Monday, January 7, 2013

Not ANOTHER thing!!!

I'm telling you, if one more thing in this house breaks, I'm going to cry.  Now our microwave has died - it was one of those built in jobs, so replacing it is going to cost an arm and a leg.  Then tonight, at dinner, my husband's tooth broke.  We don't have any money to fix his tooth.  I swear - so far 2013 is looking pretty freaking horrible.  So now he is in a bad mood and sulking around the house.  I am so depressed.  It's one of those deals where you just don't know where to turn.

On a good note, I got my run in today.   I had aimed to run 3 miles, but I had to quit at 2.3 because my son went to let the dog out and the indoor cat ran out.  I had to hop off the treadmill and go catch him.  Thankfully I snagged him just as he was about to hop over the fence!  My running kind of sucked.  I have lost SO MUCH of my running ability.  Wow, I just feel and sound like Debbie Downer.  At least I ate well today.  I still have 3 points left over after dinner, and that is not even counting the points I earned for running!

I don't know what else to talk about.  I'm just so freaking tired and stressed out.  I just can't believe how bad this year has been so far.  I really hope the crap burns off soon and the rest of the year is great.  We really could use a good year.  It's been a while.

Have a good night.  thank you for reading.  -Monica


  1. Even with all that that happened, you still got something in today! I'm so sorry this year has started out so awful. Maybe things will turn around soon.

  2. Oh! Glad you got your furbaby in time!

  3. Thanks! Yeah - that kitty is the exit seeking king!!! He is a love bug though - well, when he wants to be!! I'm glad I got my running in yesterday too! I'm still debating doing it today or not - I'm having some medical issues today. I swear - am I 37 or 97???