Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! ('s Eve)

It's still New Year's Eve in Oregon - you have another hour on the east coast!  Today has been a decidedly unhealthy day!  It's ok... I'm really looking forward to the new year and all the progress that I will make!  This year I'm even dragging my hubby into it!  He has told me that he is going to start the couch to 5k program!  I'm SO happy to hear that!  I truly worry about his health.  His father passed away in his early 50's and it scares  me to death.  I love Peter to the ends of the earth - my world would shatter without him.

Today we took the kids to another basketball game.  This time we actually got to watch the game! HA!  The  Beavers won - YAY!  Colin LOVES the cheerleaders - it's very obvious. He doesn't have a subtle bone in his body!  Susie loves the band (girl after my music -nerd heart) and she loves Benny Beaver (the mascot).  During the game I noticed that Benny Beaver was making his way around to us - I was so excited because I knew she would be thrilled.  Once Benny was right near us I looked down and discovered that Susie had fallen fast asleep!  Seriously?  This is the child who can't sleep when the vacuum is going - but she fell asleep during a loud basketball game! HA!  She must have been exhausted!  Last night was not exactly a great sleeping night.  She peed through her diaper in the night, but instead of crying she got out of her bed and crawled in with her brother.  Colin woke up because his bed was all wet - he came into my bed.  Susie followed him and crawled in with us.  She got our bed all wet too.  So that was my morning.  I had to strip and wash bed linens for all three beds!  What can I say, my girl is a snuggler!

So I am now going to officially announce my New Year's resolution.  I have been thinking long and hard about this.  I didn't want to pick something vague like "I want to lose weight" because 1. I've made that resolution before and nothing ever came of it. and 2. What counts as losing weight?  5 lbs?  100 lbs?  Last year I resolved to complete the couch to 5k program and honestly?  That was the first time I have ever kept a resolution!  This year I have decided that I will run at least 4 days a week every single week this year with the exception of sickness below the neck and or fever.  I will run even when I don't feel like it.  I will run in the middle of the night on the treadmill if I don't get it done in the day time.  Whatever it takes, I will get the runs in!  I figure this will add to my underlying goals of weight loss and health improvement!  I am excited!  This resolution is definitely attainable - I just have to put on my big girl panties and get down to business!

Well, I'm off!  We always celebrate the New Year at 9 pm with the kids (midnight on the east coast) so they can go to bed at a human hour!  Then Pete and I stay up and watch sci fi movies until the ball drops for the west coast.  Then we have our champagne and hit the hay.  :-)  We are an exciting lot!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2013 bring to you everything you hope for!  Wishing you all a year of health, fitness, and most of all - happiness!  Thank you for reading! -Monica

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