Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exciting day.... almost...

We have been excited ALL WEEK!  We have been planning today's Oregon State basketball game all week!  The plan was to drive down to the college (it's about an hour from us), attend the game, then go out to Chinese at our favorite place.  My son has an affinity for the cheerleaders and we had planned to get pictures of him with the girls as well as the team mascot.  Everyone had their Oregon State shirts on and Susie had her Oregon State cheer leading uniform on.  We drove all the way down there and were shocked that the parking lot had so few cars.  We figured everyone was home watching the big bowl game that the football team was playing in.  We walked all the way to the ticket booth - only to learn that the game was not when we thought it was - we had missed it by four hours!  Colin cried SO HARD.  I felt SO bad about it. The only way I could cheer him up was to have a race to the car.  Let me tell you - last year this time I could NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER have done that!  EVER!  I could still feel the crap in my lungs from my cold - but it was so fun to race him!  This kid is pretty darned fast!  We got to the car WAY before Pete and Susie.  Colin thought that was just grand!  Last  year I never even would have attempted that.  I love that saying no never even dawned on me today!
 I didn't eat GREAT today,  but I am still well within my weight watcher's points so no worries!  The kids are still up - I'm letting them wind down a bit by watching a Veggie Tales video - they LOVE Veggie Tales!  Once they are in bed we are going to take down the Christmas stuff.  I know - bah humbug right?  Well, I have a valid reason.  Susie threw up all over our rug a few days ago.  All efforts to remove the stench have failed so we had to bring in the big guns.  We rented a rug doctor.  The only thing is - we are going to have to take down the Christmas tree to do the rug.  I have NEVER taken the tree down so early before - it seems weird, but I'm kind of glad to get my living room back!

Tomorrow is a scheduled run - I'm going to shoot for 3 miles.  I'm going to stick with treadmill training for a while.  I really need help with my pacing.  I think I've been strictly road running for too long.  I really need to learn about running.  I don't know how to train.  I have no idea what fartleks or intervals or tempo runs are.  Now that I've been running for almost a year - it's time to do things the right way.  I also need to start adding weight training again - I'm not sure how I'm going to pull that off.  As of now I am overdue for my gym dues.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be allowed in the door.  Hopefully we can get back in their good graces soon so I can hit the weights.  I wish I had some for my house - but they are so freaking expensive.  SOME day I would like to have a gym in the garage.  That would be SO ideal it's not even funny!  It would be even BETTER if we could un hoard the garage.  It's pretty bad in there.  I'm pretty sure if the cats ever got in there we might never see them again.  HAHAHA  ok - so its not THAT bad, but it's bad enough!

Well, I think the kids are officially unwound.  Time to jammy them and stick them in bed.  Then the fun starts.  Why is it so exciting to see how freaking dirty the rug was when you empty the water in the rug doctor?  It's actually kind of a scary thought.  That's another thing for the "some day" list - a rug shampooer!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica

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