Monday, August 6, 2012

Achy and Sore!!

Or as my husband thought I said, achy as a whore.  Sheesh - why the hell would I say that?  He cracks me up!   Today was my first real workout in a week.  Pathetic huh?  I really took a break after that 10k.  I finally started my 5k to faster program (just a couch to 5k program that I changed from walk/run to run/run faster).  The first day was HARD!  I was kind of surprised at how hard it was.  I did it on the treadmill since it was so frigging hot out.  Anyway, I started with an incline of 1 and a speed of 6.0 - I did that for one minute and then went to a speed of 4.0 for a minute and a half.  I just alternated for 15 minutes (it was supposed to be 20 but my son was being obnoxious).

We had a rather exciting morning - and not in a good way.  My daughter got cut pretty badly and I had to rush her to the ER for stitches.  Thankfully it was only on her hand and it should be better within a week - but still.  I was really very upset about it.  I'm not looking forward to putting neosporin and fresh bandages on it tomorrow - honestly - I'm kind of freaked out about it.  When you're a mom though, you do what you have to do!  I'm just thankful the cut wasn't worse and that it was only on her hand.  Long story short - she had gotten ahold of my husband's measuring tape - she must have been holding the metal tape part and then pressed the retract button.  I swear, if there is something you don't want your kids to have - they will find a way to get it anyway.  What a scary morning.  I'm just glad she is ok, my poor baby girl!

It also appears that my son is coming down with a cold.  I swear -when it rains it pours.  I hope it clears up soon and that it doesn't pass on to anyone else.  Who are we kidding.  I should be sick within the week.  I swear, my son has no immune system.  That child gets sick monthly.

I think I'm going to add a few days of easy jogging to my weekly workouts.  I just think I need to kick it up a bit.

Sorry I've been gone so long.  Some things have changed around here which should lend to me being able to get more things done in a day.  That SHOULD include blogging!  I hope I have not lost any readers!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night!! -Monica


  1. Been wondering where you have been. Glad to see your back!

    1. Thanks! I won't lie - the heat has been murder on my resolve!

  2. Welcome Back! I hear you about taking a week off after your 10k, I didn't do anything all last week either after my Sprint Tri. And I hear you about the heat. Near impossible to get any kind of workout done!
    Sorry to hear about your little girl! Nothing more draining than taking a child to the ER!
    There's a 5k at Minto Brown on the 22nd of Sept if you're interested in trying out your faster runs.

    1. So funny you mention that! I was just about to sign up for that one! They have a fun run for kids too - I was going to sign my son up!