Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Portland, here I come!!!

I am SO excited!  My friend surprised the HECK out of me today by entering me in a race that I wanted to run but couldn't afford!  She told me it was my birthday present!  I am just SO EXCITED!  I really wanted to run this race so bad!  It's called the Starlight Run!  I still can't believe she did that for me!  That is the best birthday present EVER!!  Now if I get any birthday money (that is how my family rolls - money in lieu of gifts) then I can save it up toward my new running sneakers!  I need them SO bad!  I have my eye on the Brooks Dyad 6 - the guys at the running store told me they were the best shoe for my feet.  Honestly - these guys are AWESOME!  I trust them completely!

I have been thinking, now that I'm done with my C25K program, I don't really know what to do!  How much running should I be doing in a week?  I know I eventually want to work my way up to a 10k, but it seems most programs expect you to be already running 15 - 20 miles a week - I'm only averaging 9.  Do I add an extra day and do that for a few months?  I wonder how long it takes to do the 10k training program.  I swear - I'm a running virgin!  I want to run a 10k before Christmas - I think that is reasonable.  I also want to run a half by my birthday next year.  I saw this window sticker on another blog that said I do 13.1 - because I'm only half crazy. HAHAHAHA  That is the best!  I really want that sticker - I want to EARN it!  I'm going to have to snoop around online for some training programs.  I'll tell ya - running has been the KEY to my weight loss.  Not just the actual activity of running, but the schedule.  It keeps me active.  For some reason when I'm active, I eat better.  I'm not questioning it -I'm just admiring the fact. HA!  Anyway - I'm beyond excited about my future in running!  I am ALSO very excited about what I'm giving my children by becoming a runner!  Today my son found my old nike watch - the battery had died long ago.  He put it on his wrist and asked me if we could go running.  He walked around all day with his "running watch" on!  I LOVE it!  I'm SO proud that I've made running a normal everyday activity!

I have posted new progress pictures today - WOW I'm just blown away!  I didn't realize how friggin HUGE I was!  I know I still have a long way to go but DAMN!  You've got to respect how far I've come!  When my hubby took those pictures the other day I didn't think there was much difference - until I put them side by side with my START pictures!  I'm still in shock really!  I think my back has changed the most!  I'll post the new measurements tomorrow.  It's already midnight and I'm exhausted.

I had a great upper body workout tonight.  I had Pete make me a new routine.  I really liked it!  It was hard but didn't take all night long!  Oh wow, I had an embarrassing moment at the gym tonight!  I was doing leg lifts with one of those huge balance balls between my legs.  As I had my legs in the air I got a bad face pain (I've been getting them a lot lately - I'm hoping they back off soon) anyway - I kind of shouted because it was SO strong and it took me by total surprise.  When I yelled, I dropped the ball and it nailed me in the face and rolled across the room.  Thank God there were not many people working out at 11 at night! LOL

Well, I'm off to bed!  Thank you for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day!  -Monica

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  1. That's so Awesome! What a great friend. There's a Summer Solstice run in town I'm thinking of doing on June 22nd.

    You should do the half marathon Hippie Chicks next year. It's in May, the Saturday before Mother's Day. I had tons of friends do it this year. It's for women only and your can do the 13.1 or a 6 miles.

    I need to get fitted for running shoes. Mine are so old! You're doing Awesome!