is weigh in day at Weight Watcher's.  I'm PRAYING that I weigh in at 249!  I'm sure I will be 251 on their scale - it's NEVER the same.  I think having an "official" weigh in UNDER 250 will feel like pure heaven!!  I think tomorrow I get a special sticker for coming for 16 weeks.  Cool huh?  I can't believe it's the middle of May!  I've been at it for 5 months now and I'm down 40 lbs!  I won't lie - I thought it would be 50 by now, but I can't complain!  40 lbs is more than my son weighs!!  I had to go buy a pair of shorts from goodwill yesterday!  They fit perfectly!  I STILL can't believe I'm wearing a 20!  I'm almost to the teens!  I have not seen the teens in at LEAST 10 years!  The cool thing about the teens is that there are a LOT more clothing choices out there - not that I plan on buying much, since I don't plan on staying in the teens for very long!  I can't believe it - I'm really doing it!  Not only am I doing it - I'm LOVING it!  Size 18 - here I come!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night!! -Monica


  1. It HAS been Beautiful weather! Just wish I could enjoy it more but I have allergies and they are AWFUL this year!

    Great job walking with your family! Your making a conscious decision to change your lifestyle!

    WooHoo on the weight gone and the sizes dropped! You're doing so great. Just this morning I was thinking about where I would be right now if I hadn't taken the last 6weeks off. Still fighting to come back but wimping out in the fight.

    Enjoy another beautiful day and keeping fingers crossed for your weigh in.

    1. Krista - I TOTALLY hear you about the allergies. My poor eyes are constantly itching. Fred Meyer's parking lot looked like it was covered in a dusting of snow!! What is hanging you up? Is there something I can help you with? Sometimes when my head gets in the way of my body - I stop thinking about it and just DO it. I have NEVER regretted a workout - just missing one!! Seriously - if you need a shoulder - I'm here! I don't want you to give up - so you lost 6 weeks, make sure you make the best of the NEXT 6 weeks!!! I know you can do this girl!!!! Chin up and sneakers on!!!!!!