Monday, February 11, 2013

Going backwards to go forward?

I think that is what I'm doing.  I really do!  It is so weird to see such low mileage on my running ahead widget (or whatever you call that thingy)  I've run fewer miles all year than I did in one month in the last half of last year.  What is the difference?  Quality.  I think my running so far THIS year has been of a higher caliber.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still slow, but I'm trying to focus on posture and breathing and stride.  I'm trying to keep my pace steady.  Last year I ran all those long distances at about a 13 - 15 minute mile.  I've been training so far this year on the treadmill at a 5.0 with a 1% incline which I'm guessing is about a 12 minute mile.  Do you know how freaking stoked I would be to finish a 5k at 36 minutes?!  If I could continue training at this pace (and I'm fairly confident that I can) then I could probably do a 5k a bit faster than that if you factor in race day excitement!  That whole idea gives me goosebumps! HAHA  Anyway - even though I'm doing fewer miles and that sometimes bums me out, I have to keep my chin up and look to the future - because in a way, I'm going backwards to go forward!

In OTHER good AMAZING AWESOME news!  I GOT THE MONEY!!!!!  I sold something on craig's list!  I got enough money to take that running clinic!  I'm SO CRAZY STOKED!  I'm going to call the running store after my shower (I just finished my run) and I'm going to officially sign up for the class AND agree to being in charge of the slower paced running group!  I'm nervous and SO excited at the same time!  I still can't believe I get to have this opportunity!  What an amazing experience this will be!

Oh and by the way GUNG HE FAT CHOI!!!  Happy Chinese NEW YEAR!!  It's the year of the Snake for those of you who don't know!  My hubs is Chinese - we don't do anything all that special.  I wish he remembered some of the customs.  The only ones he remembers - we would never do. HAHAHA  His Mom used to make them not wash their hair for two weeks because it would wash the good luck away - NO WAY - not happening! HAHAHA  He told me he used to sneak a shower at school. Bad boy!  We are going to give the kids some hongbao tonight - they are little red envelopes with money in them.  They only get a dollar each, but the red envelope is a symbol of good luck.  I think it's all very cool!  Maybe I will make some Chinese food tonight.  It's kind of hard to make it weight watcher's friendly though.  You wouldn't think it was bad because of all the vegetables - but the sauces are pretty high in points and that is where all the flavor comes from!

Well, I'm off to my shower - I'm starting to smell like a musk ox. HAHAHA  That was a great run!  Those intervals really get me every time!  It might be a short run but it sure does kick my butt!  LOVE that!

Have a WONDERFUL day!  Thanks for reading! -Monica


  1. Awesome!!! So glad the money came through for you! Enjoy your Chinese food tonight! I'd love to know how to make that healthier, I'm a sucker for Sesame Chicken and Sunflower Chicken. But oh my word, how bad they are for you!

    1. Thank you! We didn't have Chinese food - it's too hard to keep it weight watcher's friendly. I'll have to save it for a day when I have more points saved up! I don't know what sunflower chicken is!! Sesame chicken isn't real chinese food!!! ;-P I'm just poking fun - I used to love all the Americanized Chinese food before I met my husband but now I LOVE the real stuff! It's funny - I never would have even THOUGHT to try some of the things that I love now! Beef chow fun, bah tan go, gai jun te, shiu mai - probably never heard of some of those right? I know I never had!!! It's funny how you think you love something (like Chinese food) but you never even scratch the surface! I had my mind thoroughly blown the first time I went to a Chinese dinner with my inlaws - I saw things I had never even heard of! Of course, I saw things that completely grossed me out too. Can you say Chicken Feet? LOL NASTY!