Monday, April 30, 2012

It would seem my laptop has decided to stop working.  :-(  I'm pretty bummed about that.  I kept trying to get it to work yesterday but I finally gave up.  Tonight I'm on the ancient desktop.  I don't think I've used this thing in about a year! 

Today was the final weigh in for my gym's weight loss challenge.  I came in 2nd place!  YAY!  That means I get 2 months free membership!  Ok, so the competitive side in me (which is a pretty big side) is REALLY pissed at myself for not getting first.  I TOTALLY could have gotten first if I had not eaten cake at my daughter's birthday.  UGH, I need to learn to let things go.  I'm really bad at that!  I came in 2nd by ONE PERCENT body fat loss!  Somehow if it were like 10% I wouldn't be so hard on myself, but I really could have lost that extra 1% if I had not screwed off so bad this weekend.  Whatever - I got to have fun at my daughter's birthday AND got second place.  Not too bad I guess when you look at it that way!

I'm coming to the end of my C25K program - I only have 2.5 weeks left - and let me tell you it is getting HARD!  I was DREADING today's run!  I was supposed to do it yesterday but I psyched myself out!  It always seems the last 5 minutes are torture for me.  What made it worse was that I was stuck on a treadmill with a TV that didn't have a remote OR closed captions!  Today was 5 minutes brisk walking to warm up, and then 25 minutes straight running.  The first 5 minutes were hard (after the warm up) but I kept telling myself to stop looking at the clock, just get lost in the music.  The middle wasn't so bad - I guess I kind of got lost in my music (again, podrunner ROCKS!!!!)  Then the last 5 minutes I kept catching myself staring at the clock.  I have come to the conclusion that running is about 90% mental and 10% physical.  Ok, so it may be a little more physical than that - but you get my drift.  There is SO much mental exertion used on a run, at least for me. 

I appear to be having problems with my blogger account - as in, I keep getting a message that I have logged in somewhere else.  I'm going to have to cut this short and figure that one out. 

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica


  1. Great Job on getting 2nd! You did AWESOME! Enjoy the accomplishment!

    My laptop is getting ready to give up too. I hope it will hang on, our desktop computer has been dismantled because it is too slooooowwww!

    1. Thanks! Sheesh - you'd think computers would last longer - seeing as how expensive they are!