Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm once, twice, three times so lazy...

:-P  ok, maybe not lazy - injured though.  I think it's from carrying my daughter all over the place because I have tendinitis in my wrist.  I was going to do an upper body workout but I do not want to push my wrist.  It's been my experience that with a few days of rest, ice, and advil - I will be good to go!  Thankfully I don't need my wrist to run!!  Tomorrow's run, quite frankly, scares me!  I'm thinking that I will try to do it in the park for the first time.  I have been reticent to run off of the treadmill - just because the treadmill FORCES me to run at a certain pace.  Thankfully I have my Polar to see what kind of pace I'm pulling.  I hope I can kick myself hard enough to stay on track!  We shall see!  Wish me luck!

Alright - so if you didn't notice the title of today's post is sort of a goof on one of Lionel Richie's songs.  I am currently watching a special broadcast on TV of different country singers covering Lionel Richie songs.  First I have to say I LOVE Lionel Richie!  I always have and I always will!  Something about his music makes me feel SO good - all the way down to my toes!  I even made poor Peter dance with me in the living room!  I seriously love that he is willing to dance with me!  I love the fact that, if my son was awake, he would be squeezing in between us to dance along!  I love my family so much!

So today has been quite the Friday the 13th!  First my daughter woke up around 5 ish.  I got her back down (actually hubby did - he let me get some sleep since I ran so hard the night before!).  Then my son AND daughter got up at 6.  That is an hour earlier than usual.  UGH.  Then we couldn't find my son's glasses ANYWHERE so I had to put his sports glasses on him for school.  We got out the door pretty late and I was so worried we would be late for school.  I hauled cookies to get the kids out of the car seats, get the baby in the stroller and run the two blocks from the parking lot to the school - only to find out that there was no school today!!  Oh man, my son threw a FIT because he wanted to go to school!  We got home and played and did some musical games.  My daughter fell asleep on my shoulder and I loved it so much that I let her take her nap on me.  My son was happily playing with his Leapster Explorer so I figured it was a good trade up.  I didn't realize my son had gotten up and went into the fridge.  The problem is, he didn't close it.  When I walked into the kitchen some time later and saw the open door, I ran up to it to check the thermometer inside.  It was 65 degrees!  OH NO!!!  I had to throw everything away!  I don't know how I'm going to afford to replace everything that was lost.  I was so pissed.  I was going to give him a time out, but he was SO upset when I had to throw away his yogurt and milk - I think that was punishment enough.  I thought anyway.  An hour later he did it again!  Really?  How could he never have done this before and then do it twice in one day?  Friday the 13th.  UGH - so I put a lock on the fridge.  I think my son is quite insulted by this - but TOUGH!  It makes me sick to think of all that I had to toss.

Well, I'm going to get back to my Lionel Richie!  I do love him so!!  Have a wonderful night!  Thank you for reading!  -Monica


  1. Oh no! That's such a bummer!! Sorry you had to throw everything away! :(

    1. Thanks! It was definitely not my happiest moment of the year! Let's hope he learned his lesson!