Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good News and Bad News.....

The good news is.... I still have my endurance!  I was able to run 5 miles today and although I'm very sore now - it felt pretty good!  My colon did not bother me (that sounds like such a weird statement!) and knee felt great.  I had a few twinges in my plantar fascia, so tonight I'm going to wear the stretching boot.  Otherwise - it was a GREAT run!  It was a HUGE mental game.  I kept starting to talk myself into quitting.  At one point I got passed by these people like I was standing still.  I wanted to quit.  I was so discouraged.  Then I thought - SHIT!!!  I'm not sitting on a couch and eating chocolate!  I'm RUNNING!!  Slowly, but I'm moving!  That got me through.  Wow I swear, it was mind game after mind game today.  It's like I didn't even hear the music on my headphone - all I heard was the voice in my head that was trying to convince me that I can't when I damn well CAN!

The bad news?  I was SLOOOOOOWWW.  I mean turtle slow.  Ok - maybe not THAT bad, but it was bad.  I tried so hard to pick up the pace but my legs just felt like lead!  I have two weeks before the race, hopefully I can get back a little of what I have lost.  I was averaging about a 14 minute mile.  PATHETIC!  I WAS doing 12 minute miles!  I know even that is slow for a lot of people -but for me it is pretty fast!  I'll get there..... I improve every time I lace up!

I am so proud of myself for doing 5 miles today.  I don't think I've done 5 straight miles since July! It feels so good to know I CAN do it!  Of course - whenever I read training plans that say "do 5 easy miles" I always laugh.  There is nothing easy about it!  Maybe someday!  Shoot, I can maybe do ONE easy mile, after that - it's all a mental challenge!  At least now I can be excited for my upcoming 10k!

On a side note, you can tell the holidays are around the corner.... I got about 7 catalogs in the mail today.  It's all good - I'm a catalog junkie!  I LOVE looking through them.  I never BUY anything, I don't have the money for that - but it's fun to dream. HA!

Well, I'm sore and really tired so I'm calling it a night!  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night! -Monica


  1. The mental challenge is what it is all about I swear. But something is better then nothing. Just keep going!

    1. It's crazy how much running is in your head! I never would have believed that before! I like that it's in my head though - I feel like I'm working out my brain as well!! It just goes to show though, your frame of mind can REALLY shape your day! It can shape your run at least!! I'm thinking I can improve my speed by the race - maybe not to the point that I was before I had to stop running, but at least faster than the walkers are doing it! HA!!