Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hoopity hooptiy doo!!

  Today was another good day!  So it started with hubby waking me up because he missed the bus.  I had to wake both kids up, pile in the car, and drive him in.  Then we had to wait for the roofers to come and finish the roof.  Susie turned up with Colin's cold.  WOW - it was like one thing after another!  I was in a bad mood because I was so tired.  I'm sure I yelled at Colin more than I should have.  I hate when I'm like that.  Oh well, today is over - tomorrow is a new day!  I ate well today - I had one crappy thing, but I kept within my points budget so I'm totally cool with it! 

We picked Pete up from work and went to dinner (we had to be out and about so we hit up Red Robin).  I like that you can customize your food on their website and then figure out the nutritional value.  It turns out, if you order the grilled chicken sandwich on a cibiatta bun with BBQ sauce, it's only 10 points!  SWEET!  No fries - I got steamed broccoli instead - zero points.  The crappy thing I had was hubby and I split an order of mozzarella sticks.  They figured out to be 2 points each - I had 2 and a half.  OMG they were HEAVEN!  I'd choose those over fries ANY day of the week!  I've had the Red Robin Royalty card for a while but since we don't go there often, I never really get any benefit from it - until today.... we got a free burger!  COOL!  What an awesome surprise!!  Pete's dinner was free!  Then we went to shopko to scout out birthday gifts for our son - I can't believe he is going to be 5!  Disgusting!  Then we went really way out into the farm country because Pete talked to this guy who cut down a tree and didn't want the wood.  We picked up what we could with the van and then Pete will go back for the rest.  I LOVE that Pete has found an alternative way to heat our home for free!  Just the price of some manual labor! 

Anyway - meals went like this:
Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 white with red bell pepper, 2 slices low sodium bacon, sauteed potatoes (1 oz), coffee with equal and 2 TBS FF creamer: 5 points

Lunch:  leftover turkey burger from yesterday.  1 bun, 1 tsp ketchup, 2 slices of dill pickle, watermelon - 10 points

snack: blueberries with 2 TBS FF coolwhip - 0 points

Dinner: Red Robin - as explained above - 15 points

Snack: pretzels: 2 points

That is all my points.  I did earn 11 extra points according to my pedometer, I may use a few of those since I'm feeling quite hungry right now.

Exercise - there was a little change of plans.  I didn't go do my upperbody workout.  Here is why.  MY HOOP CAME!!  YIPPEE!!  This is where the hoopity hoopity doo comes from!  I had ordered a hula hoop a few weeks ago and it finally came!  Today's workout ended up being hooping!  I can't wait to improve!  Right now I totally suck - but my friend D is AMAZING and makes it look SO fun and easy.  Well, it's not easy - I'll tell ya that much!  WOW is it ever a workout!  I was sweating like mad after only a few minutes!  I really am looking forward to getting better at it!!!

Well, I had better get going - I'm beat!  I want to hoop a little more before bed. HA!

Have a great night!!  Thanks for reading!! -Monica


  1. Reading your meals is making me hungry! So yummy!

    We were given a hoola hoop and I stink! Then someone told me it's a small one that doesn't work well with adults. I'm sticking with that reason why it drops after one rotation! I think I'll track down a larger one. I've seen many videos of people exercising to it, seems like fun!

    Hope that summer cold leaves your house soon!

    1. It's totally true - you have to get an adult hoop - since you are tall you probably need an extra large one. I got mine here

      they will help you find the right height and weight for you. I seriously LOVE it! It's one heck of a workout! I can't wait to start doing tricks!!! :-P

      Thanks - my poor son had a hard time breathing tonight at On Your Feet Friday - the humidity didn't help. My daughter is in m y lap right now trying to nurse and she is so congested it sounds like she is snoring!