Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still plugging away....

I guess I just didn't feel like blogging much lately.  I'm still keeping on keeping on.  :-)  I ran 4 miles yesterday - getting closer to my 10k on Thanksgiving so I have to get prepped!  I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm REALLY tired right now.  Let's just say three days of a puking child really puts a strain on your mental health. HA!  I have set up two new goals for myself.  I think this will really help me stay on track.  My eating has been all over the place lately.  Not like CRAZY bad - I have not gained any weight - but I have not lost any either- so this has to change.   My first goal is to be wearing a size 16 by Thanksgiving.  I went to Goodwill and bought myself a pair of size 16 jeans.  I can get them on - but I am a few inches from them closing.  Just to make sure I wasn't imagining it (why do I do that to myself?  I don't believe what I see right in front of me) I bought a pair of size 18's - just to be sure that is what size I really am in.  I got SUCH amazing deals - they had a half off sale so I got 3 pairs of jeans for ten bucks!  The third pair of jeans is for my second goal - size 14 by Christmas.  OMG let me tell you - it was AWESOME to be shopping in the non plus size section!  I can't wait until I FIT in that stuff!  The size 14's can only get up to my butt - then they won't go any higher.  I have a lot of work to do - but I think these goals are VERY reasonable.  OH MY GOD - I will be in REGULAR sizes by Christmas!  How freaking awesome is that?

Well, the kids are asleep and now it's my turn!  Thanks for reading - if anyone is still around!  :-)  Sorry for the hiatus.  Thanks for sticking with me!  I didn't give up - I refuse to!  Have a wonderful night and thanks for reading! -Monica


  1. Good luck to you... I've been trying on apair of size 10 pants for quite sometime ow... Can finally get them up and zipped but still not "comfy". I also have the size 20 shorts that I was wearing when I first began losing weight. Keep going... There's no stopping you :)

    1. Thanks! Good luck to you too!! I hope those size 10's are comfy really soon!!