Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unconventional workout....

I didn't do my usual run.  I know I keep bitching about the heat but I seriously can't take it anymore!  I really can't wait for the fall!  This morning was my weight watcher's meeting.  Pete woke up late for work so instead of taking the bus, he took our van.  That meant I had to take the bus to my meeting - with both kids.  Good times.  I decided I would just walk to weight watchers, since it was only like 2 miles or so.  Well, Colin - after about a half mile - told me he couldn't walk anymore.  I couldn't take the complaining anymore, so I put him on my shoulders.  Picture this - mid to high 70's - strong sunshine which made it feel hotter, walking with a 5 year old on my shoulders while pushing a 1 year old in an umbrella stroller.  By the time I got to the meeting I was sweating like a pig!   At least I had a good loss this week!  2.6 lbs this week!  YAY!

It was 100 degrees today - it's supposed to be the same tomorrow.  YUCK!  Today I took the kids out in the kiddie pool and we had a blast!  Even the baby was laughing and splashing!  We have this foam doohickey that looks like a long cylinder.  You pull the top section and it sucks up water - then you can shoot it out.  I like it a lot because I'm not a big fan of kids having guns - not even water guns.  This way you get the FUN of a water gun without the gun.  Anyway - we all took turns squirting each other.  Then Colin squirts me right in the butt and he yells "MOMMY - I GOT YOU IN THE BUTTCRACK!".  Oh Lord, of COURSE he yells this as my neighbor is getting out of his car.  That child has a special skill for embarassing me! HAHAHA

Pete has tomorrow off due to a furlough day.  I'm really looking forward to spending the time together!  The cut in pay sucks - but having more time together is always fun!

Well, I'm going to call it a short post tonight.  I think we're going to look for a movie!

Thanks for reading!  Have a GREAT night! -Monica

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