Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dreading tomorrow's run....

My legs are SO sore.  I have been going nonstop for the past two weeks.  Yesterday we did a 2 mile run.  Today I went on a 4 mile walk and then bowling.  Tomorrow is a 2.5 mile run.  My legs just plain ache.  I've noticed a slight twinge in my right knee.  I'm going to do my run tomorrow, but if the pain starts while I'm running then I'm just going to walk the rest of it.  There are only 8 weeks until the 10k and I'm officially freaking out!  For some reason, 3 miles feels next to impossible.  One of the days this week will be a 3.5 mile run.  I need to bump up a half mile every weekend.  Good God, what have I signed up for?

Our walk this morning was COOOOOOOLD!  I felt SO bad for Susie.  We didn't have a coat that fit her.  I didn't think it was all that cold when we left - I was wearing capris and a short sleeve top.  Susie had a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie on as well as a blanket.  I was FROZEN!  We actually stopped at a donut shop so we could warm up a little.  I was going to get a coffee - but you had to spend $5 to use your debit card and I did NOT want to buy donuts!  I had a dollar, so I bought 4 donut holes.  I had one and Susie ate 3.  She LOVED them - that was the first time she ever had one!  We pushed on and got really friggin cold again so I stopped at a Dutch Bros and got her a "not so hot chocolate" and I got myself a decaf, fat free, sugar free, caramelizer.  OH MY GOD that drink is HEAVEN!  I think Susie appreciated the hot chocolate!   After our walk, I went to the used baby clothes store and bought Susie a nice, warm coat!  It's beautiful too!  It's a periwinkle Colmbia jacket!  Gotta love consignment - I only paid $10 for what was probably originally a $50 coat!

Tonight is pretty darned cold - I actually had Pete build a fire in the insert.  I can't seem to get warm - even with fuzzy socks on!  It's crazy how up and down this weather is.  Tomorrow it's supposed to hit the mid 80's!  What the heck?!  It's hard to know what to dress the kids in, the temperature is drastically different in the afternoon than it was in the morning - and then the evening is right back to cold!  This reminds me that I had better check the forecast for tomorrow so I can guess what to dress Colin in for school!  This ALSO reminds me that I had better look around for some plus sized, long sleeve, performance tops.  Even during our run on Tuesday I felt chilly.  I wonder what tomorrow morning has in store?!

Well, that's all for me - I'm exhausted.  My face pains have been pretty bad today and it really takes a lot out of me!  Thank you for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica


  1. Last spring I bought a sleeping bag type thing at a consignment store for our jogging stroller for my son. It is really, really warm and he can't kick it off like we was doing with his blanket. (I'm actually looking forward to using it again even though I hate running with the jogging stroller.) I can't remember exactly what it's called, or it's brand, but here is a link for something similar . . .
    I'm not at home so I can't look at mine, but it is really, really nice. I like it especially because his ankles always were bare from his pants riding up in the stroller, this way he is covered, just put a jacket and hat on and he is warm head to toe. :-)

    1. Wow that is really cool! If you get a chance, could you take a close up picture of yours? I'd bet I could make one of those pretty easily!! Thanks for sending me the link!