Monday, January 21, 2013

Gobble, gobble!

I made a turkey tonight!  It was SOOOOOOO yummy!  Best of all, I have plenty of turkey in the fridge for sandwiches and other meals!  I think that is my favorite thing about roasting a turkey!  I made broccoli and mashed potatoes to go along with the turkey.  I don't make mashed potatoes very often.  I can't even remember the last time I made them.  I think Colin has only had them once!  Susie wouldn't touch them but Colin LOVED them!  He cracks me up.  He said "Mommy!  These mashed potatoes are really good!  They taste just like cauliflower!"  Doesn't that feel like a Mommy win - for your child to tell you how much he loves cauliflower?!

I didn't run today - I was going to, but my legs are still SOOOO sore from Saturday's run!  I'm going to run tomorrow - I'm not sure if Nelly is going to run with me or not so that will decide if I run at the park or on the treadmill.  It's supposed to be below freezing tomorrow morning so I'm kind of hoping Nelly doesn't want to go. HAHAHA  I LOVE running with her - but I HATE the bitter cold!

Not a whole lot to talk about today.  We stayed home all day.  It was kind of nice to just chill.  Folded a butt load of laundry.  Cleaned the heck out of the kitchen.  Realized today that Susie is officially entering the terrible twos.  OOH WEE is she trying us!  If you tell her to do something she flat out says no and shakes her head.  I guess it's time to start getting firmer about time outs.  Oh joy.  Colin didn't start the terrible twos until he was almost four.  He was a VERY difficult baby but an easy toddler.  Susie was an easy baby - I guess she has decided to be a difficult toddler! HA

Colin has really gotten bad about picking up his toys.  It's really starting to get to me.  Today we gave him SIX HOURS to clean his room.  His room wasn't even that messy.  It would have taken ten minutes tops.  I told him all day long that I was going to go into his room after dinner and throw anything that was on the floor into the trash.  I said it a million times.  After dinner I went in there and his room was DESTROYED.  It was worse than when I had gone in there in the morning!  So I didn't say anything, I just calmly got a garbage bag and put everything in there.  He didn't seem to care at all!  The only thing he was somewhat upset about was his dream lite.  Actually - I was pretty pissed about the dream lite.  That damned thing was EXPENSIVE!  So Pete had Colin watch as he threw the bag into the garbage can outside.  Colin was a little upset but not as much as I thought he would be.  I made Pete go back and get the dream lite - we will give it to him as a "new" gift for Easter or his birthday or something.   It's just too expensive for me to throw it away like that.  I also rounded up all the train stuff and put that away for a while - as well as the playmobile stuff.  I put the kid's table and chairs in the garage too.  Maybe if there is less to make a mess with, the better.  It's time to do a major toy weeding.  Wow - sorry for the rant.  I guess I was more exasperated than I realized!

I am pretty tired.  It was a long, frustrating day.  Not the whole day - but enough of it that I feel emotionally drained!  Colin has really got to start listening better.  And soon.

Have a wonderful night!  Thanks for reading!!! -Monica

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