Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I should have known....

I'm sick!  I should have KNOWN it was coming based on how depressed I felt yesterday.  I don't know why that always happens to me!  I could almost set my watch by it!  Anyway - it was a hard day to keep up with the kids.  I felt like total garbage.  I just got everyone into bed and I plan to follow suit as soon as I'm done writing!  I am not going to do my weight training - I think it is probably best to get some actual rest.  I'm not too worried - I was so busy today, I actually got 38 points on my fitness meter!  That is 8 points above my daily goal!

So dinner tonight was AMAZING!  It was really tasty and really quite beautiful!  I just had to share a picture of it!! 
Even the kids ate like champs!  I will TOTALLY be making this again!  My son was really excited to have dinner on a stick. HA!  Gotta love preschoolers!  The stuff in the middle is just the extra bits from the kebabs plus some asparagus.  I originally intended to put the asparagus on the the skewers - but they just didn't like to be speared.  (yes, pun TOTALLY intended there!)  It was SO yummy!  I marinated the beef in a mesquite marinade - it was very tasty but a little zippy.  The kids ate before me so I didn't realize until a bit later.  Now I know why they were so thirsty!  HAHA  Wow - Mom fail on that one!

      This is not an official pic of me - but hubby took it a few days ago and I was blown away - what do you guys think??

When I started in January - I couldn't even get these over my hips.  Not even close!  How friggin cool is that?  They were a little snug in this picture - but two days ago I wore them all day in total comfort!  WHOO HOO!  Just more proof that the scale does not always show your true progress!

Another cool accomplishment that I did yesterday - well, I'm not sure if I will check this off of my 38 by 38 list because I did it while standing up and bending over.  I'm pretty sure I could never do that before either although I never did try it.
The color is a bit vivacious - but it's wearing on me!  :-)  Dang do I have fat feet.  I sure hope they get thinner too!  It would be nice to wear regular width shoes!

One last pic, I swear.  I just thought this was super cute and I wanted to share.

How sweet is this?  Colin LOVES his kitty SO MUCH!  I love this picture!!!

Ok, it's time for me to hit the hay!  Thanks for reading and putting up with my mood swings. HAHAHA

Have a great night!  Thank you again for reading! -Monica


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Cathy!! I appreciate that!!!

  2. I got a cold this weekend too. Crummy! Still struggling with that but also allergies now that the weather is Beautiful!

    You're looking Amazing! Love the toes! I've heard feet get smaller, some say they even go down a shoe size. I'm kind of hoping for that!

    The dinner looked YUMMY! I need to do that! Hope you start to feel better!

    1. Thanks Krista! It really was SO good! The kids went bonkers for it! I was going to have the leftovers for lunch today - but hubby kept picking at it last night so it was almost gone. SHEESH! LOL

      I hope you feel better. Tonight is my run - my lungs are starting to feel kind of heavy - I hope I can run ok. I was thinking about doing an outside run - I have not done one in a long time. Allergies are bad for me right now too - I always get it the worst in the spring and the fall. I'm allergic to grass pollen. Good times! LOL

      I would be THRILLED if my feet got smaller! I'll have to keep my fingers (and toes?) crossed!!

      It's going to be hard getting my run in tonight. I really just want to go to bed. BLAH