Friday, August 10, 2012

Slowly improving!!

At hooping!  Wow am I in love with hooping!  It's so much fun - but it really is a heck of a workout!  You wouldn't really think it was much of on until you do it!  Yesterday I couldn't go for more than 30 seconds or so at a time, today I went for 3 minutes straight!  My abs are so sore from yesterday!  I really can't wait to be able to do tricks!  My friend totally blows me away!  I love when she posts videos - she makes it look so easy!  As she forewarned me - I have a few bruises from the hoop.  She calls them hoop kisses. HA!!!  I have a heck of a "kiss" on my ankle.  WHOOF it hurts when that hoop comes down on your ankle bone!

Today my eating was pretty great.  I kept within my points and I even splurged for an ice cream tonight.  Yeah, I know - splurges two days in a row.  I figure as long as I keep within my points then all is good!  I didn't get my run in today - that would be due to the fact that my daughter would NOT take a nap today.  I think she was just so congested, she didn't want to lay down.  I was so annoyed.  I had FINALLY gotten her down, I got my workout clothes on and I was putting on my running watch when she woke up.  She slept for all of 15 minutes.  Frustrating.  Tonight was "On Your Feet Friday", so I had to slap together dinner and lug it along with us so we could pick Pete up from work.  Then we did the OYFF - about a mile and a half of walking.  It was so fun!  Then I got home, bathed the kids and got them off to bed and decided that I wanted to hoop instead of run.  At least I got a lot of exercise in today.  My WW pedometer says I earned 17 extra points!  That's pretty darned awesome!  My legs are really quite achy right now.  I'm thinking an advil PM may be in order.  I really could use a good night's sleep.  I don't get them very often.  I usually wake up with a 4 year old laying across my body in some weird position.  This morning I woke up with him laying across my ankles.  Not very conducive to a good, deep sleep.  :-P   So here is today's eating - I didn't take any pics.  I guess I just couldn't be bothered.  HA!  At least I'm being honest!

Breakfast:  strawberry oikos (greek yogurt) coffee with 1 equal and 2 TBS ff creamer : 4 WW points

Lunch:  Lower sodium Ham and cheese pannini, broccoli :  10 points

Snack: pretzels : 2 points

Dinner: Lower Sodium Turkey and cheese on whole wheat hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato, and pickle, watermelon:  12 points

Dessert: Mcdonald's caramel sundae (OMG my favorite): 10 points

Total for today was 38 points - I get 34 so I used 4 of my activity points (I earned 17, remember?!)  I'm pretty hungry right now, I may just go to bed.  I usually have a cup of hot tea every night before bed (decaf) - right now that sounds REALLY good to me!    Who are we kidding, I will probably do a little more hooping!  I'm an addict!

I'm pretty excited for the weekend!  I LOVE spending time with my hubs!  We've been together for 12 years and I honestly love him even more now than I did then!!  I miss him so much during the week and I know he feels the same!  My Mom is coming out to visit in 2 weeks - we are CRAZY excited around here!  Every day that passes brings my Mom that much closer!  Colin and Susie LOVE their grandma SO MUCH!  I wish we didn't live so far apart.  My Mom is the best grandma EVER!  My kids are lucky!

Ok, I'm rambling.  I'm tired, achy, and wanting to hoop some more. HA!  Have a WONDERFUL night!  Thanks for reading!! -Monica


  1. Hi Monica, I'm guessing 'hooping' is hula hooping? (sorry if that's a really obvious question) The fact that you've improved from doing it for 30 secs to 3 minutes straight is AMAZING!! Imagine what you'll be able to do in a couple of weeks! I also think it's adorable that your friend calls the bruises 'hoop kisses'!

    Sounds like you have lots to look forward to too, I felt the same when my mam came down a couple of weeks ago so I can appreciate how excited you are. :)

  2. Not an obvious question!! Hooping IS hula hooping - I guess what I'm trying to learn is called hoop dancing. This is some girl I saw on youtube doing it.... She makes it look SO easy and fluid! I can't wait to learn tricks! I can ALMOST turn around while hooping! My son thinks I am really cool. lol

    I'm so glad your Mom got to come out! Does she live far away? Mine is on the other side of the country - when she comes out it is SUCH a big event!!! I can't wait! OOH and she has not seen me in person since I've started losing weight! That should be fun!!

    1. That video is soooo cool! I can imagine how hard it must be, the last time I tried to just plain hula hoop I don't think I could do more than one! Lol...So I have loads of respect for how well you're doing- and it's no wonder your son is so impressed! :)

      It'll be so lovely when your mom comes and even more exciting that she'll almost be seeing a new you! My mam lives in the very North of the country, the Highlands of Scotland (where I'm from) and myself and my husband live in the Midlands of England so as neither of us drive it's about 11 hours travel dependent on transport links. So pretty much the other side of the country too but obviously on a smaller scale. It's so special when we get to see each other, which I know you can completely relate to.

      I'm looking forward to reading about her visit! :)

    2. Is't hooping amazing? They make it look so fluid and easy! Thank you for the compliment - I think if you'd seen me you would probably burst out laughing! HA!

      I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Scotland - my Grandmother (who passed this spring) always told me that it was her favorite place to visit! I personally think the Scotish accent is absolutely stunning! I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter the distance - being seperated from your family is difficult! I am really so VERY excited to see my Mom! The next two weeks are going to pass SO slowly!!