Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rest day...

Today was a rest day.  Good thing too - my legs are SCREAMING at me from yesterday's run!  I'm actually dreading tomorrow's run!  It's weird to go from feeling like I had a good running base to feeling like a beginner all over again! 

My eating has been really bad lately.  Partially due to it being so friggin hot and I just don't want to do anything in the kitchen.  I have got to get this back under control.  Especially since my workouts had dropped off for the last week!  I think a HUGE part of that is the fact that I have not been drinking my water.  Foolish in this heat, I know.  I'm going to put this out here to keep myself accountable.  Tomorrow I will:

1. Drink at least 10 8oz glasses of water.
2. Stay within my weight watcher's points budget.
3. Do my run
4. Post everything I eat tomorrow! (scary prospect!)

Maybe if I do a few days of posting everything I eat, it will kick my butt back into gear!  I'm so pissed at myself for slipping.  I know I'm human - but I don't want to lose all my hard work!  I really worked VERY hard to lose this weight and I am not finished! 

Tomorrow is going to be exciting.  We are getting a new roof.  We have really needed one but it is SO darned expensive.  It hurts to pay for this, but it needs to be done.  Boy, you know you're a home owner when you're excited to get a new roof!  Shoot, I could have bought a new car with that money!  I'm not kidding - it's spendy!

Well, I'm going to take some advil and put my feet up.  I'm not kidding - my legs really really ache!  That 6.0 on the treadmill is HARD for me!  I'm really nervous and scared for tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading!! -Monica

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