Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am SO sore today!

I had a really great run yesterday!  Possibly the best in MONTHS!  It was really hard but I was able to do it and that makes it that much more rewarding!

What did I do?  I restarted the couch to 5k program.  This time my running segments are at 6.0 on the treadmill.  It's REALLY hard for me!  Part way through run #1 I was thinking - there is no WAY I can really run a full mile at this pace.  Then I got to thinking.  When I did the program last year, I was running at 3.5 (yeah yeah, I know - laugh if you want, it IS pretty slow!).  Anyway - the 3.5 felt next to impossible.  I remember I tried to do 6.0 once and I couldn't even do it for 15 seconds!  This time I was able to do the 6.0 for a full minute - even though it was super hard, I did it!  YAY!  What REALLY excites me is that doing the program at this pace sets me up to meet one of my 38 by 38 goals!  Oh yeah baby, can we say 10 minute mile?!

I was planning on starting some weight training today -but I STILL can't find those dumbbells in the garage.  Good Lord - I swear, you couldn't find anything in there if your life depended on it!  It's so darned cold out too, so it's not like you can really get your sorting skills on!  I'm pretty sure a squatter could take up residency in there and we wouldn't know for a long time! HAHAHA  Funny - but not in the same breath, know what I mean?

I've got the crockpot going right now - chicken soup.  I am feeling so debilitated without my microwave - It really makes it harder to cook.  I am terrible about remembering to thaw something for dinner.  Jeez, I used to rely on those weight watcher's smart ones for lunch.  Talk about throwing your groove off!  I probably won't be able to get a new microwave for a few months so I had better get used to it!

I took the advice of Weight Watchers and I gutted my fridge.  I cleaned it all out - it was due for a good cleaning anyhow.  I got some little post it notes and put one on each thing in the fridge and marked how many points in each thing.  Then I cut up all my carrots, celery, and lettuce.  I was going to cut my bell peppers but I didn't know how long those would last so I left them whole.  I have a gallon size bag of cut up celery and another one of cut up carrots.  The salad spinner is full of cut and washed romaine lettuce.  I have a few snack sized baggies full of carrot and celery sticks.  I also have a few bags of shredded carrots - I really like those in my scrambled eggs!  I'm going to start working on the cupboards too.  What a difference it makes!  You wouldn't think it would do much - but it really helped me!  I have had the best weekend in months!  I am usually pretty bad at sticking to my diet on the weekends -even when I was doing so well last year.

The doctor went well.  He told me he was really impressed with the changes I had made.  I admitted that I had not been doing so well lately and he told me that it was ok - as long as I get back to it, that is what counts.  What a cool thing to hear from your doctor!    While I was there I got the mother of all face pains.  He was really shocked.  I don't think he really grasped how painful they are.  He just kind of stood there for a minute with his mouth open.  Then he asked me how often those happen.  I told him it varies a lot - sometimes none at all and sometimes ten and up.  He told me he wanted me to start Lyrica.  I took the script and went to have it filled - only to find my insurance won't cover it.  Are you sitting down?  Know how much a month supply is?  300 bucks!!!  I almost fainted!  I told them not to fill it.  I'll have to call my doc on Monday or Tuesday.  There is no way I could EVER afford a med like that!  I'm still not entirely sure I want to take a script for something they will never have an actual diagnosis for.  I asked him if there would ever be a diagnosis and he told me there probably would not ever be one.  The best I would ever have is a diagnosis of nonspecific facial pain.  Great right?  Whatever - I've been in pain for so many years now.  I suppose I could deal with it.

This blog is getting kind of long - sorry.  I've been away from the computer for a few days and I guess I have a lot to say! :-)  Susie has become a crazy climbing monkey!  The other day I walked into the dining room/ play room and found her standing on TOP of her play kitchen!  Then yesterday we were all in the living room when we realized Susie was being very quiet.  I found her in the kitchen.  She had pushed a dining chair up to the counter and was eating blueberries like they were going out of style!  She was just doing rapid fire eating - one after another.  I wouldn't have minded so much if fruit and veggies weren't getting SOOOOO crazy expensive!  I wanted grapes the other day, but they were 4 bucks a pound!  HOLY COW!!  The blueberries were cheaper but in all honesty - they were gross and wrinkly.  I wonder if costco has any frozen blueberries.  That might be a good way to get fruit for a decent price.  I am sick to death of apples and citrus fruit gives me a raging headache!

Ok - sorry for the insanely long blog!  Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL day! -Monica

Update!!!  Peter found my weights in the garage!  They are nowhere NEAR the weight I thought they were.  I thought they were 12 or 15 lbs dumbbells.  Nope.  9 lb dumbbells.  What a weird weight.  Oh well - it's better than nothing!  I did my upper body routine on the piano bench.  The weight wasn't quite heavy enough for a few of the exercises but it was perfect for others.  Hopefully saving for those weights we want won't take as long as it seems!  Anyway - I'm sufficiently sore right now!  Susie seems to think she is lifting weights too.  She is laying on the piano bench and moving her arms up and down. HAHAHA  Love that girl!


  1. OMG I don't know how I would live without a microwave. Well, I do, but it would take that much more effort on this journey. I already have to think up yummy-ish healthy meals for my girls and I DO EAT SMART ONES and LEAN CUISINES for two out of 3 meals in my day... I wonder if you can use the oven for them? Anyway, good for you making the chicken soup. Sounds yummmm!

    As for 'nonspecific facial pain', that sounds kind of like a cop-out. Is there no second or third or whatever opinion you could get because there has to be a reason whether it be nerve damage or spasms or what have you. and $300 for a script is absolutely INSANE! I hope those pains become less and less frequent for you. No fun at all!

    1. Oh man, it is ROUGH! I joked with my husband that I felt like a pioneer woman! (We didn't have a furnace from September until January! That was because the company kept giving us a run around - long frustrating story there!) Anyway - I have definitely had to become more creative. We have been eating a lot more ground beef than I'd like to admit. It's easier to cook that even if it's totally frozen. I am just not a plan ahead kind of gal! As for the face pains - oh man, it's been 4 years. My doc didn't really believe me for the first two. He kept sending me to ENT's because he thought it was a sinus infection that wouldn't go away - even though I kept telling him it wasn't! He finally sent me in for an MRI of my brain and there are no lacerations that would be consistent with Multiple Sclerosis. There were also no signs of nerve compression which would have been Trigeminal Neuralgia. So I was sent to a neurologist. He is the one who said it wasn't TN or MS so it must be non specific facial pain. Great huh? The neurologist is kind of a renowned doctor in the pacific northwest. I really don't think there is anything else that they can or will do at this point. My pains come and go - I could go for months without pain - but then I'll have pain constantly for like a month. It's rough. I'll deal though - at least it seems to be gone more than it's here. The last major attack I had was in July! I get little stabs here and there but they are NOTHING compared to an attack!!

  2. Great job for restarting the C25K!

    Hoping the pain subsides for you! $300 is ridiculous!

    1. Thanks Desiree! I'm pretty excited about restarting it! It kind of feels like I'm starting last year again (my most successful weight loss EVER) and that feels awesome and very optimistic!!

      As for the medication - no kidding! Who the heck do they think can pay for that?? This would be something I would have to take for the rest of my life!!