Friday, April 20, 2012

I damaged my polar. :-(

I am kind of bummed out!  I damaged my polar today!  I'm kind of surprised that this hurt it actually.  I was running on the treadmill and I accidentally whacked my wrist on the arm of the treadmill.  Now I have this little section of broken pixels?  I guess that is how I'd describe it.  SO not cool.  I'm going to have to save up for a new one.  It still works, thankfully, but I'm worried that if I do it again the results could be disastrous!  Complete suck city.  I won't be able to get a new one for some time - I hope it holds out!  I guess in a way it's good - I really wanted one with GPS, so now I have a reason to upgrade.  Too bad I can't afford to!

I feel pretty guilty today - I ate like total crap.  Well, that's not ENTIRELY true.  I ate great all day - and then hubby got home and I ate KFC.  It would not have been so bad - but I ate entirely too much kfc - then I had some cookies.  It always seems like my eating starts to slip towards the end of the month - I think it has everything to do with the fact that our cupboards are starting to get bare so it's harder to come up with healthy meals.  I know, I could have and definitely SHOULD have spent the 10 bucks that we used at KFC to get some chicken breast and I could have made a healthy meal - but truth be told, I'm sick of cooking.  I have to plan EVERYONE's meal EVERY day.  I never get any input.  Here is my daily conversation with Peter.  "What do you want for dinner tonight babe?"  Peter's response "whatever, I don't care.".  AAAGGGHHHHH - I hate that conversation.  One day he is going to give me an idea and I'm going to faint.  HAHA  Oh well - today is over, tomorrow is another day.  Isn't that a Dr. Seuss saying?  "Today was good, today was fun -tomorrow is another one."  I think that will be my motto when I screw off.  Maybe I just needed a good goof off.  I feel like my resolve has strengthened now so maybe it was a good thing after all!!

My workout kicked hiney tonight!!  I can't believe I'm almost done with the C25k!  How exciting is THAT??!! I can't believe In another week I will have been running for 3 months!  YIPPEE!  I found myself thinking ahead today and for once I was not thinking about how much weight I had to lose or anything at all about weight.  I was thinking about how excited I was that I will FINALLY be able to run in the turkey trot on Thanksgiving.  HAHA  For some reason, I have wanted to run in that race for over 10 years.  Ever since I heard about it really - it just sounds like fun!  I FINALLY am going to get to do it!  I don't want to sound cliche or lame, but it's like a dream come true!  A silly dream, yes - but a dream nonetheless!  HAHA  Yeah yeah - I'm a goon.  Now you know where my son gets it!

Some awesome news!  I'm still in first place in my gym's weight loss competition!!  (1st place in my gym - like 500th nationally)  I really want to win - 1st place gets 3 free months gym membership!  We really could use that break!!  I am almost a full percent above the next guy - but they have not weighed in for a month.  Who knows though - there are DOZENS of people who have not weighed in since the first weigh in - maybe they will weigh in on the last day and have lost 20% or some crazy thing!  I'm down almost 5%.  Truth be told - I think I'm down more than that.  The last time I weighed in, I felt like I was retaining water.  I'm looking forward to my last weigh in!  Cross your fingers for me!!

Well, time for a shower and some rest!!  My wrists are still really hurting so I'm going to take a week off of weight training.  I think it's probably for the best.


  1. That's a bummer about your polar, but maybe if you win your gyms competition, you can use the money that you'd spend on your gym membership to buy a new one!!

    1. I wish I could - we would have to pay some bills first. The gym membership is a real struggle for us to pay. My husband really wanted to join too - but we just can't afford it for two of us. :-/ Oh well - I'm going to try to put $7 away each week, then I should be able to get a new one in less than a year!!