Thursday, January 24, 2013

An eventful day!

What a weird day I had!  It was a busy morning as usual, running around and getting Colin ready for school.  I got him off to school and then came home for a few minutes before heading out to weight watchers.  Today was an AWESOME weigh in!  I'm down 4.8 lbs this week!  Can I get a woot woot??  After weight watchers I decided to swing by the pharmacy drive through so I could order a refill on a script.  There was one truck in front of me so I naturally waited my turn.  He pulled up and stopped.  I didn't think anything of it, went about my business with the pharmacist and then went to leave.  That is when I realized he was blocking me in!  There are these big yellow poles in the ground to the right of me, so you have to pull forward.  I was about to  honk when his reverse lights went on.  I was kind of startled, but at first I just figured he went to go forward and accidentally put it in reverse.  Then his door opens and he gets out - WITH THE TRUCK STILL IN REVERSE!!!!  This was a BIG truck - one of those half ton pickups.  The guy realized what had happened and tried to get back in.  Meanwhile I panicked for a second but then threw it in reverse - thank God nobody was behind me because I don't think I even looked.  I got back just in time for his truck to slam into the pharmacy and rip his door off!  I'm not sure if it came completely off, but it was at a very unnatural angle.  I yelled out the window "ARE YOU OK:??!!""  I thought he had gotten pinned between the door and the building.  The pharmacist was yelling out the window asking if she needed to call someone.  Finally the guy emerges.  Walks to the back of his truck, bends down, picks something up and then says "I dropped my dollar."  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???  I have my BABY in the car and this asshole almost runs me down for a DOLLAR??  I have never been in a car accident and let me tell you - this was close enough for me.  I was shaking for hours!

     Then I got home and I called Pete on my cell to tell him all about what had happened.  I figured I would feed the cats while I was telling him.  Guess what happened?  I dropped my cell phone into the cats' water dish.  NOOOOOOOO  I'm not due for a new phone until July!  The phone was still working - Pete and I were still talking, so I ran into the house and wiped the phone down, took it apart, dried it some more and stuck it in a bag full of rice.  I'm afraid to test it.  I'm going to have to try it tomorrow morning.  I know I should wait two days, but I really need my phone!  I don't even have a home phone!  I'm supposed to meet Nelly for a run - I can't even imagine not having a phone and being out and about!  What has happened to me?  I didn't even HAVE a cell phone until 2001!!

     I got a call from my doctor and he okay'd the test for gluten intolerance.  So I have to fast for 12 hours since they are doing cholesterol and glucose.  I'm always so nervous about the glucose.  The threat of diabetes is what got me to lose weight in the first place.  I KNOW my numbers are so much better.  Tonight I did my run really late - as in, I just finished it at 10 pm.  I'm hoping that doesn't screw my numbers up.  Fingers crossed ok!  I'm also worried about cholesterol.  It was borderline last time.  I'm sure if I had checked it in the summer I would have been good to go, but I have been slacking really bad since the fall - and now since the microwave has broken we have been eating more ground beef because it's easier to cook from frozen.  Cholesterol city.  I really hope my running is doing enough!  I'll let you all know how it turns out - if you are even interested!  LOL

Today I ran day 3 of the couch to 5k.  Still on the 6.0 (10 minute mile pace) for the running segments.  I don't know how I'm going to run longer periods at that pace.  It's really freaking hard. I may just do week 1 twice.  It's brutal.  I can't remember how hard I perceived the program to be last year - I do remember it was hard.  I don't remember if it was THIS hard though!  I think I'm going to wear my plantar fasciitis boot tonight - my Achilles tendon in my right ankle is a little pissed off today.  I don't think I can take advil while I'm fasting - so that will have to wait.  I am NOT missing Katie's virtual 5k!  I'm excited about it!  Even if I have to walk some of it - I'm doing an easy 5k tomorrow!  That still makes me laugh - that I can include the words easy and 5k in the same sentence. HAHAHA  Last year if I had heard someone say that I would have thought they were being an elitist asshat! HAHAHA

Well, I had better get going.  I crocheted Susie a hat today and Colin was mad I didn't make him one.  I'm going to ATTEMPT to bang out one of those bearded hats for him so I can surprise him in the morning!  Wish me luck with THAT one!!  Here is the one I made Susie - it looks super cute on her, but she wouldn't let me get a picture.  Go figure, almost two year olds!!  If I manage to do Colin's hat - I'll post a pic tomorrow!  It is SO hysterical!  He will LOVE it!  I just hope he doesn't get in trouble at school for that! LOL

Thank you for reading!  Have a great night! -Monica


  1. Wow you had a crazy day! Great job on the C25K! Sadly, I'm going to miss Katie's virtual 5k today. I have a memorial service to attend after work.

  2. Thank you! I'm so sorry that someone you know has passed. I hope it is a beautiful service. Nelly can't make our run today and I don't like running alone in the park - a woman got attacked there a few years ago. I'll have to do the treadmill tonight when Pete gets home. I was really looking forward to getting outside today!

  3. I once washed my phone in my pants pocket. Didn't even realize it was there until I put my pants in the dryer. I took my phone out and took it apart and let it dry for a day or so (I didn't know about the rice until recently) and everything worked except the mike. I had to get an earpiece (a cheap one) to be able to talk on it, but otherwise you wouldn't have been able to tell it was washed. However, that was before "smart" phones. Good luck with yours!

    1. Thanks!! That is amazing!! You'd think it got thoroughly drenched in the washer!! Thankfully I still have a stupid phone!!! It seems to be working just fine right now. PHEW!! At first I thought it wasn't sending my texts because nobody was responding! lol turned out Pete and my friend were crazy busy!!