Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feelin' the five!!

WOW am I sore today!  Not just my legs either!  My ribs are sore and so is my stomach and lower back.  I think I need to get working on my core!  Tomorrow is a shorter run - I'm thinking 2 miles.  I hope Susie is cooperative.  She was not to thrilled with our five mile jaunt on Tuesday!

I honestly don't know what to even say tonight.  I am so tired, my mind is barely working!  Pete called me from work this morning and asked me how quickly could I crochet a baby blanket because they were having a baby shower at work the next day.  Oh my God, really?  I did it.  I made a baby blanket in ONE DAY.  My hands are so tired!  It came out pretty cute!  I've never even met this woman - I hope she likes it!

I'm starting to think this post is not all that coherent.  I really am tired.  HA - I'm such a dork!  I'm calling it a night!  Thanks for reading! Have a great night! -Monica

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