Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cool unforeseen milestone!!!

Today I brought my wedding rings in to be re sized!  They were too big!  They kept flinging off my hand!  AWESOME!    The guy at the jewelry store told me they were going to clean, replate (it's white gold), resize, and solder them.  He was all excited - he said they were going to look AMAZING!  How awesome is it that they do all of this for free! 

Yesterday I got my run in.  I did it on the treadmill because it was so freaking hot.  It was 94 today and the next two days are supposed to be 100.  YUCK! 

Today we went to my son's eye doctor up in the city.  We have to start putting eye drops in his "good" eye.  This will make the vision blurry in the good eye so it will force him to use his weaker eye and therefore make it stronger.  Since we have to dilate his one eye twice a week (and the doctor said it could possibly STAY dilated for days after the drops are instilled) we had to get him some sunglasses.  Of course, they had to have his prescription.  OY, this kid's eyes are very expensive.  The eyeglass store had a buy two for $99 deal - I only had to pay $20 more to make one pair sunglasses.  My son picked out his sunglasses - I think it's funny that he wanted this black plastic frames!  When I was a kid we would have screamed bloody murder if someone suggested we wear frames like that!  I picked out a "regular" pair of glasses so he could have a backup pair.  They had closed the lab by the time we got there, so they will make them tomorrow and mail them out.  We should get them by Friday.  I'm looking forward to seeing how cute and nerdy he looks in those sunglasses - I am NOT looking forward to putting drops in his eye.  I can only imagine how much he is going to fight that!

Tomorrow is weight watcher's.  I'm going to go, even though I have not been doing very well.  I've got to get past this mental block I have when it's hot out.  I seriously don't want to do ANYTHING!  I am SO not a hot weather person.  I never have been and I probably never will be!

Just a little note - I know I have not updated my little running ticker on the side of the blog - wow have I been lazy.  I've still been running, just not logging it.  My hubby gave me a subscription to Runner's World and it came with a training journal - I think I'm going to start logging in there.  I seriously can't wait for the fall so I can get back to running outside!!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night! -Monica

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