Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quiet day/busy night

Today was a quiet day at home with the kids.  It was nice!  The baby did not want to take a nap today, so that was a little rough!  I had my weight watcher's meeting today, but I had to leave early because my son was being a royal turd!  It was a good week!  I lost 2.8 lbs!  That leaves me down to 255.2!  I'm down a total of 32.2 WW pounds and 37.2 total!!  Holy cow!  I'm melting!!!!  MELTING!!

Tonight we have a lot of housework to catch up on.  Saturday is my daughter's birthday party so we're having a bunch of people over and I am making a ginormous 3 tier cake!  My kids do not want to go to bed tonight and of course nothing can get done until they are asleep!  I wrote a song parody to describe our house tonight!  To the tune of "Crazy" by Patsy Cline: It's crazy, at my house cause children are crying. They're crying, cause they want to stay up all night. I swear, I'd like to hide in a dark closet. So I can't, I can't hear cryin' no more. Losin', I think I'm losin' my marbles. Why can't, my kids for once go to sleep. Crazy, at my house cause children are cryin. They want one more story, want some more water, but I want to go to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be nuts for me.  I always stress before a party.  I want everyone to enjoy themselves!  I'm dragging out my Music Therapy gig bag so I can do a music circle with the kids.  I also have an 18' parachute that we are going to pop up beach balls with and also run under and let the parachute puff over our heads!  It will be fun!  I hope the grown ups like it cause that's all I've got! HAHAHA  I'm a little nervous because I have not seen most of our guests since before I lost any weight at all.  I really hope someone notices. I think I will be pretty bummed if they don't!

I'm not going to go running until Sunday.  I may sneak one in tomorrow, but I was really VERY sore today.  I'm not sure if my body is asking for a little rest.  It all depends on how I feel tomorrow!

Have a great night and as usual, I thank you for reading my crazy thoughts!!  -Monica


  1. I get nervous/worked up for my kids' parties too. But they usually all go off great! What a fun celebration! We have a big day on Saturday too. My son is getting baptized, we have family from both sides descending on our home. Today will be cleaning and shopping! Thankfully I will not have to provide any entertainment!

    Best Wishes

    1. That is so wonderful!! Congrats!! I hope your party turns out well too! The weather should be fairly nice too - that is always a plus!