Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's late - but I got it in!!

WHOO BABY!  I was SO going to skip my run today - but then I realized if I skipped it I wouldn't be able to adhere to my New Year's resolution of running 4 days a week!  So at 11 pm, I got off my butt and hopped on the deadmill!  I am SO proud of myself!  I only ran a little over 20 minutes and I only did 1.4 miles - but that is 1.4 miles more than I WOULD have run today!  I am starting to think I should maybe start the couch to 5k over again.  This time my walking would stay the same, but I would do the running at a much faster pace - maybe I can actually achieve my goal of a 10 minute mile by my birthday in June!  How fast is a 10 minute mile on the treadmill?  My treadmill doesn't give you pace like that - only in MPH.

My eating was not the greatest today, but I stayed within my points budget.  It's a good thing I ran tonight because otherwise I would have been over!  I WILL lose some weight this week - I WILL!!!!  I have been doing so crappy since about August.  It's time to get my tush back on track!

Today was a fun day with the kids!  Pete went to a basketball game with his brother so it was just me and the kiddos!  We didn't have a whole lot of money, but I really wanted to do something special with the kids.  I had a coupon for free admission to Wunderland (it's a video game place) and they are only a nickle to ten cents per game so it was a cheap distraction!  I paid 3 bucks and Colin, Susie and I played skeeball for an hour!  It was SO much fun!  Susie had such a good time!  She kept trying to roll the balls up the slope but she couldn't do it hard enough so when it rolled back down, I rolled it up.  She thought it was hilarious!  The problem is, she kept trying to take balls from the other kids' machines! HAHA  Then Colin got a little over excited and he started throwing his ball too fast - one jumped the median and went into my machine.  What a goon!  It was so much fun!  We got a bunch of tickets for playing and the kids each got to get a prize!  Colin picked a pen that hangs around your neck on a rope and Susie got a slap bracelet.  Of course, we stopped at the grocery store to pick something up for dinner and she lost it somewhere there.  Oh well - I don't think she really misses it at all!  What a seriously fun day!

I was reading Katie's blog today and she asked a question about what you would get for fitness if you had tons of money.  EASY PEASY!!  I would TOTALLY build a gym in the back of my house!  I would furnish the hell out of that puppy!  I have a great treadmill - I'd add an elliptical for cross training.  I'd put in tons of free weights.  I'd also have PLENTY of room to do hooping and Zumba - enough room to have a few friends over so they could do it along with me!  I would get a few new hoops of different weights and sizes so I could get better at it!  Then I would be sure to ALWAYS be able to get new running shoes when I need them - running clothes too!  I'd put a nice big flat screen TV and DVD player in there so I could do my workout videos and there would be a killer surround sound system in there.  It would be the favorite room in the house!  Maybe I'd put a laptop in there so I could workout with my Mom via skype!  I would also make sure I had a nice amount of money set aside for running any and all races I want!  Yeah, I've put some thought into this. HAHAHA  So what about you.  What would YOU do if you had unlimited resources for fitness stuff?  Jeez, now I'm wishing I'd win the lottery!!

Ok - now it's almost midnight and I am WIDE awake.  Silly me for running so late!  I'll have to look for something good on TV and put my feet up!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica


  1. Great job with the run! I'm actually on Week 9 of the couch to 5K myself. Even though I had a fail this morning (I didn't put on my compression stockings...) I'm going to have to redo W9D1 on Tuesday but hopefully by next Saturday I can say officially that I've FINALLY finished the program after many failed attempts!

    Oh gosh I think like you, I'd invest in a home gym, elliptical, dreadmill, several pairs of running shoes. OH and absolutely a flat screen and dvd player!

    1. What do you wear compression stockings for? Why did that make your run a fail? Way to go on getting so far in the couch to 5k!!! I had tried it a million times myself! Last year was the first time I finished it and now look at me? I can honestly say I've been running for a whole year! Don't say "hopefully" say " Saturday I will SAY THAT i FINISHED THE PROGRAM!" I KNOW you can do it! Hey - if I did it, ANYONE can and that is no joke!

      Oh yeah - home gym. Doesn't that sound like like heaven on earth?? I'd be able to workout along side my hubby again - it's been years! Plus, when the kids get older, I can teach them how to be fit and healthy! Maybe some day!! Not as fancy as the one of my dreams, but something would be nice!!

    2. I had bad blood clots and DVTs in my legs 4 years ago and since those were so bad they damaged the veins in my legs causing them to swell all the time. So that's why I have to wear them. My legs have been feeling really good lately so I thought I'd be smart and just see if I could do something without wearing them (they are a pain to get off and on and just uncomfortable). Well it was apparent after trying to run just for a few minutes that I couldn't do without them and I spent the better part of yesterday sitting on the couch with my legs propped up getting the swelling to go down. I can't run today because I bowl on a league after work so tomorrow will have to be Week 9, Day 1!

      Yea, I'm pretty psyched to be so close to finishing! It's a tremendous accomplishment for me!

    3. Oh my God - that is awful! I'm SO glad you are ok! I remember having to put those stockings on patients when I was a nurses aide - they were SO hard to put on. I feel for you! CONGRATS on getting through the C25k!!

  2. Good for you deciding to run at 11pm that is dedication. Stick to the New Years goal girl!!

  3. Here's a chart:
    MPH Minutes per mile

    3.0 20:00
    3.5 17:08
    4.0 15:00
    4.5 13:20
    5.0 12:00
    5.5 10:54
    6.0 10:00
    6.5 9:14
    7.0 8:34
    7.5 8:00
    8.0 7:30
    8.5 7:04
    9.0 6:40
    9.5 6:19
    10.0 6:00

    Good luck with your running!

    1. Oh whoa - I'm a lot slower than I thought I was. Now that 10 minute mile feels kind of impossible! Thank you for the chart!!!