Sunday, September 23, 2012


I didn't meet my goal of a sub 40 minute 5k but I TOTALLY PR'd!  Almost 3 minutes better than last time!  It was PERFECT race weather!  Mid 50's - sunny - PERFECT!  The course was fairly flat and somehow that made it harder!  I think I was just used to doing slight hills and then having the short reprieve of running downhill for a few moments!  My legs were SCREAMING at me today!  I didn't stop though - not for a second.  There was one point where I slowed down a little to help this young girl along - she really looked ready to give up - I ran with her for a few minutes.  I don't know why - I guess I know what it's like to REALLY want to quit!  I think I may have actually gotten my sub 40 if I had not helped her.  I'm glad I did though - she looked SO proud of herself after she crossed the finish line! 

So you probably all know I have a competitive side.  Ooh boy!  There was this rather old man near me - we were kind of back in forth with the lead a few times.  When I slowed down to help that girl, he got quite a bit ahead of me.  Well near the end, one of the people cheering said the finish was right around the corner.  So I sprinted.  HOLY CRAP - apparently, just around the corner to this guy was 3 tenths of a mile!  I started my sprint WAYYYYY too early!  I slowed down for a little while - then I saw the finish line..... and the old guy just ahead of me.  I sprinted again - I BOOKED IT!  I came in right before him! HA - I'm evil.  There is probably a special room in hell for competitive people like me! HAHAHA

Here are a few shots from the race!
Jeez - can that little race bib make my boobs look any bigger?  Good Lord!
There I am at the start.  I don't look quite like a runner - God, these skinny runners make me look like a fat slob!
Just after I crossed the finish line.  PHEW this was a tough race!  I really need to step up the training!
Well, It's getting late and I vowed to start going to bed earlier.  I woke up with a sore throat today and it's only gotten worse.  I think I just need to get more sleep!  Oh - and since my schedule seems to be crazier and crazier lately - I dug out my old (don't laugh) palm pilot!  So I can't afford a fancy smart phone - lol  this works!  I have not played with this thing in like 6 years!  It's still like new! 
Well, thanks for reading!!  Have a WONDERFUL night!! -Monica


  1. Congratulations on the PR! Who cares what you look like out there, you are a runner and an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Cathy! :-) Sometimes it seems like a shock to see my picture - I don't look the way I feel. Know what I mean?