Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Let's just say, my son has become a bowling fiend.  He LOVES it.  He wants to do it EVERY DAY!  There is a cool program at our local bowling alley where kids can bowl 2 games for free every single day - you just have to rent shoes.  They also have a program where you can pay 30 bucks  and 4 adults can bowl 2 games every single day  - you just have to rent shoes.  I seriously wish I had bowling shoes!    Still - it's a great deal and we've been going a lot.  They had this deal where you could text some word to their number and you'd get $5 off of your next visit.  Pete and I both did it so we got $10 off - that meant we only paid 2 bucks for us all to bowl 2 games!  It was awesome!  Too bad the text thing is only a one time deal! 

Well, we went again yesterday.  It was SO fun!  Colin is actually pretty darned good!  He scored a 72 yesterday and he picked up 2 spares!  WOW!  Granted, we had bumpers - but still!  He was neck and neck with Peter for like 6 frames!!  I have been doing pretty well - I can break 100 most times and a lot of times I am getting about 160 - I have not bowled in like six years and not regularly in about 15 years!  I had gotten a strike and I really wanted to try to get two more so I could say I got a turkey.  I approached the lane and started to "wind up"  as I was about to throw the ball, I slipped on the ground somehow, nailed myself on the side of my leg and fell flat on my ass.  It was so graceful. HA!  Colin yells out MOMMY IS YOUR BUTT OK?  Thanks baby, if people didn't see me do it, they now saw me sitting on the ground in front of the lane.  The funny part?  I almost got a strike!  The last pin was wobbling!  Today I have a NASTY bruise on my leg from the ball!  I think the reason I fell was because my hip flexors are SOOOOOO sore from hooping and running!  I couldn't get a great shot, but you can see the huge bruise forming - if you look closely, you can see the word Ebonite branded in the bruise. lol Just kidding!

I've slowly started to slip with eating again.  Sheesh.  I have been staying within my points budget so technically I am not screwing off, but I know I could be making better choices.  :-/    I don't know what my problem is.  I honestly think it's the heat.  I don't want to cook when it's this friggin hot, so it's easier to pick up a bucket of chicken or order a pizza.  Lame excuse, I know.  It's the truth - I HATE being hot.  I wonder if that will change when I'm thinner?

Yesterday was so crazy busy.  Pete called me at 8 am to tell me he signed Colin up for swimming lessons that were to begin at 9 am. Wow - talk about morning hustle!  The night before we discovered that the dog ATE Colin's favorite toy - Woody.  Colin came up to me and said "Mommy, Shimano ate woody BAD."  OH MY GOD that is an understatement. I had to fight the laughter! We spent the day driving ALL over town looking for a replacement.  We didn't find one.  I can't find one online either.  Colin is devastated.  I decided to take him out for a birthday lunch at Red Robin.  That made him feel a little better - especially when they sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him a free sundae!  After that we took Susie to get her stitches out.  Pete got out of work early and wanted to go look at some firewood from Craig's list.  It was a bust.  Then we went to toys r us to buy Colin his birthday gift - he picked out a cool hotwheels playset with a dinosaur!  Then we went bowling.  PHEW it was a LOOOOOOOOOONG day! 

Today I'm cleaning - my house has gotten away from me and I am currently suffering from C.H.A.O.S --- Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. lol  There is a lot to be done before my Mom's visit and honestly - I just want to hoop. HA! 

Today  is going to be laid back since tomorrow is destined to be another busy day!  You'd think I should be thin what with all this running around I do!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day! -Monica


  1. I totally feel you with the heat, I just feel so unmotivated to do any thing! Can't wait for fall and those cooler temps

    1. Me too! I LOVE the fall! It's actually my favorite time of year!