Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little "me" time!

Tonight would have been an upper body workout night - but my arm is still on the mend and I don't want to piss it off any more than it already is!  Therefore, tonight will be a "me" night!  I have one kiddo in bed, I'm going to leave the other one to my hubby and I'm going to take a hot bubble bath.  I have a bottle of cheap wine (I'm only going to have one or two glasses - no worries!) I have a small bar of chocolate (I saved up points for this!), some soft music, and a good book!  Oh MAN it has been a long time since I've done this!

It was a busy day today - I actually got my daily goal of fitness points (on my fitness meter) before 5pm!  That is rare!  Tomorrow is going to be just as busy!  Oh well - better to be busy than bored!

Today I was skyping with my Mom.  I got up to go stir dinner and when I came back she asked me who was at my house.  I told her it was just me and the kids - why?  She asked me whose legs just walked past the computer.  I laughed and said they were mine.  She was shocked!  She said my legs had really gotten smaller!  My pants were all baggy!  Know what's funny?  I remember trying these pants on at Thanksgiving and they were so tight they looked like nylons. HAHAHAHA  I LOVE it!

So my next athletic adventure..... hooping!  I have a friend who is AMAZING with the hula hoop!  She does all kinds of tricks and she dances with it.  It looks SO cool!  I have to save up for an adult hoop - they are about $30 bucks.  I REALLY want to get into this!  I'm still going to run - but this just looks like so much fun!  I'll bet my son will love to hoop with me!  She says it is one heck of a workout and by the looks of it - she is not joking!  She has lost an amazing amount of weight - she looks SO beautiful!  She looks like she is having SO much fun though - and THAT is what draws me in!

Well, I hear my "me" time calling me!  Oh Lord, hubby just served me my wine in a plastic cup.  HAHAHA  Men - they don't understand the finer points of life - like wine vs champagne glasses.  He cracks me up!!

Thanks for reading!!  Have a great night! -Monica

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